Supertest: Vehicle rebalance. Nerfs to swedes and buffs to french plus many more

  1. Tier 7 buffs look kinda great though, it has competitive gun and now with good armour it might be a pick again

  2. If the AMX 65t doesn't get massively buffed with regards to it's mobility and armour it will still be the worst tank at tier 8 by far. It's just that bad.

  3. Thw worst was I completed the Japanese heavy line the day of the HE change. My first tier 10 was the German LT, every lt since then has made it useless. I just reached the Emil on the Swedish tech tree line. This game hates me.

  4. looking at the Kran changes IMO its still good - its just turbo will be a required module on that tank now (12km/h reverse is a bit too slow for comfortable ridge brawling, top speed is not a big concern). and perhaps instead of hardening you might throw something for gun accuracy now.

  5. I just free xp'd up to the Leo this week. I'm still happy about the changed though, its good for the game

  6. I was planning on grinding that line (I stopped on Leo a while back) to get Emile 2 and Kran. Obviously I am not doing that now.

  7. Not necessarily mark it, but you could leave the mark as high as you can and then wait out the update so the server average will go down. After a while, play one game. Easy marks (in theory).

  8. I wish too, even if the rebalancing aren't necessarily to my taste, it's good to see meta change. I mean, I would nerf the Kranvagn too, but not like this.

  9. The mantlet is 300mm minimum, it requires gold for most tanks to pen it. Unfortunately being "only" 300mm means it's easy for a lot of tanks to pen it with gold if they manage to hit the flat part.

  10. It's still huge boxy tank with much less armor than type 5 ht. Everyone hyped up tier 9 amx in this line as French conq and I was excited about it but its shite (at least for my style. And I'm not a bad player I average 2.2k wn8 last 1k games and my average tier is 9,5)

  11. Hi where can we find the full list please? I googled it but their site isn't very organised.

  12. Yeah I was literally comparing Udes 15/16 to kran and im like, wait a minute, why does kran go 60 without a turbo lmao, udes only goes 50, with only 18hp/t contrary to 16 on kran

  13. The Kran doesn't hit 60 with typical setups unless you're driving downhill. With vents, BIA, off road driving, food, and the ground resistance field mod it tops out at 47 on medium ground and it takes awhile to get up to speed. Not that it's slow or anything, the listed top speed is just a bit of a lie like the IS-7's unless you do an equipment setup dedicated to reaching it.

  14. I mean I kinda appreciate that approach to balancing. If you just nerf every strong tank's strengths, all the tanks end up feeling kind of the same. It's more interesting if you preserve what makes a tank strong while making its weaknesses more prominent. Tbf I think it should have bigger cupolas (and so should the 279/chief)

  15. So glad they are nerfing this abomination. This tank is completely ridiculous and makes tanks like T57 heavy basically obsolete. Really love to see WG taking an active role in fixing tier 10, although obviously Chieftain and 279e will continue to destroy the tier 10 experience.

  16. 279s I honestly don’t have much of an issue with anymore. They’re still ridiculous but a Lot of times players get overconfident in them and it makes them easy to kill even from the front. Chiefs are annoying as shit though, I just change positions if I come across one hull down

  17. everytime I come across a chief... I give up. literally no beating that.... its realistic in the sense that it dominates over the competition as it did IRL... but in game that makes it super boring to play against

  18. Honestly I could have lived with the Kran having nothing more than an enlargement to the commanders cupola so its actually viable to hit.

  19. To be fair the proper way to test out balance updates is to nerf a tank too far, nerf it not enough, test them both, and find that middle ground.

  20. Nerfing the kran but not touching the chief is gunna make the gap between non-cw players and cw players even higher.

  21. The problem with WG is they often buff or nerf tanks without moderation and then just do a 180° after a couple of years/ months. Plus you have to keep in mind that nerfing the kranvagn will make it unplayable in today's world of tanks ( where vz 55s exist). The idea behind the original buffs to the kranvagn was to make it a solid hull down platform with a good dpm autoloader and everything else is pretty mediocre ( ammo, mobility, hull armor, etc.).

  22. I've been a Kranfan (yes, I came up with that myself) since before the Buffs and before they became so popular, so I'm a bit annoyed actually. I've loved this tank for ages and now because they've nerfed HE and added equipment 2.0 it's getting nerfed down to hell. It definitely needed some nerfing, but not this much!

  23. Everyone seems to agree this tank is completely nuts, but personally I would 10/10 times rather fight a VZ than a Kranvagn. Atleast VZ dosent have godlike dpm and gun depression + inpenetrable turret

  24. It's still a rather new tank. They'll wait for more people to grind it and once it's no longer as desirable, they nerf it. Maybe in a year from now.

  25. Also getting 2.4k health makes it quite chunky. And with the gun handling buff you might be able to drop Stabs and go for a Hardening-Turbo-Rammer set-up.

  26. 296 gold pen on the 130 is still annoying. That makes quite a few tanks still very difficult to reliably pen when you can't hit lfp.

  27. Hm, don't really like that they are nerfing the T29, it's the only tier 7 that really stands up to the current meta. Even the buffed AMX can't do too much vs the bullshit tier 8 meta.

  28. Lol nerfing the M44 but not the lefh, that thing really is a terrible influence on making new players rage quit the game.

  29. It's definitely gonna make equipment choices harder... since aiming device and turbo both seem necessary.

  30. On one hand... WOOO NO MORE KRANKED BATTLES On the other hand... the clan wars meta gets even more stale. Used to have use in clan wars for its speed.and it brought variety... now it's literally worse than chief with no use cases. I sure love the competitive balance this game has

  31. Woah wtf that's a HUGE nerf to the Kran ! Mobility is kinda crap now, this is not a nerf anymore it just has been thrown to the trash !

  32. About time that the Kran gets massaged back in line with the pack and the french superheavies get some buffs. <300 gold pen is still dogshit, but I'll take it over the current situation.

  33. 296mm with AP is better against angled armor than 340 pen HEAT, it's kinda nuts. It won't be able to punch through E-100 turrets so it has it's downsides but against most things it's going to be an extremely capable round.

  34. Why do they keep doing this, these are huge changes, why cant they make smaller changes more frequently instead. Typical wg anyway

  35. I kid you not I just been grinding my ass off with x5 games and prem time for a kran to use in ranked

  36. i just want the kranvagn to be historically accurate man, nerf the turret to 170mm but make the tank go like a medium tank. Give it a 15cm gun for uniqueness

  37. The Kranvagen needed a nerf but I think this is not the way it should be. If it gets done like this, it will be a useless shit tank again. They should have done a slight nerf to DPM like 23 sec not 25 and the biggest point for me would've been make a weakspot underneath the gun so when you raise your gun to hide the cupolas you can get punished.

  38. Apart from that it needed bigger cupolas, otherwise the nerf to the plate under the gun wouldn't be even very impactful (the vast majority of people don't even raise the gun to protect their coupolas). And re-modelling the tank would be more complicated and would probably need more resources.

  39. Still has 12 degrees of gun depression and the best turret in the game + an autoloader with good burst and DPM. Kranvagn will absolutely not be worse than average

  40. It'll still be great hull-down. You can't have that sort of armor and gun depression AND 60kph AND insane dpm. The t57 has great dpm, but the armor is unreliable and it's slow. The 50b is fast and has good gun handling, but 0 armor and it's huge. The Rino is small and has good alpha, but the dpm is dogshit and the armor is unreliable. Kran stands out as the one autoloader that has it all, and it;s just oppressive.

  41. Only reason the Kranvagn is getting hit this hard is because of all the Chieftain and 279e shitheads bitching about ranked. The all important DIGITAL FIGHTING ELITE (thunder booms, lightning flashes, Monster Gamer Fuel bubbles up from the ground as Hot Pockets rain from the sky) dislike having their Chieftains and 279e's challenged by mere tech-tree tanks. That isn't allowed.

  42. We need nerf on the real OP tanks, not the tech tree tanks only.. how about top notch and statistical OP tanks: chieftain, obj280, obj279e, borat, obj708, skodat56.. is it so hard to detect these?

  43. Now they need to rebalance the chieftain too ....... i know is never gonna happen but a player can dream

  44. Dude. This type of nerfs are what kills T57 Heavy. Pls keep it reasonable so we can keep playing the tank.

  45. Yeah no the T57 Heavy died because it's turret is just weird. It can still do well. But the Kranvagn going 60 having a monstrous turret and 3 round autoloader is just no. Its good that they nerfed it

  46. Ahh yes, we are buffing the french heavies, but just barely… but we gotta be sure they aren’t too good so we nerf the shell velocity and make them more annoying to play.

  47. This is absolutely stupid..... its almost like the Type 5 nerf no one will play this anymore. Watch them start to sell a new Tier 10 Heavy that auto loads and is just like the Kran.

  48. No one mentions the one major change in the game that helped the Swedish heavies become so dominant. The arty nerf. Playing the Sweede heavies with their weak hulls was miserable in the old arty environment, esp the tiers 8 and 9.

  49. Kran needed a nerf but this is kinda too much. If you nerf that many aspects of the tank, you should take it easy, they add up. It should be more like:

  50. Maybe it is a dumb question but these changes - if these get the green light - will be applied only to EU, US, ASIA, SEA. So RU won't get these, right?

  51. I don’t like this tank, not the best gun handling and you need to spam gold. Plus if you are not on a ridge you get pen almost every time. Ok, if you are hull down then it is good. But this is it. Ah, it has good dpm

  52. Yes they are OP, but why the fuck cant they rebalance the fucking french race cars! You cant tell me that they dont have enough time if they are able to release even more new tanks/rebalance other tech trees/revise gamemodes like Steelhunters etc. … For god sake either remove those fuckers or nerf/revise them. And pls change the MM to only 1 arty per game! It cant be that hard.

  53. As the game gets faster I think EBRs are what lights needed to become. Tracked lights are too easy to hit, the insane mobility of ebrs lets them be good active scouts

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