Which of the embarrasing scenarios would you rather endure

  1. I just don’t see the Will Smith thing as that big of a deal. One dude slapped another dude because something was said about his wife. It’s just not that big of a deal. I’m not saying it was right, but it seems way overblown.

  2. Well he became a meme and is already emotionally drained because of his wife's gaslighting. I doubt him being viral would help his mental state.

  3. Tourettes isn't really embarrassing. It's just a neurological disorder that people have that can't be helped. It's as common as any person with special needs.

  4. Depends on the public event. That would be embarrasing but if it's not too big like a small party then it wouldn't be stuck on me forever. Tourettes, sex tapes, and the entire world thinking I have a fetish would be.

  5. I could capitalize on the meltdown. Apologize. Make it public that I'm going to therapy. Use the whole thing for free publicity. Write a book about it. Have some kind of TV special where I reconcile with the wronged party. Become rich and famous. (or richer and more famous if I already am like Will Smith)

  6. I have a friend with tourettes and if they explain about what htey have, people are chill with it so it becomes less embarrasing for them. That's what they told me

  7. Will Smith did not have a meltdown, he was simply defending his self conscious wife like any brave loving man would for his wife who is being made fun of.

  8. "You know, it's odd. You're not the first person to tell me I look like the guy in the video. In fact, so many people told me that, I looked up and wouldn't you know, my wife's a slut, but she sure knows how to pick the good ones"

  9. I already have tourettes. I don't have swearing tics and I would still find it awful if I did. It seems the best option tho bc I already have a diagnosis and most people in my life already know. My other tics already get me funny looks anyway

  10. I'm going to be having sex a lot of times to make it 30 minutes, so that seems like a win. For me, at least.

  11. The sex vid leak might be hurtful to my partner and others so that’s a no go. I don’t want to have a meltdown on national television and Tourette’s would be awful.

  12. Having a sex tape leaked is the least embarrassing out of all of these. Tourettes is probably the worst out of all of these.

  13. I already swear like the love child of a sailor on leave and Samuel L Jackson on a rant. I figure getting to have a legitimate reason would just be icing on the cake.

  14. This really proves how much an individual cares what others think. More people would rather have turrets than have others think they have a weird fetish…

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