WYR kiss your school bully, a serial killer, or a sexual predator?

  1. Whichever one is a physically attractive version of the sex I’m attracted to. I mean they’re all assholes in some way or another.

  2. I got bullied by 4 mean popular girls in the 8th grade. But later found out all of em had a crush on me, and were bullying me cause they found out I liked someone else. I'm still super confused til this day.

  3. Is the predator a sexual predator? Either way, I choose the bully, and then dramatically slap him and run away crying.

  4. I was never bullied so the first choice isn't an option, and I don't think anyone wants anything to do with a predator.

  5. Do we get to choose our school bully? Cause there was this really hot cheerleader who used to bully me a little and is now a super intelligent still super hot Air Force security force airwoman. Would 100% fuck her brains out if she let me.

  6. Well, seeing that I was coerced into having sex with the 18 year old I was dating when I was 14, I can confidently say that I've already kissed #3. Also, as time has passed, it's become clear that he only wanted me for sex because he broke up with me less than a month afterwards 😐

  7. My friend, who I have a crush on, jokingly bullies me (as I do the same to her), so I think this is a pretty easy question…

  8. Predator. All you said is you have to kiss them, you never said what you can do to them afterwards. Cause I uhhh...have some ideas! 😈

  9. The sexual predator, because that's also a rapist because those can overpower you. I am male, so I don't have to worry about that. But if I was a female, I would be agreeing so that I have more of a survival chance. Sex can also help strengthen your immune system believe it or not.

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