Well defined powers: Choose One YWR!

  1. With technowizard you can make some bank, and you could also hack government shit and black mail them into making laws for you

  2. Feel like wirh massive brainpower you could hack into things the conventional way to achieve the same effect, along with other wins in inventing things, winning at poker, the stock market, etc

  3. You could make bank with the devil's dice by playing roulette. Just pick a number , and bet $1,000 on it. 75% chance on a 35:1 payout. Even if you miss once, 3 out of 4 times you will win, so just bet again.

  4. 100x slower time perception is incredibly overpowered especially when combined with the other powers. You can become best in the world at any sport that required more skill than physical capabilities (Think Football (soccer) or UFC not Power Lifting. It would also mean any "tricky" situation you are in can be thought through properly on the spot also a day can be 2400 hours and that's a lot of time to study or practice a skill. Easily the most useful I think.

  5. Well maybe, but there is also the fact that you’re not moving at super speed, your mind in just quicker, so you can’t practice the thing a bajillion times if it’s something like football.

  6. A baseball player with this power could hit every pitch that was in the strike zone, since a 100 MPH fastball would seem to be traveling 1 MPH. You'd still want to work on power and which direction you hit it to avoid hitting it directly to a fielder, but making contact with the ball would be no problem.

  7. Is Devil's dice multi or single use? Could you manipulate events that are say extremely unlikely but not theoretically impossible? I'll be honest, I don't know a lot about quantum mechanics and the like but this "feels" like it could be very OP.

  8. Can only change the probability for the same event once, once chosen it is permanent. Can only change a probability once every 3 months. I feel like that part has been glossed over a bit. But Devil's Dice is pretty OP. Too hard to quantify.

  9. What if an object that weighs more than 10kg ,but can be split/ taken apart. Then I take each part into the bottomless inventory, and put it back together again?

  10. Hmmm. I did write that devils dice couldn't alter probabilities that can't normally exist, like 'becoming god', but It wasn't very clear. I'll give this one to you since I worded it so poorly.

  11. So for devils advocate you say you can go up to 75%, but using reverse logic, you can still create scenarios where the percentage is higher.

  12. "75% chance flat to occur, or not to occur". Maybe I'm misunderstanding my own words but I thought that ruled out the possibility of reverse logic.

  13. You have to go into the warehouse to recall objects, then bring them back out through the portal, which is strongly implied enough I think. The portal is the only method listen which allows access to the warehouse, and recall is stated to spawn the object infront of you, from storage, in the warehouse. The details state that angular momentum and velocity are not conserved, and to quote "the object is set infront of you".

  14. I’m taking the dice because even though I’d enjoy anything else much more, I think it would be the most useful on a large scale. How likely is it that the current president will start making laws to regulate oil use and monopolies? Crank it as high as possible. How likely is it that billionaires like musk and bezos will decide to restructure their companies so that the workers have better conditions and redistribute their wealth? Crank it as high as possible. It might not be insane or otherworldly, but I think it would have the largest positive effect on the world

  15. That's a usecase I didn't consider for Devil's Dice, great on you for having non-selfish thoughts about this

  16. And you could also increase the chances of beneficial inventions being created – technologies that reduce energy usage (and/or increase energy production), cures for diseases, truly self-driving cars with the best possible safety, etc.

  17. I'm surprised brainpower is easily winning so early on. To me, it implicates changing the very inherent nature of my human motivations and ideals. Powerful, but a little unnatural in a disturbing manner. Shutting off emotions could have strange results.

  18. I think it would be interesting to see these results. How much of the human experience would be changed if we had less, or stronger, emotions?

  19. I pick the Devil's Dice because probability manipulation is always OP if its significant and flexible

  20. That would require an Iron Man suit to be readily available with digital commands from what I've seen. You can use stuff that already exists.

  21. Regeneration if you want to be a star athlete. Since working out is pretty much the process of tearing and healing your muscle tissue, you could eat a chicken and grow muscles at an insane rate. You'd easily become the strongest person alive in a day if you wanted.

  22. Im glad you noticed the healing factor caveat. I wanted to mention that it increases risk for cancer due to how it works, but decided to leave that warning out.

  23. Senses. Best for combat and also best for getting pleasure. Plus I can make vegetables taste like chocolate so finally I can eat as much as I want

  24. Devil's Dice. Within a year you could win the lottery. You could then focus of using the money to live life and make the world a better place. The ability could help you get out of small situations where money can't help. Plus you could manipulate world events for fun.

  25. I’d choose Devils Dice and do 100% probability of me being able to use it whenever I want on whatever I want, regardless of cooldown

  26. Yeah me neither. I’m giving the guy an upvote anyway for effort because I’ve spent time on polls before to make them more enjoyable and got no traction on them.

  27. As a technowizard I could technically (no pun intended) be able to hack into internet banks and stuff to get more money... right?

  28. So let’s say I choose devils dice, and I pick something random, like “I want to meet Kanye West at Home Depot”. Let’s say it doesn’t work. So can I then say “I want to meet Kanye West at 7 eleven”, since it’s a different event?

  29. I'd use devil's dice to increase my chances of winning the lottery and instantly become a multi-millionaire. Then I'll make the probability that I'm ever in mortal danger, unless purposely caused by myself, basically zero. And now that I'm rich and can't die, I'll enjoy myself

  30. The choice is very hard. For example, Devil's dice could extend people's lives by messing with telomeres, Super senses makes most physical activities easy, and tbh it kind of allows you to have Techno Wizard while keeping the other senses. Bottomless Inventory has the great usecase of preventing items from being destroyed by anything and everything, so it would be preservationists's favorite, no matter the kind of preservation they're doing. Regenerative consumption sounds so useful for someone who gets hurt a lot but never in lethal ways. I do have to ask whether Incredible Brainpower's memory manipulation works like "memory works like normal unless you specify that a specified memory be prevented from degeneration or deleted" or like "you remember everything all the time unless you choose to delete it". If I chose that one, I would avoid using the emotional manipulation part if possible.

  31. I would want to be more restricted for a lot of these. The sensory one would definitely become a compulsive habit. Ignoring all that, I would go with the brainpower one if it weren't for devil's dice.

  32. Devils dice is pretty op, but using it to memorize things seems relatively mundane. Do you really want to permanently and irreversibility remember a password of all things after taking potentially months of using the dice due to the cooldown? Brainpower has the ability of an expanded capacity to process data, but devil's dice has bo such inherent ability. Unless you want a chance to scramble your dna in a manner that encodes data permanently, but that sounds risky and imprecise.

  33. With the regenerative option, it seems to optimize your body. Wouldn't you be getting 2 for one since it would optimize your brain?

  34. If nothing ages inside of the inventory warehouse and I’m allowed to bring people inside of it can’t I just move civilization to it and create a new immortal age of humanity.

  35. super senses for the time slow down, while I can be a vital goods carrier for storage. like organs and dangerous material that don't like to be transported

  36. Use the Devil's Dice and go through the list above saying that you will have the ability to ALSO gain X. You might not get all of the list above but you will get some. Since we can assume that all these things are possible in our universe, since it's on this list, we have a high chance of gaining additional abilities

  37. Surprised nobody's mentioned that with regeneration, you could also heal your brain, possibly getting rid of developed mental illnesses like depression and social anxiety.

  38. For some reason I am very excited by the bottomless inventory. Regarding the mention of entropy: does that mean things I store don't go bad? Like, if I stored a jar of honey, or even vegetables?

  39. Exactly. I personally voted for Inventory since its simple and doesn't carry the chance of fucking anything up. Although, honey lasts for millennia anyway.

  40. If I was to buy a lottery ticket 3 months and 1 day in advance, and used the dice to give myself a 75% chance of winning then did it again on the day of the lottery, would that probability be squared or would it be redundant. Essentially I could give myself a further 75% chance to win on that 25% chance of losing which would be an extra 18.75% chance. Total of 93.75%.

  41. I think, for most interpretations, it wouldn't work since altering the probability of the same event twice is written as impossible.

  42. I would pick Devils Dice, and use it to make my probability of turning my DNA into Kryptonian DNA 75%

  43. Cant do something that doesn’t follow physics. So Saiyans or kryptonians or DC Martians are all out of the realm of possibilities. Also, you could unexpectedly kill yourself when your body recognizes a part of your body is foreign, even if this goes through.

  44. edit I misread it at first, you have to physically carry the object out of the portal in order to retrieve it so I'm assuming you have to physically place it inside of your portal to store it. Hopefully the warehouse automatically organizes the objects on the shelf.

  45. How is an item added to the storage warehouse. Do I have carry the item in? Do i have to even see the item? Because if i can just blip items into the warehouse with my mind that fot the parameters, theres a lot of possibilities for this option. Like cure removing someone's cancerous tumor and disappearing it for instance. So how does it work exactly?

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