[WP] The eldritch god stood before the girl, in almost human form. "Your parents sold you to be my bride. I accepted, knowing that if I don't they will just try another deity, but I will not force this on you. Have this credit card and live as you wish. If you want something else instead, just ask."

  1. My father was not a good man. Not a man at all really. He tried his best. Sometimes I wish he hadn't, but no one chooses their parents. I'm lucky I had one who cared to try at all. My birth parents were sick and angry addicts, desperate for any kind of power. What was a daughter when compared to endless cosmic fire?

  2. I really enjoy the interesting use of language and adjectives to form unique imagery. Always fun to read, very hard to write. Well done!

  3. It was decades ago that I accepted a female child to be my bride. Despite having no intentions of making her such, I bought her off her parents, knowing they would find another buyer. I gave her wealth and told her to live as she wished and if she wanted something else to ask.

  4. It's supposed to be an Eldritch God, and I'm picturing a horrifying shadow being full of eyeballs and teeth leading this little girl around and it's adorable.

  5. This is beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, partway through, I convinced myself that the ending would be a joke about how all she ever wanted was to find a McDonald's with a working I've cream machine.

  6. The man, or what could potentially be considered a man, stood stiffly in front of the girl, smoothing the lapel of his velvet suit jacket with a long, bony finger.

  7. There's a bald spot on Gh'ogonoth's head, in-between the horns, and I have the strangest urge to rub it. I bet it would be real smooth. It's shiny. I'm like a crow in that shiny objects compel me, I'm transfixed, they're all treasures even if they're really just the lack of hair on the top of my eldritch god fiancée's head as he's setting me free.

  8. I gazed down enthralled by the shimmering, flickering, glimmering beings that kneeled before me in adulation, terror, greed. Enthralled by the disparity, dichotomy, hypocrisy. The two want what they considered so much, in exchange for the one they consider nothing at all. Irrelevant, Obstructive, Unwanted.

  9. I truly enjoyed your word play and use of repetitive phrasing making the entire thing read almost like a poem. It was a very pleasing read that I was eager to share with a couple of my friends.

  10. She looked at me, the credit card, then tilted her head and asked “Can you give me a successful business model?” I was initially confused but shrugged yes in return and spoke “It will take a year or two young one, until I return do as you please. What business venture do you desire?” “A clothing brand!” She beamed in response.

  11. "Hold up a second." I started, looking at the Eldritch being in human... Ish, form before me. "You aren't gonna... Pull some kinda hentai tentacle shit and drag me into an abyss or?"

  12. For years I have been nothing more than "The offering "... less than the any servants for they had purpose to their lives, less than the animals for those had names.

  13. I looked to this God sure he was an "eldritch Horror" but hey living life with pretty much nothing to do except read ones imagination led places. "I will take your offer with two exceptions." "Yesss Little mural" he said sounding intrigued "One, you tell me your name; Two you come visit me at least once a week." He looked taken aback by my proposal but then he smiled then gave a small laugh and sigh "you have always amused me Little Mural." I looked at him with surprise. "My name is to complicated for your brain to handle but you can call me Verai and as for your second stipulation i think i will visit." I smile at him for the first time i felt like i had someone. "Lets get you out of this hellhole and somewhere much nicer" he said grabbing my hand gently as his appearance shifts to something much more human yet so deadly.

  14. "Uhhhhhh... Okay...?" She replied, slowly taking the card from his, uh, hand? It's hard to say, not so much a hand, or a tentacle, or tentacles... If you look closely, maybe the tentacles are made of hands... Is it even tangible? The card is, but...

  15. "Huh. Cool." I said, looking at the card. "No catch or anything? Immortal beings like this usually have some sort of catch."

  16. The young girl looked up at them in curiosity, one hand clutching a stuffed dragon to her and the other firmly attached to her face as she sucked her thumb. Seemingly oblivious to the amount of blood and carnage all around and what had at one point been a summoning circle and two very stupid mortals. They had given them exactly what they asked for after all, an effort free rest of their lives.

  17. "So, I'm your wife now?" The little girl asked. She was so frail, she looked like she'd keel over if a stiff breeze came by.

  18. Sitting in her car park at the entrance to a hiking trail in the woods, Name was reading a book and relaxing when she saw it. Out of the corner of her eye in the woods.

  19. He contemplated it. There, in one of his windows to reality, three beings stood. Two were clearly older, and seemed to be holding the adolescent against their will. His curiosity piqued, he sent a fragment of his consciousness to investigate.

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