Paid off my Xbox Series X early. Not only did I build my credit, but I’m finally the proud owner of the XSX.

  1. I think they did it to sell gamepass honestly. You're locked in for 2 years then unlikely to cancel it afterwards, essentially using the service for the life of the console.

  2. I know this isn’t a PF sub, but if you pay off your CC in full every month it’s literally free and you can accumulate rewards points.

  3. Yeah no interest how can anyone who uses credit not jump on that. And if you want another through them. It’s even easier.

  4. Citizens is fucking horrible, web design and mobile app design is the worst of all the banking apps i have used.

  5. Hi OP, adjusting your flair, and we are going to leave this post up as discussion. As someone who used All Access for both a series X and S, I'll also vouch for the program. 0% loans are rare - this is as fair as it gets. The only negative is paying full price for Gamepass while the conversion deal is still a thing, but I'm totally fine with the value received.

  6. I used this program too because even though the Series X was sold out, they somehow found one for you if you went this route.

  7. That was my thought process on it. I remember that someone somehow found a way in on Walmart All Access’ like 6 hours before the preorders went live. Didn’t care to do all access, but locking up a console before actual preorder was hard to pass up since I knew it would be a zoo when the preorders went live.

  8. Awesome! One tip for the future, there is no advantage to paying off a 0% deal early, so if you have any other loan or obligation always use the extra funds on those before paying down the 0% thing. Actually if you put the extra money in even a 1% savings account instead you’re actually ahead.

  9. I had extra money and wanted to finish paying it off. I know it would of been an extra advantage to me if I kept doing monthly payments but I’m glad I have it paid off.

  10. Congrats. I did the same. And it is actually $20 cheaper. Microsoft actually uses the same bank to finance their Surface products as well and have 0% options.

  11. Never pay off 0% early. Closing out a credit line lowers your credit score because it's one less data point. Age of each active line on your credit is taken into account when calculating your creditworthiness.

  12. I just didn’t want the debt to be there. I know it’s better to take your time, especially if it was 0% interest, but I had the extra money and wanted to get it out the way. One less bill for me

  13. I've paid off numerous 0% interest type loans such as these early and my credit score is still in the 820's. It's been around that number for years. I know people will say but you could've invested that money instead blah blah. Guess what, some people like to pay shit off early and that's fine.

  14. This is one of my favorite posts in this subreddit. I love hearing about people practicing financial responsibility. And what a great way to get your foot in the door. Not only did you establish some meaningful credit, but you get to enjoy a new console and 2 years of locked-in game pass.

  15. Credit is a really useful tool. It's a shame nobody is taught to use it responsibly. And you're left to learn it all on your own.

  16. Hey! I got denied at first too, but it turned out It was because some information didn’t match with the credit union they use. I reapplied with another address I have and got accepted almost instantly.

  17. Wait, they reported it to your credit? I was told that the All Access doesn't count. Haven't seen it in my credit report and I paid mine off last year

  18. It's a line of credit through Citizens Bank and you get a hard pull on your credit when you sign up for approval. It should 100% be on your credit report. Have you checked all 3 credit bureaus? It may show up on one but not the others.

  19. Great job! Has to feel awesome on a few levels. The rates on that program looked really fair. Wasn’t zero interest but damn near it. If it was me at a younger time in my life I’d have totally jumped on it.

  20. I'm not short of money but for some reason, I was refused credit to buy one. Luckily, I finally managed to get one from Microsoft themselves. 👍

  21. All Access is awesome. Glad you could pay it off early. I have other debt with higher interest to pay off first. It was 0 interest here in Canada.

  22. Congrats, welcome to the club. Did the same, but in Japan with 10% on top.😬 No 0% credits here. Germany however? You can basically finance anything for 0% you can find in a big electronic chain.

  23. If you can get a line of credit through them to put it on a payment plan why not just buy it out right cause lord knows if your credit good enough for them you must have sum kinda cash or is all just credit money

  24. Man U would have built more credit with one time payments than paying it off in full. But sick Xbox still

  25. This is how I got mine. Would have no problem paying it but was only stock available because they cant be scalped easily. And honestly at 0% you practically lose money paying in full up front.

  26. As long as you make all your payments on time, the Xbox all access program is an unbelievable way to get a full price console and two years of gamepass without paying more than the retail cost over the duration of the loan period.

  27. I ordered a Xbox-S-X from Telstra, it never came and Im still paying the bills, also they said it's ready to pickup in the store and when I came they said they didn't have it.... Yes I'm jealous, lol.

  28. I got my system on All Access too; Easy call for a 0% loan and ~$40 payment. I know that there's no chance that I wouldn't have that amount in my bank account every month.

  29. Very nice. I'm halfway done. Unfortunately I had to put it in my dad's name as credit was pretty rough at the time. Slowly getting better though!

  30. While some follow the "don't buy toys on credit" mantra, smaller (price-wise) toys are a legitimately good way (probably the best, actually) to build credit if the move is planned before you do it. You did your due diligence and properly executed use of credit. Good shit!

  31. Random but anyone else experiencing a console with a strong burning/chemical smell? I’m afraid to join the program for a new one for fear of getting another unit with this offgassing issue

  32. I'm almost done paying mine off, it's a good feeling to get something nice and be able to afford my bills. So grateful for this program

  33. A couple of years ago a company made me an offer to get a new credit card. They said if I spent $1,000 in the first 90 days they'd give me a $200 bonus.

  34. Congratulations! I am waiting to pay mine off this November to see what the offers are for continuing the Platinum Xbox All Access package.

  35. This deal doesn't even feel like credit though. Just feels like a better version of those loan payment type options you see like affirm, klarna etc

  36. They had a similar plan for Xbox 360 called the family plan or something I think. My Mom had bought that for me. IIRC it was you got the 360 and 2 years of gold for like $35 a month. Overall it was a bad plan I think because you ended up paying more than a 360 and 2 years of gold would have costed individually. Anyways unfortunately my Mother passed away a few months after that and Microsoft never tried to take the Xbox back or even cancel my gold membership so I ended up getting all that for like roughly $95 if say my Mom paid for it for 3 months before she passed.

  37. Where the heck is the place to pay it off early? I tried the other night and I couldn't find it lol.

  38. The plan I used in Sweden for a Series X + 2 years game pass ultimate actually worked out cheaper than if I bought them individually. So I used it, paid it off mostly in a lump sum, and saved money.

  39. It’s an amazing console. I’ve got a huge backlog of games I’m working my way through on Series X and they all look and run f***ing amazing 👌

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