Should I keep my R1 Deathmatch? Or go get PJWS? (I'm a light spender)

  1. PJWS is a lot better than DM but the only way I recommend getting it is if it's rate up in the banner. So you'll have to wait for that. Otherwise just use DM for now as it is still good.

  2. hey! i just voted and if you wanna know the current results, here they are: 28 votes to keep deathmatch, 59 votes for PJWS, 5 votes for homa, and 20 votes for a possible new BIS!

  3. I recently switched from an R3 Deathmatch to the PJWS that I got from the standard banner. Damage diff is notable. If it gets a rate up in the weapon banner, maybe go for it.

  4. Spending for weapon banner going in you have to be okay with getting one of the two weapons... Cause losing to that is soul crushing if your not ready to...

  5. Xiao most likely is gonna have a rerun in 2.4 I recommend you to wait for it and summon the weapon that comes with him

  6. Yea nah either you get a lucky unlucky 50/50 pull, get it on standard or pull for it on a rate up banner. Idk, maybe they'll even give Xiao a new exclusive weapon next time he's around.

  7. After losing all of my gems on Homa banner and only getting trash bows I will no longer pull on weapons, it's a scam and I would rather get an unwanted character

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