How much is your totem raw damage?

  1. C0R1 talent level 9 I have 9709 damage on a level 3 totem crit with no buffs (other than her weapon of course.)

  2. around 10k without crit, lvl 90 double crowned c0, lvl 90 skyward atlas 60/150 crit 2500 attack (without pyro resonance)

  3. lv90 c1 r1 kagura's, on 3 stack is ~12k without any buffs. idk about raw 1 stack dmg, cuz I'm always doing 3E.

  4. C2R1 lvl 10 talent - 17k no buff, with Kazuha it's 26k per shot, with Kaz and Bennet, it's 32k per shot

  5. 7~8K per tick but tbh I didn't farm that much, my artifacts are decents at best and it gets the job done in abyss though 36 stars was kinda hard for this abyss

  6. C1r1 talent 10 13k 2k2 atk 56:250 crit ratio ~130 em (sry i cant remember my exact em number) 2 wanderer 2 glad

  7. My yae hits around 15k per charged attack, her e skill does only 5k ish and the recast hits for around 7k. Her ult does a lot of tiny slashes of 3k each and the last hit is 10k.

  8. C0, Skyward Atlas, crit rate 57%, Crit Dmg 179%, Atk 2.7k, 2 Shimenawa 2 Gladiator 12.5k, with anemo debuff 15k

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