Uni Pro 2.0 👀

  1. I pray the height slider thing isn't made damn near impossible to notch up or down again. the 2 volts u can bring it lower is cool ig? idk me personally you'd never catch me vaping below 2.0v anyways so seems kinda useless to mee but ehhh.

  2. So that's the only difference than the unipro. The metal material and usb-C insteaf of microusb? I already can do 1.8v with preheat hits for 10 sec real slow. My 2c.

  3. Ok? This is literally the upgrade people wanted with the original Uni Pro. Better construction, USB-C charging, and goes lower than 2.0v. The original Uni Pro preheats at 2.0v

  4. Placed an order yesterday and they canceled my order today, turns out they were out of stock so it just says “coming soon” now : /

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