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  1. I was just looking at her post about this when she says it almost made her cry several times (yikes) but, isn’t this sort of bad luck? And I’m saying this as a cynical, single, 30 something. It’s one thing when it’s your job as a model but I assume this was voluntary, I doubt she was specifically sought out for this. I also, feel like she thinks she’s making her bf think about proposing but he’s probably becoming more terrified and less likely to do so. Anyway, rant over, just my morning rumination.

  2. She totally just went into a dress shop to get her dirty mitts over expensive dresses with no intention of buying anything. Photoshoot story was utter bullshit.

  3. Ngl I would wear that second dress on a normal day, it’s pretty. The last one looks good on her. She doesn’t have a bad figure and I understand that it’s hard to accept weight change sometimes

  4. This has to be a joke. Please the editing job 😂 my friends and I used to over edit our photos as a joke and this is kind of what it looked like

  5. Imagine MS in that 2nd gown with her 12 pounders just serving em up to C's Grandma and co. I know when I got married in 2019, my number one goal was to wear a gown that made small children uncomfortable and grown adults gag and lose their ability to make direct eye contact. Good times.

  6. I just bought my wedding dress last month and told them what size I was.. I didn’t realize that wedding gown sizing is SO off from your actual dress size. My wedding gown is 10 SIZES larger that what I normally wear! Obviously I didn’t obsess over the number since I loved my dress but wowie it was a shock!

  7. She actually looks amazing in that last dress imo, it shows off her curves perfectly. I just don't understand why she's obsessed with people thinking she's an XS when she clearly isn't.

  8. Serious moment. I’m getting married in 2mo and I was ~90% sure I wanted to do jeans + blouse + everyday makeup because I don’t want to spoil our day by worrying about my outfit, body, hair, etc. I’m marrying a guy who calls me beautiful with a 6 day grease mop, unwaxed moustache and PMS chin pimples. It feels absurd and unfair to bring my emotional baggage about my looks to our day. This parade of uncomfortable dresses, photoshopping yourself into a whole ‘nother body and face, flapping 3lb lashes with every blink, etc. has officially bumped me up to 98%. (The 2% is reserved for the guilt variable if both our parents melt down over a tshirt wedding - 4 Catholic parents can be a potent tool 😂)

  9. I sewed a 1950s style polka dot dress, and my husband wore my grandpa’s old suit, silk tie, and wool coat from the same era. We got married in our backyard with like 15 people. It was perfect.

  10. We got married in 2019 and I got a badass $30 on clearance dress from this UK co called Loud Bodies that has a Chinese floral motif with Bengal tigers lol. It was cute af. Husband got his suit at a thrift shop. We looked great but spent very little because we felt just the same about the extreme pageantry. It's just not us and we wanted to make sure the wedding day was FUN and enjoyable, not a massive people pleasing, "this is the BIGGEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" stress that was going to leave us both totally worn out. It worked! We had a great time, hands down the most beautiful, low stress, wonderful day of my life.

  11. Your plan sounds so great!! My husband and I got married in street clothes when I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter. I have not had an emotional orgasm over a wedding dress since I was 8; 52 years ago.

  12. I feel bad for the bridal shop workers who will no doubt have to get orange makeup stains off of the dresses. And for having to deal with MS in general.

  13. They chose to work with this human dumpster fire. Its isn't difficult to find out what a trash human she is. If they didn't know before, I'm sure they do now. Putting any of this on their social media could be a huge mistake.

  14. Tbh if they are willing to work with her I would look for a different shop. They must have looked her Insta up and thought she would be great to represent them.

  15. Does this hurt anyone else's eyes? I seriously feel like I need to redo my Lasik or something because the shit she posts is so out of focus.

  16. I imagine she told them she's a size 6 or something, so they pulled the appropriate size dresses for the shoot, which won't for her at all. The white gown tht looked fitted, had those clamps down the back. They probably had to add a fabric bridge and clamp on both sides because it wouldn't zip.

  17. It doesn’t help at all that she didn’t even use boob tape. I’m smaller than MS, in both volume and projection, but I’d tape or break out the $60 bra before even attempting to wear that middle dress.

  18. I just still don't understand how local places and brands continue to work with her. Do they not see that she has zero meaningful engagement with her "followers" and, gee, the fact that she's an absolute shit human being?

  19. Right? From what I've read in this sub her city is a very popular, historic, artsy city with tons of other influencers around. Assuming they're not all like MS, there has got to be tons of other options. So...why her? I don't get it.

  20. She hates her real face everyday. It she wasn’t so shitty I would feel bad for her. She has lower self esteem than anyone I know. It’s really sad.

  21. I think the shop asked her to promote them and that's why they have the photoshoot. It's still a huge bummer and it's making me totally sad. You know that dude is not proposing.

  22. Wtf even is the first photo? It’s like she enlarged her eyes to 5x their size and literally took the blurr tool over her entire face, ears, neck, and parts of her hair. Her chin is blurred into her neck??

  23. check the store's insta. They've had other women in there for photoshoots with the merchandise. IDK where MS found out about this, if it's paid or not (or if she's paying them) but sometimes you can find photoshoots like this in local Facebook groups. And whoever is taking video and images with a phone behind the photographer is using a potato head/skinny filter.

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