Someone’s been lurking

  1. Hahaha, you KNOW she got it here because if any of her “followers” pointed it out to her, she would have just replied with an indignant “huh?” WE SEE YOU HERE 😆

  2. Yeah, no one wants to correct her, she would be like "some of y'all need to up your humor game" or whatever TF she said when she didn't get that "I'm skinny" trashbag thing.

  3. People who let her know about her mistakes get blocked. Any of her "followers" who might have told her is probably already blocked for not kissing her ass hard enough.

  4. I would be so ashamed to know that there is a Reddit sub dedicated to me and my shitty lifestyle and grifting ways. But the picture of MS crawling on a pee-stained bathroom floor is too funny and goes well with bejeweled diaper pin earrings.

  5. Do you think C knows about this sub? If my husband got wind of a Reddit sub dedicated to calling me out, he'd probably have some thoughts on it lol.

  6. An almost 12,000 person Reddit sub as well. That is a pretty substantial number. She can say we are just a few trolls all she wants but she knows it’s well beyond that.

  7. I’m actually surprised she even mentioned it. She must be pretty pissed at her total lack of engagement

  8. I couldn't find it, but here's the post from when she bought 50 whole entire White Barn Bath & Body Works candles, which she later proceded to hide so that C wouldn't know she had splurged like it was her last day on earth.

  9. Uh, given how viciously she reacts to anything that even vaguely resembles criticism, I can't blame any actual followers who noticed this for not saying anything

  10. Memories of when people gently said that she shouldn’t sleep with wet hair and she totally went apeshit and couldn’t let it go, posting a video rant and multiple megabothered stories about how everyone needs to mind their own business.

  11. Exactly what I was thinking. Only one person brave enough to risk getting blocked. Though I really doubt anyone told her, and she found out here

  12. Seriously that would be the quickest way to get blocked. Also there is no screenshot of the message so? She loves sharing private messages.

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