I don't know when was the last time I used E to slow

  1. sorry but you’re not playing it well xD you can literally cancel champions that need speed like sett, darius, garen etc Or using your slow for never fail your double etc And sometimes slowing it is better than speed (pick offs adc forcing their flash etc)…

  2. Sometimes slowing the enemy is better when peeling for adc or in a chase where it better to slow them so your team can get them

  3. The most satisfying bombs are the ones you land when you predicted a dash. E.g. Caitlin will likely net away if you slow so apply 1 bomb and 2nd bomb her dash distance away. It's all about experience and knowing the patterns of each champs dash, whether its point and click dash or skill shot dash, distance it dashes, how many, what's the cooldown etc etc comes with experience

  4. The speed up and slow are the same percentage so the argument against the slow is the same for speeding up in regards to dashing. If they're going to be able to catch you anyway when going 99% slower, then they're sure as hell going to catch you when not slowed and you're going 99% faster. The slow is incredibly useful because it makes missing your stun nearly impossible.

  5. how the fuck do you survive lane with 1 point in Q. i could never bring myslf to do that. most of the time it really doesnt matter early game if you slow someone with 330movespeed by 30% or 70%. they will always be slowed to around 150-200. plus the stun is only 1.1 sec then. youre really not getting much out of the E max without special teamcomps like rammus hecarim etc.

  6. Although the speed boost sees many more uses than the slow on average, slows can be vastly superior if you know what you're doing, especially zilean's which has no requirements other than be in range lol

  7. i dont think that even does much bc of the soft caps on slow? rell is only like 250 without slow and slowed probably be like 150-180? thats not that much tho D:

  8. depending on whom. slow on garen can be useless when he got Q up. speed up can be insane on champs that get enabled by the ms to gapclose. but yeah slow is def very sexy.

  9. the one where running extremely fast is a versatile amazing ability and slowing down your enemies is good in rare situations where the enemy doesn't have mobility options to make it useless

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