MEPS medical question

  1. Not a straightforward question, since “other mental health issues” can mean a number of things. That said, your answer lies in DODI 6130.03 Vol 1, section 5.28. A long history of mental health issues will probably be a red flag, but no one on here can say for sure (including me).

  2. Best approach is full disclosure. If the scars are quite visible they will ask. Just have her prep documents for every issue ahead of time.

  3. As someone who worked at MEPS recently, they will go back as far as they need to for mental health. There's no statute of limitations if they find something that could potentially cause harm to her or anyone else in the force. The member is an investment and the AF doesn't like to lose them. If they find self-harm that wasn't documented on their prescreen questionnaire, your friend will be done for that day and have to provide ALL documentation. If she was seen for any mental health evaluations she will have to supply them to her recruiter so the CMO can determine if she is fit for duty. I've seen a few self-harm people make it in. It all depends on the MEPS CMO and the story/documentation they provide.

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