Classic has these on sale in case any clowns were thinking of dropping a band on one

  1. Only thing that sucks about these is they come with the cheap polymer furniture. Looks like its made from recycled garbage bags.

  2. The stock wood furniture on WASRs is garbage that you were going to replace anyways and you were gonna buy surplus mags anyways as well.

  3. Back a few years ago before prices went nuts I picked up a WASR for around $400 new. Even at that price I still considered their total wood furniture to be overpriced garbage. It's really really shitty wood. I'd have rather had polymer than the plywood junk it had on it.

  4. Holy shit. That's a very reasonable price. I almost want to get a third one to pimp it out with ODG furniture

  5. Transitional style cast gas block they used right before the 90° ones, I bought one from an East German scrap pile lol. The style, I mean.

  6. Damn I just paid out the nose for Polish Underfolder. I think I’d have rather saved my cash and got this, then slowly upgrades over time

  7. Finish wise wasr10 is as crude as it gets. Zpap is vastly superior gun except that it's not an akm pattern furniture

  8. V2 model. Has the weird new gas block, the barrel journal lengths are different slightly and no bayonet lug. Also the bad furniture. The palm mag comes with it so they can use less US parts and still sell them legally.

  9. Jeez, was the time to buy really 10 years ago? I have my colt le but I’d never trade it. Buddy just got a Tantal Sporter (the good batch, not with the barrel issue) and now I WANT one.

  10. As time goes by, I'm very curious to see how these things hold up! I wonder if Century has redeemed themselves after all the C39, C39v2, and VSKA mistakes.

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