Why is delta 8 so HARSH???

  1. Delta 8 isn’t worth vaping in my opinion. You can buy raw distillate for really cheap and make edibles and tinctures with it. There are tons of posts on this sub and the delta 8 sub about doing that if yee google it 👍 Works Great and saves your lungs!

  2. It went away after like 15 minutes for me. Much better than black market carts which would always make my lungs feel “heavy” for the next day or so. Still tho that coughing!

  3. My hypothesis is that it's related to D8-THC being more physically stable than D9-THC. Some people describe HHC as being less harsh but it's about the same in my experience but HHC is more physically stable than D8.

  4. I feel like a bong wouldn’t really fix it since it’s more just the physical properties of the vapor than the temperature like if you were dabbing/smoking something

  5. That’s cause they’re contaminated. Listen to your lungs and your lungs will provide you with potent highs into old age :)

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