Nothing out of the ordinary here 🤔

  1. None of that conversation seemed scripted at all 😅 and what overall market is it mirroring?? Heat maps beg to differ and so would I. APE barcoding all week must be something you consider normal as well 🤔

  2. They are using the “robinhood” etf aka the top most owned stocks on robinhood to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from us. Hell they are doing this on all brokers.

  3. Nah Wall Street and big bankers did.. retail is soon gonna nose dive the entire market during the late afternoon.. get ready for a bloodbath 😭

  4. No, everybody just decided to buy for all those different stocks at that exact timing. It’s quantum entanglement

  5. Amazing how all of our spending habits are exactly the same! We should definitely start spending money on odd and even days!! Haha

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