GME APE here. That 103% CTB on Interactive Brokers got me. Doing my part for the 8$ battle premarket!

  1. I used to think that.. but the paltry number of individuals that have DRSd per AA prove otherwise. If most holders of AMC had both, we’d be seeing a much larger portion of the float having been DRSd

  2. Welcome to the family, pls don't tell your mates at SS what you did. I suspect that they will get slightly upset

  3. They know, because this is the game store kids trying to get AMC apes to pump the game store stock again. It's just their "good cop" approach.

  4. I remember just a month or 2 ago,, ctb was being talked about as a big deal when ever it was over 20%. 103% is fkn insane!! Who's paying that and what has that done to the liquidity of their accounts?? Who gets paid these ctb fees!??? Somebody's making $$ ??

  5. As a GME holder, i assume you are trained in the ways of direct registration. if you choose to utilize it as a holding option, especially after AA himself said holding them at computershare prevents them from being used to short the stock, feel free to head over to

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