1. In a romantic sense the problem is that Sprig and Anne are adopted siblings and Sprig having a gf already,as a friendship there is nothing wrong.

  2. To all who ship that, I hope your pillow is eternally warm on both sides and your finger always breaks through toilet paper

  3. I'd don't ship it myself but technically there isn't really anything wrong with the ship. They aren't blood relatives and they're only 2 years apart (time skip: Anne is 23 and Sprig is 21). And they're both sentient creatures able to communicate and give informed consent. Oh and if the different species thing is an issue regardless then you can't ship Lumity either cause they're different species as well.

  4. [About the third paragraph] Maybe you meant Sashannarcy. Marcannasha sounds like an eldritch djinn several times removed in a Hindu-Mesopotamian mythology that is never mentioned because uttering their name will spell doom and destruction to all civilization.

  5. I agree, and I disagree. I think the real issue is a tie between the species issue and the ship itself. Although they are both sentient creatures able to communicate and give consent, this is akin to shipping a 20 year old with a 65 year old who’s relationship has only been that of friendship.

  6. But lumity is with a human like species so all we know witchs could just be humans who got trapped on the isles and evolved

  7. You can’t really compare lumity to spranne by saying that they are both different species because witchlings are humanoid and pretty much indistinguishable apart from the ears ( and the magic vile sack or whatever it’s called). But with spranne the frogs are completely different from humans. It’s just really gross to think about

  8. Normal people: Spranne as ship is a bit problematic because their friendship is more important and sibling-like, and there is a bit of a gap between them age-wise. Also Sprivy is a thing.

  9. That’s my face when I realize that the internet is so big that someone, somewhere out there, has probably already made some absolutely NASTY art of the two of them. Like……I’m on the Hilda subreddit too and there’s talks there sometimes of people finding cursed art from THAT show. If people could find a way to do it to HILDA of all shows then they can do it to anything XD

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