Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 teaser visual

  1. Was expecting just a season 2 announcement, but we are also getting another OVA! Can't wait, absolutely love this couple.

  2. Whenever I see "fly me to the moon" an old 19's song starts playing in my head 😂 . Fits the show very well . Remember first season's OP ? It was so good ! 🤗

  3. Blessed. Hayate no Gotoku is one of my favorite anime, and Hayate x Hinagiku was one of my favorite ships that didn't sail. And then Nasa x Tsukasa is like if Hayate and Hinagiku got together lol

  4. Tsukasa is basically Hinagiku combined with Athena. The two best girls who didn't win mixed into one that's already won.

  5. Season 2 is going to be insane if we reach that certain part in the manga. Although I feel like that might be Season 3 material.

  6. Why am I still expecting a really tragic ending here? MC got off too easy and it was too good to be true that she wanted to marry him for no reason. Seems kind of sus.

  7. Glad I'm not the only one who expects a bittersweet ending to this story. The whole thing reeks of the Kaguya-hime myth, which definitely does not have a happy ending, and I'm just waiting for the day everything gets pulled out from under us.

  8. I’d like them to be a little more physically affectionate without it being such a big deal. Like keep the cuteness, but make it a little more mature too. I’d just love casual deep passionate kisses.

  9. Tsukasa has started moving her hair to the front of her shoulder. More importantly she is wearing an outfit I typically see women wear when they are "Growing" for something.

  10. May I offer you some fluff in this trying times? It's exactly what I need and we even get another OVA (That means an excuse to listen to Koi no Uta again)

  11. Its getting a new season? Didnt even know, but im already looking forward to it, the first one was great!

  12. Yes!! Can't wait to see second season i lost hope that there would be no season 2 but few days ago i saw the news of season 2, too much excited to watch the sweet wholesomeness of these couples after reading manga i can say one of the best rom-com manga with amazing plot.

  13. Let's goooooo! Time for more tooth-rotting fluff and diabetes inducing moments between a seriously cute and adorable couple.

  14. This is amazing! Hope we can see more of the secrets behind Tsukasa because it's very clear she is definitely not your average human

  15. Is the season one of the anime on Netflix/streaming on anime yt channels such as muse Asia and Ani-one Asia?

  16. LETS GO! I just finished watching this 2 days ago and was sad there wasn’t a season 2. But Reddit never disappoints.

  17. the poster art is very rarely ever the exact same as what the anime art will actually look like.

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