"Mato Seihei no Slave" teaser visual

  1. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG. Please no cheap CG.

  2. It's Seven Arcs, known for Tonikaku Kawaii, Blue Period and Trinity seven... It'll be either cheap CG or very mediocre hand-drawn animation either way. It's not going to be a show known for being well drawn, that one is a given. Which is a shame, because the manga art manages to be pretty goddamn good especially in the fights.

  3. Based on color illustrations of the manga it always depicted the transformation as light blue and the uniforms as dark blue, but it seems the anime changed the form to white and the uniforms to black which I feel is a MASSIVE improvement.

  4. This is the epitome of "Came for the PLOT, stayed for the plot" manga I've read. Also be ready for a lot of fetishes to be awakened.

  5. Will add it's made by the creator of akame ga kill, but characters aren't dropping like flies. Though I'm still suspicious after 70+ chapters.

  6. The visual looks good as well,can't wait for this and the ecchi lmao...hope we got uncensored as well

  7. Basically Bleach x High school DxD. But the MC isn't a complete pushover (at least, after the first few episodes). Hype!

  8. Eh really I read all and so far there not much Hentai stuff just very very lewd and ecchi stuff so I don't think its those "I can't believe it's not a hentai series"

  9. FMC of Lord Marksman of the Vanadis was the best for me, I used to be all about older, long black hair. But yeah, silver hair and red eyes is legit as well

  10. I always thought the manga was kind of weird on that point. They spent a reasonable amount of time setting up the idea that it's a wider matriarchal civilisation in the opening chapter or two, but then it's basically irrelevant outside of specific dynamics between the girls and the MC, and society outside that group is almost never mentioned again.

  11. I would imagine they'll go the route of on-air censored and then blu-ray uncensored. The method works well for volume releases of the manga.

  12. God, uncensored pls. I hope they nail BOTH the action and the lewds. Honestly one of the best manga in both aspects. Please don't be another Tsugumomo.

  13. NGL, I am surprised at who they selected to be Kyoka. Nezuko VA and Kyoka is definitely not what I expected. I’m all for it.

  14. Hearing the studio name took me off the high I was on yesterday hearing this was getting an anime. Jfc they butchered the Arte anime

  15. Doesn't matter, if the director know what he's doing the anime will be great. Look at haikyu, season 1 and 4 had the same studio, but the animations are completely different

  16. Takahiro isn't the best author (though he has good streaks at times) but goddamn the amount of anime that he either created or is an adaptation of a VN or LN he made is absurd.

  17. OMY! Seriously what is happening? A lot of the mangas I am reading have gotten and are getting their anime adaptation. Considering how shitty 2020 and 2021 were, Is this what they call the light at the end of the tunnel?

  18. Looking at key visual the art already look rather ''cheap'' compared to the manga and studio quite mediocre,I would rather read the manga.

  19. If I would compare it to other media I would compare it to Highschool DxD, with the story having a lot of ecchi scenes but the plot and world building (so far) is actually good, also great character development for the MC as well as the side characters.

  20. Portals to a dangerous demon dimension have opened up around the world. A militarized group of girls with superpowers keep the demons from invading earth.

  21. it’s so weird the most random stuff I read when pulling an all nighter (most of it is trash lmao) suddenly gets animated..same with Worlds End Harem lol

  22. I think I've read some of the manga, and ifs the one I'm thinking it is, it should be an enjoyable seasonal watch. It was pretty interesting from what I remember, but I forgot about it after the great mangastorm exodus.

  23. I finished reading it just last week and it's creeping me out that it's suddenly in the news. I thought it was a lesser known manga.

  24. Not very hopeful for the animation side of things given the studio. Unless the director is amazing I dont see how this could be better than the Manga. This is a show that will live or die on the quality of the fight scenes and the fanservice, which are both dependent on animation quality.

  25. I started reading this after I sae the visual, it's really good. Was surprised, thought it was a regular ecchi/hentai manga

  26. Looks cool, don't really mind if it has ecchi in it. As long as it's good is all that matters, and the source actually has good reviews, so.

  27. The studio that's working on Blue Period is animating this RIP, a shame cuz it's a really fun series

  28. Hell yeah! The manga has good story, good ecchi and GOD TIER Girls. I'm worried about studio. They recently did Bermuda triangle: coloful pastel and are doing Blue period, so I'm ready to be disappointed

  29. Manga is super ecchi, action packed and awesome. Same author as akame ga kill, but characters actually Stick around. It’s great.

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