"My Dress-Up Darling" new key visual

  1. The art and animation looks so good!! But it looks like the anime will really nerf Gojou's size. I hope they won't. He's a bit more brawny and taller in the manga compared to the visuals.

  2. He does look a lot more his age with this design, though I do agree that he had a lot of charm with his broad body type

  3. I actually read the manga. It's pretty good but the main problem for me is that you kinda need to enjoy cosplaying to enjoy the story fully. Does it change after chapter 30?

  4. I'm hyped for it, but predicting AOTY already is ridiculous. Look at this past year, lots of hyped shows, some of which imploded, and then Odd Taxi came out of left field to wild acclaim. You can never tell what's going to come down the pipe.

  5. I've known this series existed for a while but I've always put off reading it. When I heard it's getting an anime, I decided it's time I read the manga and I'm about halfway through right now. It's very cute, the characters are great and it actually managed to get me interested in cosplay.

  6. I'm used to it from reading the manga for quite a while. The literal translation sounds goofy to me, but I'm sure that's just an exposure issue.

  7. One of the things I loved about the manga is Gojou is actually quite tall and handsome for an Ecchi protag. They’re usually all unassuming beta boys so that they’re easier self inserts but Gojou is drawn like he’d be the Male Lead in a Shoujo manga, all the way down to the cute mole so he stands out. Kinda hoping they don’t nerf his height and bulk.

  8. As a manga reader, i can tell you that quite a bit. Even if the anime tones down a few scenes, some of the cosplays are quite interesting

  9. It's not To-Love Ru if you are worried about that. There have been just a couple costumes that might raise an eyebrow so far (well, one in particular), but it's never a "in your face - eyes go right there" kind of fanservice. There shouldn't be boob-grabbing, ass-shaking or ice-pop licking anywhere.

  10. There is a decent amount as you'd expect with a romance revolving around cosplay. But I will say, at least in the manga, they do the fan service very well and its pretty genuine as you can get.

  11. This season has quite a bit, I got quite surprised when my copy of volume 1 arrived and there was a lot more (and more gratuitous) fanservice than what happens currently in the manga, as I had forgotten about it completely.

  12. At least one cosplay isn't much more than a couple scraps of fabric. Though some are pretty thorough in how much they cover. Most are at least a little lewd, but certainly not all.

  13. I’m so hyped for this, I’ve read the manga and never expected it to have an anime, let alone one that looks this high quality

  14. Rumored to be licensed by Crunchyroll according to the leaker who accurately leaked Platinum End, Takt op and Spy x Family we’re all licensed by CR before their official announcement.

  15. Is this manga good? Should I read it? I’m looking for mangas to read. Preferably shounen but I don’t mind shoujo too

  16. It's fine if you like will-they won't-they romcom. It's got some good art, a lot of mildly fanservicey content (whether that's a plus or minus is up to you) but isn't super-trashy.

  17. In this series Marin definitely wears contacts in most scenes. In fact there is a scene in the manga where Gojo visits her at her home and she panics because she forgets her coloured lenses.

  18. She is a cosplayer so she wears contacts. It goes into surprising depth on how cosplay is made and the people behind. It is a very wholesome manga

  19. Fewer chapter means lower possibility for cloverworks to ruin it (yes I'm still angry). So let's be optimistic

  20. I heard some bad things about the manga a few weeks ago, are there elements of sadism, was the main girl annoying, the main guy useless, or something like that? Or am I completely off?

  21. I kinda doubt I will watch this since it doesn't seem up my alley, but that main girl design is hnnnnggg.

  22. The cgi in this anime confuses me. For example on episode 2 when hes measuring her bust it clearly uses cgi but it feels so mixed in with the art that I can't tell if it's cgi or animation sometimes.

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