SPY x FAMILY: Yor will be voiced by Saori Hayami, and Anya will be voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki

  1. Are you telling me the voice actors of the main couple of my favorite romance anime is going to be voicing the main characters of an anime i've been waiting for?

  2. Hayamin is a good pick for Yor, I guess the staff decided to go with popular seiyuus for the main characters.

  3. This does make me wonder if they are going to get Nao Toyama to voice a certain kuudere character to complete the Oregairu reference.

  4. I get what you mean, Saori has a very distinct and noticeable voice, that if you hear her once, it sticks. That can be a blessing or a curse as it usually leads to typecasting

  5. i knew it was impossible but i wanted yor to be voiced by asami imai aka makise kurisu. unfortunately it seems like she doesn’t get a lot of roles these days

  6. Hayami’s voice, while lovely, is way too distinct for me, to the point that the moment I hear her voice I instantly lose the ability to connect to her character. I always just hear Hayami, and not whoever she’s meant to portray. It’s unfortunate. I was definitely hoping for someone else.

  7. I think it fits the personality or the archetype like I imagine most young villains or antiheroes to have Jun Fukuyama's voice.

  8. All really great picks . Atsumi tanesaki is a great fit, whenever I hear her voice all I can think about is the masochism rabbit from hoozuki lol.

  9. I always wanted Mamiko Noto to voice Yor. So when I heard her voice, I instantly thought it's her.

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