Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Official Main Trailer

  1. Everything looked like it improved! I got goosebumps when the wave of ODM gear streaked across the screen. You could feel the speed. ODM gear is one of the most amazingly realized battle mechanic in anime, so I'm glad to see it being done well.

  2. Maybe they just showed the good bits. Remember how the titans' cgi got increasingly worse as the season went during part 1? This could be the same

  3. Maybe I’m distrustful, but the trailer for part 1 was made by an entirely different group and looked way better than anything in the season….. I’ll hold off on my optimism

  4. to be fair, a lot of these look like they are from the first few episodes, which are bound to to have better production.

  5. When I first started AoT (before the anime was even announced) I never expected it to get an anime let alone become a mainstream franchise. I heard lots of negativity about the ending but I am still super excited for it!

  6. Attack on Titan always finds a way to pull me back in lmao. This actually looks great, the camera, cgi work, and animation, Mappa really trying to prove themselves even when given a shitty schedule. Mad respect

  7. Wouldn't recommend watching this if you're anime-only tbh, even lacking context there are some sizeable spoilers in here.

  8. Also just to add to this for those anime only who want to participate in discussions, turn off your dm and chat requests.

  9. Idk if I was anime only I wouldn't have any idea that I was being spoiled unless I came across this top comment telling me I'm being spoiled. And even then I wouldn't know what you were talking about. However, I would be upset now that I know I've been spoiled lol

  10. Fuck it, if you REALLY want to see this and you’re an anime-only, watch it with no subs. You’ll see some shit but you don’t know what any of it is. I still suggest waiting but there’s your way to watch it mostly “spoiler free”

  11. I thought it didn't really spoil much till my anime-only friend watched it and began making correct guesses on where the story will head lol.

  12. There are even some guge spoilers that are really damn easy to understand even if you didn't read the manga, upon your 2nd or 3rd rewatch.

  13. I know many people will disagree with this, but spoilers actually increases the quality of your experience in whatever it is that you think you were spoiled on. Some source/scientific studies about the previous statement:

  14. I'm glad they seem to have nailed the CGI. I personally never really minded it in S4, but I'm happy it looks even better now. We'll be dropped right into the middle of a huge battle, so they need to make the action great from the beginning.

  15. I feel like there was a lot of discourse when S4 P1 hit, and there were some people who said "I don't even notice the CGI, you're just haters". I personally hated the CGI in S4 P1, but I have ZERO complaints here. Actually I have praises, this looks like some of the best use of CGI I've seen. From clunky and awkward to legitimately smooth and well composited. Bravo Mappa team.

  16. It’s not even just passable, it looks really good. I’m interested in how fresh the fights will feel with the pace that this animation allows

  17. Godamn, the camera work + improved CGI is so good. That scene with the Jaw Titan jumping on the rooftops, as well as that final shot of the whole city are beautiful.

  18. Everyone agrees that Chp 119-123 was peak fiction but its only the later parts that divided the fanbase.

  19. In hindsight personally, these chapters are definitely kicked down a peg after reexamining. What I loved so much about these chapters was that it completely flipped the implications of where the narrative was going on it's head. Only for the plot points that were set up in these chapters to recieve arguably the most disappointing conclusion.

  20. Would you mind DMing me about why the ending is so controversial? I watched the first three seasons of AoT recently, and I wasn't honestly too into it, so I just spoiled myself and read a summary of the final arc to see how it ends, and nothing really jumped out to me as unexpected. It's in line with how I thought it would end. But I know that a lot of hardcore fans don't like the ending and think it came out of left field. So I'm just curiously confused, lol

  21. I heard Satoshi Sakai's returning for part 2 which is great cause he was one of the best animators that worked on part 1.

  22. Reiner's back to his old Armored Titan Design instead of his slimmer but spikier look from last time. Interesting, I wonder if the titan's appearance is dependent on the user's mental state or something. Looks like our depressed boi puts up a better fight this time, which I'm glad for- it was sad (if entertainingly surprising) seeing him get one-shotted last time.

  23. Reiner’s spikier Titan was one made from a combination of mostly exhaustion and a little depression, it’s all he was able to make in that moment where he just wanted to die but the yelling kids convinced him to join the fight while he was still regenerating

  24. Qualms I have about the ending aside, this is one of the best parts of the manga, and will definitely go down to be one of the best seasons ever.

  25. In hindsight personally, these chapters are definitely kicked down a peg after reexamining. What I loved so much about these chapters was that it completely flipped the implications of where the narrative was going on it's head. Only for the plot points that were set up in these chapters to recieve arguably the most disappointing conclusion.

  26. Don’t let any of the doom-posting take over your fun, this is one of the best parts of the manga and animation-wise looks like Mappa is going to nail it

  27. Even though I am a bit iffy on the ending, the first 6 or so episodes of this season will be absolutely fucking crazy. Probably on par or better than season 3 part 2.

  28. It’s too late to make a pre-animated PV, this is the shit we’ll actually be seeing (with maybe some small last minute edits)

  29. Looks like they really will only adapt up to chapter 130-131 in part 2. It also looks a lot better than part 1, excited to finally see 121-122 even if the ending kind of ruins those 2 chapters.

  30. Since the 1st part ended, I had never seen any anime reach the 20k karma on this sub, And It will happen again when the second part begins.

  31. Anime-onlies, you know how everytime you thought the show had reached its peak, a manga reader would say "it gets even better"?

  32. lmao not even 6k upvotes in 24 hours. Compare to Kaguya trailer and we're looking at an interesting picture here. This series really fucked itself.

  33. Regardless of peoples' opinions on the ending, the first half of this part is going to be so fucking good.

  34. I am gonna ignore this trailer since as an anime only it probably has spoilers. I've heard the CG improved and I am glad.

  35. The CGI looks miles better than the first part of season 4. Everything blends in much better and there is more impact to every step. Good idea to not watch it as an anime only. Can’t wait till the ninth!

  36. Can anyone give me a quick recap of what happened towards the end of part 1. Like what were the relationships between Eren and the others

  37. Eren told Mikasa and Armin that he hates them and then went rogue with his fanatic group IIRC, even overthrowing military officials. The season ended with him meeting up with Piek and then being jumped by Reiner and Jaw Titan (Porco? Was that his name?). Also Zeke fucking exploded Levi and himself, but [Trailer]

  38. Despite me hating CGI -and confirming it during Final Season Part 1 most of the time-, this trailer showed some real good scenes.

  39. I'm in the camp that I was very satisfied. I hope the anime translates better in animation/voice acting form of chapter 139 than the manga.

  40. However I feel the ending, you bet I’m hyped to see this animated. This show is one even my non-anime-watching friends will talk about together with me.

  41. why the fuck am I getting goosebumps from this trailer? I can't even understand japanese!!

  42. God the ending is fucking terrible but the chapters leading up to it are such high peaks. Super excited to see this animated regardless

  43. So the cgi is still being used, but it looks way better here. And it was pretty fine in the last season, not too off-putting. But it was pretty convincing here and doesn't stand out. I'm impressed. Hopefully it has that quality throughout.

  44. They spoiled so many very important scenes from the manga im surprised. Its hype but very spoiler-y hype

  45. I really want to watch this but I’m anime only and everyone is saying spoilers… are the spoils really that bad that I shouldn’t watch?

  46. No, just warch it. It seems the last season will have amazing animation and i am sure you will be very least entertained.

  47. Finally time to see the best arc in Aot(imo) . I lost a lot of hype after reading the manga but man this trailer is giving straight up chills and good to see improved CGI , I just pray they make the first 6 epi good

  48. According to leaks, this part will only cover up through ~131, when most people agree it was still peak. It's whatever comes after that'll be...interesting.

  49. Am I the only one who hopes the majority of characters die by the end? I feel like that’s the only satisfying way to end such an epic brutal series like AoT

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