Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2 teaser visual

  1. My favorite hobby in the last month has been going to Rent-A-Girlfriend posts' comment sections and witnessing the nuclear fallout.

  2. Going into the RAG discussion threads each week to see the same group of people have the same collective breakdown over and over is endlessly fascinating. It's a case study in collective masochism.

  3. Umm, could you explain what are you reffering to? I saw something that the manga had a recent contrevercial "something" (I don't know exacly what it was) and because I want to be spoiler free if I ever want to read it or just for the anime I didn't look into it.

  4. I mean the latest chapter has to be the newest low in all of romance manga. As somebody that dropped Rent a girlfriend around the 100s and its at 218 now and not only has nothing changed it's reached a new all time low. You literally would have to read the chapter to see how bad it is.

  5. I just can't help but laugh at this point. Also, this visual made me remember that this show has the same art director as last season's Selection Project.

  6. What's kind of funny is that season 2 will likely hit what's considered the high point. So it will very possibly be unironically liked by many people.

  7. What if they speedran the entire manga (Tokyo ghoul, and promised Neverland style) just to get to chapter 218. Then spent an entire episode on chapter 218. I think that'd be hilarious.

  8. We gonna need an episode where nothing happens and the thread for it gets 600+ awards and 2.7k+ upvotes to trick people into thinking something happened like we did with the manga

  9. Lol I still can’t believe he made an entire video about how she was the best waifu of the year. She’s been Kazuya’s equal for a fat minute.

  10. We can get the war prologue through it. We’ll get to see Aki and SpiritedAstronaut’s love life before man went to war.

  11. I think they should time skip at the end of Episode 11 to the start of Chapter 217 at episode 12 and end with the yknow what

  12. I heard some of the later chapters are a trainwreck, which is honestly incentive for me to watch it more lmao

  13. If the adaptation follows what season 1 did with the manga chapters, season 2 will probably have some really good moments since the start and some fan favorite arcs

  14. Yea, as much as I hate the current arc that's been going on for ten months at this point, the one before it, which will be in this season is one of my favorites. Plus more Sumi is always a perk.

  15. Yeah it was one of my favorite rom com mangas I had read till I dropped it in the 100s, just no progress at all in over 100 chapters made me give up. Maybe I'll go back and read it after it's over but as a weekly read that shit is cancer.

  16. Another romcom that is NOT airing in spring. Who would have thought there are other seasons in this year \s

  17. Not falling for this garbage twice, first season was probably the worst romcom i've ever seen and i've seen school days ffs

  18. My favorite character when I watched it was Mami because I actively wanted Kazuya to fail, that's all I'll say about how I feel about this show.

  19. Given the manga's dogshit pacing they can probably fit in everything all the way to chapter 218 in 24 eps since most of the scenes are useless to the story

  20. Even though I dropped RAG pretty quick, I love watching people get bent out of shape an anime they don't like is getting a second season. I actually am rooting for a full manga adaptation at this point

  21. its not just that people don't like it. The manga industry in pretty cutthroat and amazing series get canceled all the time. Then shit like this slips through the cracks because ??? Yes his art is very good but that never saved Onio.

  22. Lol there's been a lot of crossover art so I guess it is the 139 of Romcoms. Except i guess RaG readers can bitch about it but AoT readers can't

  23. Genuine question I don’t keep up with the manga and I just learned about ch 218 but I do know about the “rent a mid” memes but does the author even care anymore or are they just saying “fuck you and your feedback” at this point

  24. Dripped it after 3 episodes. Dropped the manga first after ch. 108. No development at all. Came to see if I was wrong in the comments. Glad I didn't turn into a cuck trying to defend this series (from what I hear, ch. 218 seemed fun for y'all).

  25. Seeing the comments, I didn't know the series was this hated. I personally enjoyed it as trashy as it was and found it kinda addicting, and I thought everyone loved Chizuru.

  26. This is what happens when a mangaka somehow manages to piss off even their most dedicated fan base.

  27. Chorizo (like every character in the series) got shafted by the author. It actually had progression but after the last arc the author just decided to regress everyone back to chapter 1 state. It's very disappointing.

  28. chizuru is my second least favourite character after kazuya. kazuya for obvious reasons, chizuru because her entire purpose is to be this perfect person with no visible flaws (that is also an actor to excuse having no personality)

  29. Who even loved Chizuru? She is a whore who dates people for money. And she still takes money from Kazuya even though they are friends now.

  30. I used to like this anime then from manga spoilers I realize what a little bitch this guy is, way more than I thought possible.

  31. While the manga might be off the rails now, I personally believe this season will be great. Season 2 will include some of the best chapters )including my personal favorite) so I ask that you all give it a chance! (And then pray they never adapt the full story)

  32. It is actually incredible how many hate comments there are in this disscusion, really sad because i think it is a great Anime/Manga.

  33. I haven't watched the 1st season and I didn't read the manga. Can someone summarize why people hate this show? Looks pretty decent to me

  34. Please no, I've already drop it twice, I don't think we need another season about a guy insecure about his love life and proceed to drag a beautiful young lady with a bright future into his mess just because their grandmother knows each other

  35. I hate that I like this manga and series, chizuru and Ruka is hot but the story is literally trash lmao. Fuck me for being a chizuru and Ruka simp

  36. I hope Japan keeps supporting Reiji so that the whole manga gets animated. This is honestly the most unique romcom I've ever seen and I will continue to support it till the end.

  37. Well the anime barely scratch the surface of the manga which is at chapter 220+ and it devolved into a burning pile of dog shit with all the progress made just throwing out the window for the sake of milking the reader

  38. this anime makes no sense! prostitution with extra steps (and more money?!) just go pay a girl and have sex instead of paying double for fake smile :/

  39. You gotta remember this was written by a dude who lives in Japan. A place where "girlfriend" for hire services like that actually exist, and aren't just fronts for prostitution.

  40. The shitshow continue. Let's see if this farce has still not come to an end by the time season 268 comes out.

  41. I don't know how they can keep up the facade of this guy being a super insecure incel when he has a harem following him around all the time.

  42. Crap tier slop manga, that goes nowhere and is being milked for cash, rip anyone who thinks its good outside of waifu bait

  43. Nice! Can’t wait for this! I haven’t been keeping up with the manga lately as to be quite honest, the mangaka has been stalling in terms of plot. However, I do believe this season will be [manga spoilers]

  44. I'm sure this show would've been fine if it wasn't for that MC, dude is infuriating, is it on purpose?

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