1. I wonder if Saitama is able to beat non-physical threats to humanity like cancer if he wanted. He's done enough BS that I could see it.

  2. If science could only shrink Saitama down, he could go into her immune system & punch the hell out of those bastard cancer cells. ;_;

  3. Bad idea. Sometimes he can be a dumbass and overdo it. The kid would be in danger of organ failure

  4. The first two coloured panels were drawn by Bapogichi on their now-deleted Tumblr, and the totally unnecessary black and white addition was by someone else whose signature I can't read. Alana Cona? Alena? Alamo?

  5. Watch scissors seven if you want to see the main character dealing with a cancer patient it is such a great episode

  6. I don’t read the manga, was there ever any canon information of if Saitama can contract or die from an illness?

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