Ex-Putin adviser warns UK cities could be hit with nuclear weapons if Britain ‘continues to be aggressor’

  1. And how many times has Kim Jong-un said that the USA will perish in nuclear hellfire or whatever.

  2. Unlike NK, Russia actually has the means to do it though. Several times over. They’re both talking shit but Russia’s threats have a hell of a lot more weight

  3. I wonder about this, and think that Russia's reason for all the threats might be to remind everyone that MAD is still on the table. I hear people talking about engaging Russia with a War directly over the Ukraine stuff, and its like, no that would be dumb, MAD will happen.

  4. i mean lets be real, if russia launched against the UK the US is going to be dumping a thousand nukes all over the soviets, i mean "russians". there are no half-measures in MAD

  5. Like do they not think they will get nuked back? This nuclear talk is all nonsense. I scoff at redditors that talk about nuking China the same way. We glass you back.

  6. It's nonsense, but it's scary nonsense being spread around by the guys at the buttons. One of these days, one of them will be stupid enough to do it.

  7. Well the thing is if they nuked England and completely wiped us off the map, why would anyone send back a nuke? They wouldn't want to drag themselves into a nuclear apocalypse

  8. Glad tho that they could take time between all the nuclear threats towards Britain to cry about how immoral it is that they got no invitation to the Queens Funeral.

  9. Remember, there's never any "We will destroy your cities" or whatever they threaten by itself. It's always, "We will ________ and destroy ourselves absolutely, completely, for all time."

  10. Now wait just a God-damned minute! I thought the US was at fault here, and we were the aggressors??? Now you just up and give that title to the UK? Fuck you. The United States has worked it's ass off to systematically Destroy Russia, and you aren't going to ackowledge all that hard work at all? /s

  11. I’ve honestly wondered if that was Putin’s plan to begin with. Didn’t he recently finish building a “secret” billion dollar fortress with a nuclear bunker as a personal residence or some shit. Then this stuff with Ukraine, then it coming out that he probably has cancer and is dying.

  12. He’d be known as the bringer of the Apocalypse, I mean every story needs that ultimate bad he'd be known by that by the few that remember the before times

  13. This is my concern. He may not care about retaliation. He doesn't care about Russian citizens and it would make him feel powerful.

  14. Oh, cool! We won't have to heat our homes in the winter, because the big dildos will give us enough heat to last the winter!

  15. Anybody else at that point where you're kind of just thinking "lets get it going then cmon, blow this shit up"....I feel like it would be a pretty crazy ride for whatever was left lol

  16. NATO is going to have every anti missile weapon we know of and don't out there ready to go. I'd assume their airspace is full of interceptors. Europe is gonna be, if not already, Iron Domed.

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