Russians try burning down 5 military enlistment offices after announcement of mobilisation

  1. Bruh doesn’t matter what we believe to be true, just watch it and all will revealed by the end. We’re not goldfish, we have longer memories.

  2. Since Ukraine launched its major offensive, it has been observed that the number of online trolls supporting Russia has drastically decreased, along with a general rise in unhappiness within Russia. There aren't many cyberattacks happening either. Even his devoted following has fallen silent, so it certainly appears that the tide has turned against Putin.

  3. there never was a opportunity to begin with, the vast majority support putin, even if they don't like him, they know how important he is for the nation, they'll never get rid of him, only if he dies, he'll be gone. most russians wouldn't support a differant govenment and there is no good alternative government.

  4. Not much people want to die for Putin's mad Ambition . Ukraine have neen careful not to invade any Russian territory to inflame Russian patriotism and Putin's regime criminal behaviour took care of the rest .

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