Epic Launcher won't launch Anno 1800 (fixed)

  1. I did reinstall and ran the C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ANNO1800\Bin\Win64\Anno1800.exe" then i got to ubisoft connect and had to do another install for 33GB download and 64GB install, sounds a bit to much?

  2. I found that once I purchase Anno 1800 at Epic Games Store, I can transfer the game to my Ubisoft account and play in Ubi Connect Player, avoiding any issues of having two platforms communicating with each other.

  3. Bought this game using the "Holiday Sale 2020" coupon and couldn't get this game to launch. I can't believe Epic hasn't fixed this yet. Thank you for the instructions. Anno is launching thanks to you!

  4. I ended up here while looking for a solution for this issue. In my case, if I open it directly from anno1800.exe it just opens Uplay and tries to download and install the game again in a different path.

  5. wtf is the point of telling epic to install on my F:/ if it dosn't give an F and installs shit on the C by default. SOO DUMB! and why does this not launch but other games do. no wander people don't go to epic even with free game handouts!

  6. Man, I still can't get this to work. When I try to run it from the exe file directly it asks for an activation code. I'm assuming that we're not provided with this because Epic links to Uplay. Well...when I first tried to run the game it told me that it linked successfully. However, when I check in my Uplay account it doesn't show that my account is linked.

  7. I found a fix for my situation. It was a regional issue. Both my epic account and uplay (or whatever the hell Ubisoft is calling their launcher these days) are situated with the US. However, I live in Japan now and in order for it to successfully activate your Epic account, Ubisoft account and physical location all have to be the same.

  8. I downloaded the Anno 1800 trial and its a good thing I did the Ubisoft BS is still crap and requires too much bull crap to begin playing a game from them that is bound to be full of bugs anyway. I appreciate them putting their best foot forward with a trial for a game that does not work properly it prevents me from wasting my time, effort, and money.

  9. You sir, have solved this problem for me on the first google search. Thank you for taking the time to leave this here.

  10. Okay, so... I bought the game yesterday, had the same problem, found this. Put a shortcut on my desktop and all. And then I realized that Epic Games put two shortcuts on my desktop. One for the game and the other one installs UPlay or actually Ubisoft Connect and renames itself. And after having installed Ubisoft Connect, I can start Anno via Epic Games Launcher without problems. Which, by the way, downloads an update first. An update, you probably wouldn't get by starting the Anno1800.exe.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Been playing other stuff snd don't plan to play it soon. Hope someone may confirm that the solution is as you say.

  12. I have the exact same issue. I downloaded epic games just so I can get Anno 1800 since it isn't on steam and its really on sale right now.

  13. The issue remains the same. Got the complete edition with a huge sale on Epic, and installed the game only to get the same problem. It still doesn't open in Epic launcher. Tried opening it via Ubisoft connect and it started downloading the game again. Also, trying to launch the game from the folder running the .exe file doesn't help. Hopefully once the download is complete in uplay, it'll launch.

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