It Works hun exploiting the nationwide formula recall and is so thankful God told her to join a pyramid scheme

  1. When there a recall, do you not just take in the recalled product and get refunded immediately? Or get given new product? I'm so confused how she trying to relate this to her MLM.

  2. One time I bought some flour that was being recalled. I got a call saying “hey return this to where you bought it and get the refund.” (Obviously paraphrased) I went to the store’s customer service place, they saw me coming with my flour and immediately handed me my refund in cash and took the flour. It was super easy and quick.

  3. There has been no instruction about getting your money back so far.And not everyone gets their formula from the grocery store. I feel like everyone here is forgetting that. My Similac is from Amazon. So even if they took it back (don’t think they would...) I have to wait for them to process all that to get new formula? My baby needs to eat now. I have the $30 but some folks don’t.

  4. It depends- we’ve had recalled eyedrops and sunscreen where they just said “throw it away” and you’re on your own for a replacement

  5. It depends on what it is and how the manufacturer decides to set it up. Sometimes you can just return for a full refund at place of purchase. Sometimes they will identify specific retailers to do returns to, regardless of where you purchased. Other times, they want proof of purchase from the item itself and they will send you a refund in the mail (after having you either ship it back or destroy it yourself).

  6. I guess god just really had it in for the families that will be affected then. Geez, thanks for confirming what an asshole he is, lady!

  7. It’s all part of the prosperity gospel. If you work hard enough and are good enough, God will bless you. If you don’t succeed, it’s your fault for being too lazy or too evil. Unfortunately that means a lot of religious folks (whether they realize it or not) think that the people who are poor deserve to be poor. As a Christian myself, it’s really discouraging.

  8. She's also thanking god for a perceived "good thing" but doesn't seem to realize that by that logic she should also be blaming him for the "bad things", like the fact that he allowed tainted baby formula to be produced and sold to begin with (which probably sickened or killed other babies if it led to a massive recall). Those other people don't matter, though, just her.

  9. How are the SOs of these people even able to look at them when they post shit like this? Assuming they have social media and aren’t completely terrible people, how do you not tell them that their fake lives are embarrassing and the things they say are gross? It’s bad enough that they’d squander money on this shit but then to go and lie about how awesome it is is something else entirely.

  10. My child’s formula cost me just about $500 when she was on it. I highly doubt someone pushing it works is even able to cover half of that.

  11. This is like the stupidest thing I’ve read in awhile. She’s thanking God she’s in an MLM because she can afford to replace formula that was recalled while waiting for her check from the manufacturer. Uhhh… does she not realize that ANY OTHER JOB would provide her the same ability? And those other jobs would pay soooo much better than her tiny pyramid scheme checks. Hell, a paper route delivering the Sunday paper would require her to work less hours and make more than her boss babe job. Like what the fuck?

  12. What a horrible take on a formula recall. I'm sure it took her entire months salary to pay for that can of formula too. My heart is breaking for all the moms that don't know how they're gonna feed their babies. That must be literally terrifying. As a mom that's one of the worst things I can think of.

  13. Hopefully obtaining a replacement or refund will be pretty easy and not many people will actually be in the position of not being able to feed their baby. And yes formula is expensive, but I can’t imagine bragging about your job making it so you can pay for it. I went through a lot of formula to keep my twins fed, and I never once felt the urge to brag about how I could afford it. Frankly I’m genuinely surprised this post wasn’t about shaming moms for formula feeding instead of breastfeeding.

  14. Huns never let an event go by without tying it to their MLM. If/when Russia invades Ukraine, I"m sure they'll find a way to tie that into promoting their pyramid schemes.

  15. Oh for crying out loud!! You have to join a whole pyramid scheme to afford some extra cans of formula?! That’s the only way to take care of your family? Really?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. The recall isnt about money, its about availability. All of our Alimentum was part of the recall so we started using the ready made kind and only and find it an hour away at 1 target. This is so irritating, Alimentum is a hypoallergenic formula, you cant just buy a different type.

  17. 4th pose triggers me for some reason. It’s like you know the second she makes that pale she’s going to say something ridiculously stupid, ignorant, or racist.

  18. If I took a shot everyone she said the word like, I would have passed out. What the hell is she rambling on about??!!! So your pyramid scheme has temporarily given you back some of the money you’ve paid into it. In the form of a prepaid debit card, no doubt.

  19. Girl that rosacea tells me It(doesn’t)Work. Y’all don’t replace real medicine or doctors for some vitamins, supplements, or friggin patches!

  20. I have rosacea on my nose, and it’s miserable without medicine. I would verbally go off if an ItWorks hun told me to control it with their snake oil.

  21. I can't even with this. It's not only about being able to afford formula because you just return the product and get a refund. I'm more worried about the recall itself being that babies are getting sick from the recalled formula. Or if parents have finally found a formula that works for their babies for whatever reason it may be.

  22. This hun has no idea how a recall even works 😂 You literally get handed the money right there and then and can get a new simular product. Even if the recalled product is opened and almost empty, you'll get fully refunded as long as there is something left in the container.

  23. “Basically” is almost always a word for “this is what I WANT it to be, but I don’t know enough about the subject to make an informed statement.”

  24. If the cost of a box of baby formula would normally be enough to stress you out, you are on the edge of financial ruin, pyramid scheme or no pyramid scheme.

  25. Formula is extremely expensive. If you need the hypoallergenic or amino acid formula (like Alimentum or EleCare) you’re pushing $40 for a small can.

  26. I’m so thankful God knew I shouldn’t even HAVE a baby at this time of formula recall! And like, god also knew it would be hard for me to be alive during the depression so like, I wasn’t born then. And like god knew it would be hard for me to lose a job at Enron so like, I didn’t get a job then. Like.

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