why do not we have freedom?

  1. Protected in the UK by the equality act. But the fuckers still add it into contracts not to talk about pay. Even though they can’t enforce it lots of people still don’t.

  2. California also has similar laws about discouraging unions; yet ever Walmart backroom I've been in has hella anti-union posters and one that I worked at even played videos saying not to unionize as part of the training.

  3. Incredibly dumb of them to post this as a written notice, but at least it’s not in a email connected to management. Management could probably claim they didn’t post it.

  4. I only ever worked one job that this was in the employee handbook of. I made sure to tell every single one of my coworkers (including manager-tiny shop, only 1) that it was illegal. And then we found out the manager was being paid the same as us LOL.

  5. Came here to say this. US employers do not have the legal right to enforce this. This shit is how pay gaps happen.

  6. There was a thread on here a few years ago about a company that had a disgruntled HR rep. She was passed over and replaced because she went on maternity leave. Anyway, she saw that they were going to get rid of her so she sent out a spreadsheet to all of the employees listing how much everyone in the company made, and then quit. It caused such chaos that it ended up shutting the business down.

  7. Yea, one of my bosses in a retail environment tried that shit when I found out my subordinate was making more than me and I was his boss and senior (been there two years longer). He had left his open paystub on my keyboard as he'd been using my desk computer to check his taxes against the digital version. My first thought was someone had opened up my paystub by mistake and left it on my desk, so I read it thinking it to be mine.

  8. Don't make threats, don't give them a chance to find something to fire you over, just report them. They know it is illegal, they're just banking on you not knowing.

  9. Wage discussion between workers is allowed, but apparently showing the pay rate up front on websites like Linkedin is not required.

  10. I didn't see anyone referencing a source so I got curious. This falls under Section 7 of the NLRA even prior to Obama’s 2014 executive order.

  11. I still remember the talk from HR where they said we can't tell you not to. But here are the reasons you shouldn't. (Either you will make yourself or your jelouse)

  12. My fiance had a very stern conversation with the boss at her job about this. They warned a couple of them to stop talking about their wages and she immediately put them in their place

  13. When I worked at a Marriott, I was told I would be written up for discussing my pay with a coworker after a manager eavesdropped on our conversation.

  14. Ayup. That's why smart businesses phrase it as "Prefer you don't." REALLY smart businesses encourage conversation, demonstrates a level of confidence in team and employees.

  15. Yeahp. This is a non post. This workplace needs to be reported ASAP. Highly, highly illegal to tell employees they cannot talk about wage.

  16. It's protected under the National Labor Relations Act, so the correct place to complain is to the National Labor Relations Board, not to a state or federal Dept of Labor.

  17. Don't think its illegal in India. Hell, the companies even ask to see your payslips from last 3 months before hiring you. So they can decide how less they can pay. Its a shitty practice and you can't say no to it.

  18. Freedom to discuss wages should be on one of the many posters required by Federal & State authorities to be prominently displayed in every place of employment.

  19. About 25 years ago I was rudely and unceremoniously fired from a job after one month for casually mentioning my hourly rate during a lunch conversation. The director who contemptuously dismissed me made sure I knew it was "the worst offense you could have done" and that I'd left her with "a real mess to clean up" since several support staff were angry that it was more than their salary. I remember privately thinking that if they'd worked their ass off through years of college with a learning disability then maybe they could also have a higher salary.

  20. How long until employers lobby this to be non discussable. I remember being threatened with this talk and believed it as a naive teen at a grocery store. Being told it was a termination on the spot if found out. If only I’d known then what I know now.

  21. I don’t know about y’all but every employer I’ve ever had except for one has practically had “don’t discuss your pay” as a policy… I live and work in southeast Texas, and at my last job I’m pretty sure it was in several documents, along with the fact that after discussing our pay, there were some of us making over $6/hr more than our coworkers in the same department.

  22. I am a critical care nurse in a very large urban hospital. Last year we got a “market-based” adjustment raise because our hospital grossly underpaid its nurses compared to other local hospital systems. I also work with a lot of technicians, who sadly didn’t get the raise. My manager told me not to talk about it, as to not cause tension between the nurses and techs. I said that is illegal for you to tell me that, and if it causes tension, that’s because they deserve a raise too. She had nothing to say back to me.

  23. This sounds like Johns Hopkins Hospital, which did the same thing for us in MRI but not all the MRI techs got it. They told us not to discuss it in the department since it would create tension and resentment.

  24. When minimum wage went up, the company I worked for at the time told us they were giving everyone a raise for the hard work we were putting in, separately. I told someone that they said that to me and they were like bro, they’re giving all of us that. Minimum wage just went up. I quit shortly after.

  25. The medical technologists (aka medical lab scientists) in hospitals are also very underpaid. I make $36/hr at a large NY hospitals off-site lab. That is a lot for someone in my field, especially one just starting. Most make between $24-$28/hr. We don’t have a union behind us and it absolutely sucks because we process all the samples for the hospital and surround hospitals. We recently got an adjustment of an extra $2.50, so I was making 33/hr before

  26. I'm from Europe. We literally show each other our payslips every month and analyze why there might be a few Euro difference.

  27. Yah in our lunchroom we have a list of every employee with thier date of hire and wage on it . We're unionized tho

  28. Do you have a source for that? I tried googling it for Canada a while back and I couldn't find anything saying it was illegal.

  29. What happens if disallowing discussion of salary is in your contract? Can you send this to a labour board or something.

  30. I'm in Canada and just came back from maternity leave and my boss told me to avoid talking about salary with the new staff because it creates drama

  31. I had a job doing food demos at a grocery store $10 part time. A woman told me she made $16 doing the same job same hours and not to tell anyone else. I quit shortly after telling the other person that worked there how much we were getting shafted.

  32. Same at Chipotle, I made 14.50 per hour and was vocal about what I made because I assumed everyone was paid the same. One guy got scheduled more than everyone else and I thought it was because he knew grill/prep/crew. He finally asked me my salary and found out he was being paid 2 dollars less. The reason why he got more hours was because he learned everything and he saved the company money.

  33. Has anyone else had a bad experience with this? I was hanging outside of work with the guy who was training me at a job and when he found out I made $0.50 more/hr than him ($10.00 vs $10.50...) he got really pissed off. Like, threw a tantrum and punched a wall.

  34. Depending on the state, this could be a big deal. In Oregon, we passed a law called “equal pay for equal work” and you can actually sue for “unpaid wages” calculated at the other persons salary because part of the law tells business owners that they are no allowed to lower pay in order to become compliant with the law. The highest paid employee for that slot is now the minimum wage.

  35. Isn't it funny how business people will do absolutely any shitty thing they can to make more money but they're also the first ones to tell you you are unprofessional or disloyal for trying to get paid more.

  36. When i went from a software engineer 2 to SE3 it came with a 30k raise. My manager (really good guy) told me not to discuss my pay with other, to which I replied to him "hahaha good one" then he told me he was serious, I could get in trouble.

  37. So I worked for a company that changed their new hire pay structure with the group that hired on after me. They were initially hiring people on at $12/hour and bumping you up to $14 after you had been certified. But they were having problems with retention, so they changed it to incremental pay rises over the first six months. Probably not the best way to handle the issue, but that's not the point of the story.

  38. Most likely old school mentality - you don't talk about religion, politics or $/salary in the workplace. (Sex is okay, but only if you're a man)

  39. Yeah that could really go either way. She may really have the lesson of "It's rude to discuss salary" ingrained in her as it's very common to be indirectly taught at most places of work or she might be an intentional part of the problem.

  40. I don't know what country this is from, but in the U.S. it's federal law that you can discuss pay with coworkers. So discuss the fuck out of your pay! It's your right and minimizes information asymmetry.

  41. When I was a teen, I worked at McDonald's as my first job. My manager got fired and got a job managing the Taco Bell down the street. He offered me like $0.25/hr more to work for him, and my cute latina coworker $1.00/hr more.

  42. Yep. They don't want you to compare notes so you can't tell where their bias is. Is usually based on sex, or age. It's ridiculous. I as a manager in a boat mobile store found out after we hired a new cashier that she was making the same hourly rate as me. Fuck to the no.

  43. Man, still remember "interning/being trained" for working in wholesale and the new hires that came in during my second year made like 50% more money.

  44. They also don’t want you to be able to use it as leverage in salary/raise negotiations or as motivation to find a job elsewhere.

  45. A company called SKB Cases I worked for a year back in 2018. Boy oh boy. The shitty supervisor always told us during meetings, “don’t discuss your pay rate.”

  46. In the USA, you can report them to the NLRB, National Labor Rights Board. They have to notify everyone that they cannot do this. It may take the form of a tiny, small-print notice hidden on the wall, however.

  47. Here I was thinking that was normal because they say that everywhere, I always thought it was just so management could avoid the why does whoever make more than me talk.

  48. Tell them it’s illegal to tell you that and to get fucked. A quick note to the NLRB will clear the legality thing right up for them

  49. This was every supermarket I worked at from 2001-2013. Had I known this was illegal, I would have ratted all of them out. I probably should befriend cashiers and spread the word

  50. You see this, add to the bottom of it the how illegal this is with the proper references. And leave it up for management to see. If they take it down, repost it. Again and again.

  51. I'm dealing with BS over this right now. I brought up to my manager how I'm paid less than other team members who have lower job titles/responsibilities, less experience etc and then she called a team meeting and lectured us about how we can't talk about our contracts, pay etc. After that she gave me a horrible performance review stating she doesn't need me on the team because I work at a lower level than others and that she will be taking away some of my job responsibilities and I don't deserve a raise. I have a paper trail of her saying the exact opposite of these things to me a month ago before I brought up that I'm not being paid fairly.

  52. This happened where I work. Someone talked about their pay and upset some supervisors. (I mean they were straight-up pissed) We were lectured about how we don’t talk about rate of pay because it’s “taboo.” Year later we have some higher up management come in and uncovered a lot of shit. Found out the people who have been working there for over 10+ years were getting paid 2x less than the new hires. I’m glad it’s fixed now but—damn.

  53. Of course, in American work culture, you can be fired for pretty much any reason, so even discussing your own salary could be a trigger for firing.

  54. Just chiming in here to say if you are from an EU country and see this kind of bs, sue immediatly, its highly illegal.

  55. Or you’re getting more than a coworker, and to even it out you get less. Keep that in mind y’all could go to other way

  56. In Victorian Britain people weren't allowed to talk on their break so they didn't talk about their terrible conditions and pay. Hmmmmmmmm.....

  57. I got talked to when I mentioned my pay, the manager told me she was verbally attacked on her off day because I got a promotion and someone asked me how much I make now and it got out. 😬

  58. I work at a local community college. My co workers are kind and there is no drama. (Admin, not a teacher) have a 4 day work week and my boss is a rather nice fellow. I am very lucky. These posts help me appreciate my job.

  59. I’ve tried to tell this to people all of the time, but the ones who think they’re paid highly wont say anything because they fear a pay reduction or being ousted to “level the wage paying field.”

  60. We had an older "higher up" guy answering questions at a benefits Q&A at my work and he said something along the lines of us not being allowed to talk about pay. The rest of the leadership team scrambled to correct him, it was pretty funny

  61. Funny enough, I started a new job today (in UK). As a general, discussion of pay tends to be a lot more open. We had an introductory session from a US-based colleague, and she showed us a system which gives us our company profiles as well as payment & salary info, and followed it up with "but don't worry, all your sensitive information isn't public, such as your contact number and your salary". This was quite funny to me as it immediately made me realise the difference in work cultures between US & UK. Or was that just me overthinking?

  62. Talking about your wages in the workplace should be encouraged. Not to brag but for the kind of transparency this spitball of a boss is trying to suppress.

  63. I used to work HR and this is highly illegal. You are federally protected to discuss anything pertaining to your place of work with your co-workers and that includes rate of pay.

  64. Imagine being a peon for the elites like you. Literally everyone here wants to work. We want to work for ourselves instead of for billionaire oligarchs.

  65. This thread doesn't even talk about not working, you just see a workplace issue and are unable to criticize an employer.

  66. Not really though. I'm mostly here to discuss the bullshit that companies try to pull on their employees, andthis sub provides quite a lot of that. I also subscribe to

  67. It's more like new highers usually end up making more because your wages didn't keep up with inflation but the company has to compensate for it with the new people.

  68. If they refer to you as a "crew", you aren't making enough to give a shit about the consequences of talking about it, and your place is so understaffed that they aren't going to do much anyway.

  69. They can only control you like that while on the clock. Outside of work you can discuss whatever you like privately. Keep it off social media

  70. This is some “don’t get too close to Old Man Withers, especially his face or you’ll be fired from the haunted rollercoaster” shit right here.

  71. Illegality aside, there is no reason to have this rule unless there’s something shady you don’t want employees to know about. NONE.

  72. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss my pay with my boss after bringing the issue up with him twice. But anxious but we'll see how it goes

  73. HEY EVERYONE- if the job you are at actively discourages against discussing wages, get some form of documentation of them doing this. if they are unwilling to change after informing them about National Labor Relations Act (which has been around since 1935!) report the company to the state and federal labor boards. They have a bounty system in place. The executives will be arrested and you can make a pretty penny.

  74. Talking about wages is a federally protected act and businesses can't even vaguely threaten you with ANYTHING or fines and lawsuits can occur.

  75. You have the freedom to report Thier ass to the authorities for attempting to suppress federally protected speech if this is in the US.

  76. I will never understand for the life of my why talking about what you make is seen as personal or taboo. I've never had an issue talking about any money I've ever had.

  77. When I worked at AT&T they had this same rule. One night I was talking with a co-worker about how much I was being paid while two other co-workers we're screaming at me because they were convinced they were gonna get fired. They found out I was making two dollars more than them an hour despite all of them being there for years and me being new. Edit: typo

  78. A previous employer made me sign an NDA in order to receive my "promotion" which included a measly raise. I quit within the next couple months and started the same position at a nearby company for 30% higher than what he was paying me lol.

  79. Just so you're aware: They can't stop you from discussing your pay. They can put it in any bolded font they like, but it's not something they can mandate.

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