Guys, stop attacking the trust fund babies

  1. But we've gotta be clear in what we mean by 'anti-pimp', because a lot of anti-pimp laws are used to criminalize associating with sex-workers, even when the sex work itself is legal. So sex-workers could get evicted, because their landlord is afraid of being prosecuted as a pimp, and sex-workers can't have security, for the same reasons. And websites that allow sex workers to meet and schedule jobs...

  2. Mostly the "conservatives" shaming them. Often they think sex workers will steal someone's partner, but in reality, it's a business transaction. A sex worker agrees to a fee to do an agreed act, they perform said act, both go their separate ways. Idiots are confusing them with mistresses, the ones that might actually steal someone's partner

  3. I feel called out. I hate working & have often thought about becoming a stripper, like to the point where I used to daydream about owning a sex club just so I could play a demon dominatrix with angel dancers as my subs.

  4. People seem to just look at the sub name and asssume that's all there is to it. There can't be that many people that are so new to reddit they don't understand that you can go to the sub and check it out first.. This is just ridiculous, if I had a dollar for every time I saw someone misunderstand what this sub is about, I wouldn't have to worry about saving for my future.

  5. A bunch of people who know little to nothing about sex work, talking about sex work.... Got to love reddit 😂

  6. Childishly romanticized depiction of a sex worker. Next time post a crack addict living out of a shit hole motel offering $10 blow jobs to be more accurate.

  7. I think a lot of people in the comments are ignoring how much closer a sexual act is to a potentially vulnerable situation, and how much more closely it is linked to one's emotional state that a typical 9-5 job would ever be.

  8. I know loads of sex workers who are fine and would rather do sex work than literally any other job because they like sex and freedom and decent pay.

  9. Having any job involves using your body. The specifics vary, obviously, but the point is you are being paid in large part for the things you do with your body. Typing, driving, packing, hauling, stacking, sweeping, cooking, talking or fucking, these are all physical activities you could get paid for.

  10. I couldn't give less of a fuck what ya do. But don't give a fuck when I don't associate with ya. We're 100% aloud to decide the type of people we want in our company. No need to slutshame anyone for any work they do that doesn't involve hurting someone else.

  11. The post is a screencap of someone responding to the image, implying that anti-work is hypocritical for being anti-work, but not anti-sex-work.

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