BREAKING: @JackBox workers in Sacramento have walked off the job on strike After a pregnant co-worker was threatened at gunpoint, she was told to finish her shift & her hours were cut when she refused. This is obscene. We've filed a complaint with CalOSHA. #UnionsForAll

  1. Okay so this comment previously said that this was old footage and linked an article that was from a year ago. Looks like that was getting things mixed up and this is maybe recent? I'm no longer sure which way but it is leaning towards true. I have to go to bed so make sure to verify yourself.

  2. I read it as someone robbed the store at gunpoint. The manager told the pregnant worker to finish her shift instead of having compassion like a human being. And then retaliated when she left the shift by cutting her hours… not that the manager had the gun

  3. The manager costs her company millions in negative PR by not exercising an ounce of good judgment and probably less than 50$ in wages if she had just let this poor girl go home. That’s why these places need to be unionized.

  4. Stay strong brothers and sisters. Millions of Americans see this and smile. You have the support of the majority of Americans despite what the media spouts.

  5. And even from Europe, keep fighting strong for your rights fellow Americans ! You deserve it and nobody should be ever treated like that.

  6. Please support them. Join their protest. Write to that business headquarters to let them know that you will not buy again from them. Move!

  7. I get the sentiment. But we shoulda not be smiling at this we should be crossing our arms and shaking our heads. It is infuriating that people even have to walk out.

  8. True. And Europe supports you too. It's a shame people have to fight for such benefits. But you sure need to keep fighting

  9. I thought the CEO of the Jackbox video games was point guns at pregnant women. I was so confused but not surprised? Those games are kinda dark.

  10. I unsubbed from this community after that shitshow of a fox interview. For some reason these posts still litter my feed. Every last one of these posts with tens of thousands of upvotes are absolutely just shills scamming you for internet points.

  11. I can't find anything about this on my end. Only a video from 9 months ago when they were striking for owed pay where they are weirdly holding the same sign

  12. A sign reads "pass AB 257" which was passed in January. So yeah, this post is just karma farming with a click bait headline.

  13. OH FUCK NO! I was robbed at gunpoint at Krispy Kreme when I was 19. I left after I gave my statement to the police and I never went back.

  14. I was thinking this was Jackbox Games. Why not have company name in the post instead of their twitter handle?

  15. When I hear stuff like this I don't think you should have to mention that they were pregnant. Even if a non pregnant person had this happen to them they shouldn't be expected to finish up their shift

  16. This sub falls for the weakest stories. At this point all top posts seem like fan fiction for circle jerking. It's sad, this sub could be much more.

  17. Sounds about right, she was probably written up too for causing the person to point a gun at her, always the employees fault

  18. Companies are making more profit than at any point in history and yet they behave like they can’t spare a dime. Fucking greedy bastards.

  19. Of all the states to do this in, California was the wrong choice. Jack in the Box needs to do some hardcore damage control quick.

  20. Yeah there is news about protesting due to lack of air conditioning but nothing about a pregnant woman being held at gunpoint. There are enough problems with working conditions that deserve protests. When you just flat out lie about things like this it makes the whole movement look bad.

  21. Is there an organization that you can donate to that offers assistance for workers that are striking to make sure they don’t go hungry or help with bills? I can’t imagine this is easy for a group of fast food employees to do.

  22. Curious to see how Jack In The Box responds to this. I can't imagine they would back the dumbass manager.

  23. Years ago there was an active shooting going on across the mall from the restaurant I was working at. There were police everywhere and they came in and searched our bathrooms and stuff. The demeanor of the officer and his request to search our building while holding his gun is what made me stop focusing on work.

  24. This generation doesn't want to work at gun point woth reduced benefits, lower pay, and longer hours. They are so entitled and lazy it's unbelievable. /s

  25. Honestly dude fuck Jack in the Box as a company, and fuck 90 percent of it's franchise owners. I worked there as a first job mid-covid and it sucked.

  26. For Sac locals: this is the Jack In The Box off College Oak and Madison near 80, across from the Target. Not to be confused with the Jack in the Box on the other side of 80 off Madison and Hillsdale next to the Scandia.

  27. Thank you, my son worked at a T-mobile over there, not the best of neighborhoods, his store was robbed a few times. The one over off hillsdale is even worse, that area is dangerous.

  28. If someone is working at your company and they get threatened at gunpoint, you give them whatever they want. If they want to go home, you don't say "no finish your shift" you let them go home. You take them home and ask if there is anything else you can do at the moment. You BE THERE for your employee.

  29. Yeah... I cant find anything about it I even tried using obvious keywords that would be found like 'pregnant'.. Zero lol

  30. Who's the heartless motherfucker.Really what the hell happened to that person to turn out to be such a shitty human.

  31. It would be awesome if all of you minimum wage workers called a general strike. The country would grind to a halt. Nobody to clean the offices... nobody to take the rubbish away... nobody to cook the food or brew the coffee. Nobody to mind the children... nobody to teach the children. Nobody to man the phones for the rip off insurance companies... you get the picture. Together you hold all the real power, divided, you'll never get a decent wage or decent workers rights

  32. What fucking asshat of a manager made her do that? It's one thing if "big corporate" demanded it, it's another to be the front line manager who carries it out and does this. I get it, different people different circumstances. But, I could never, ever, compromise my own sense of humanity and values for a job.

  33. What a world we live in when greed is far more important then people. But it’s only going to get worse because this is how the USA SCOTUS thinks

  34. Fuck jack in the box. I worked for this shithole for 3 years and only made a dollar over minimum wage as a “shift manager”

  35. I had an acquaintance who worked at one of the old $0.99 Clearance Centers and he was robbed at gunpoint (pointed right up against the side of his head). He as given adequate off and upon seeing a psychologist was on disability for another year+ until he moved.

  36. Do you think you can make a post about this strike? You seem to know something here and considering this is the only post I've seen about this strike I'm hesitant to take it down as awareness is good. I can leave a top comment denying the title if you can give me something that says otherwise?

  37. Jack n the box workers, unionize by demanding a small pay increase (of you are going to start a union, you will need some good lawyers and union dues to pay for it), but let the focus of the strike be better working conditions. I suggest setting up an email account, use pastebin and Discord to discuss what better working conditions are needed. Links to the emails, discord and pastebin or Google documents should be in all aforementioned locations. Good luck and stay organized. Leadership structures are good too, but structure doesn't happen by itself. Select a speaker.

  38. Fyi, this location has been treating workers like shit for years. This isn't this specific store's first strike.

  39. Please tell me that there was a robbery and an insensitive manager was a shitty boss who wouldn't let her go home. (The kind of shitty boss who threatens you when you call in sick, and now there's a sick person making the burgers.)

  40. How much of a bootlicking piece of shit do you have to be to tell your employee they can’t go home after having a gun raised against them over shitty tacos? Jesus Christ. That manager can shove their 40k/year salary up their own ass.

  41. Having a child while being employed at a fast food restaurant? You’re going to have a bad time. Why do people insist on bringing children into poverty?

  42. This has nothing to do with unions or workers rights: as I’m sure many have already pointed out. Holding someone at gunpoint to work is already illegal no matter where you go.

  43. This looks like the Jack over on Blue Ravine in Folsom. I am not finding anything that indicates a strike now?

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