Is that so much to ask for? ☹️

  1. A change in utilities would help you guys also a lot. I just watched the newest last week tonight and was shocked that most Americans won't have a choice in their Energy Suppliers

  2. Currently sitting here with 1.4k+ in medical bills because my dislocated my knee. I know this because I was able to stretch my leg out and hear a sickly POP back into place after I got home. When I couldn't move it I went to the ER as the EMT's said there was fluid in my knee as well. I get there, wait in the lobby for an hour, go into a room, cry and bite my tongue for Xrays, do it again as I have to change into a hospital gown with my boyfriends help. I couldn't move it without bolts of pain firing all over. It was horrible.

  3. Hi, NHS might be slow, but it's pretty great. Picked up after a motorbike accident, checked over, dropped off, ct scans and x rays. No cost. Plastered up, sling given. No cost.

  4. don’t forget to make those work weeks 32 hrs! i work 40 hour weeks for 4 days and it’s fucking exhausting + never have time to do anything during the week

  5. Nah. It's too little. I want the wage slave system eliminated so I don't have to worry about this kind of shit.

  6. You have to destroy capitalism first. The only way that’s possible. The whole problem starts there. People have to be more valuable than money. Under capitalism they’re not. Has to be destroyed.

  7. Based as fuck. Nobody should have to sell themselves for so much of each week that their time off is spent entirely on recuperating to not be dead when they have to go back to the wage slavery.

  8. Yup. Heard that. Anywhere my income would fetch my family a lifestyle fit for the royals, but here we are pinching pennies and wondering which meals to skip to pay the rent.

  9. I lived in Europe for a bit. It's incredible how empowering and relaxing it was to be able to walk to Aldi after work for groceries. No battling through traffic, no driving 15 minutes one way, just walk a few blocks (getting some steps in) and grab some food for a few days. I'm not a family man yet but it honestly makes me want to move back to a city or town in Europe... I'd be willing to take an effective pay cut to not have to worry about a car, or health insurance, etc.

  10. Self driving cars will displace the work force. Truckers. There just won’t be more jobs waiting on the other side. That’s why we need a UBI. The ultimate anti-work.

  11. Beef jerky is wildly expensive to buy. Still pricey to make yourself, but more cost effective. When top round/London broil is on sale, ask your local butcher for a whole one, sliced for making beef jerky. If they're anything like me, they'll know what you want. If they won't slice it for you, then ask for a 'watermelon' cut roast, and then slice it yourself. Breaking down a whole top round from the cryovac bag isn't hard to do yourself, but if you haven't seen it done, or have a YouTube video on hand, it can be.

  12. I would probably mostly be considered a right leaning person, but we agree on all of that. The only difference would be the methods for achieving it.

  13. Why spend money on comprehensive public transit and walk-able cities when you could spend 1000x as much on self driving cars that do everything that public transit does, but worse?

  14. Tbh I've seen an 8k OLED in person, best of the best of the best, and they have a 4k OLED for comparison next to it. You CANNOT tell a difference unless you sit 3 feet/1 meter from your TV. I mean it looks so detailed when you're like hovering off of the panel but who the heck needs that kind of fidelity except marketers who are going to use 8k window advertisements?

  15. I would honestly enjoy either 4k or 8k oleds, but my current home has crappy sound insulation. Currently using a QHD monitor from a clearance sale as a personal room theater... Smh.

  16. My biggest pet peeve with lefties is that they get so married to the mechanisms of change and not what they want changed.

  17. I almost didn’t comment on this post cause I figured I would get banned… awesome to see this take so close to the top. Supply and demand is still a thing when it’s housing and rent control is shown to fuck over poor people long term while being a hand out to only whoever happens to live in a city when it is implemented.

  18. Will add I think, in USA, foreign and corporate residentially zoned purchases need to be further regulated/limited. Locally, it appears to me, LLCs continue to buy tracks of land and existing homes in an effort to keep prices high and rising. Market seems rigged against buyers imo.

  19. Exactly right. Trying to address the housing shortage by putting rent control in place without adding significantly more housing to ease demand is like somehow expecting to treat a flu by making it illegal to have a fever.

  20. Yeah, so I always figured from the stuff I read in history classes that rent control creates slums; I’m open to hearing arguments though? This isn’t my area of expertise.

  21. This whole comment chain is a breath of fresh air. I got into an argument yesterday with two other people in a different left leaning sub about this exact thing. I'm always glad to see people with me on the left that also don't like rent control.

  22. I would settle for blackrock to quit driving up housing prices so people could just buy a freaking home! Even if it just opens up real estate investment options for individuals. Who would you rather have as a landlord: Jerry down the street that your mom went to high school with or some nameless, faceless corporation that wants a $3000 deposit and won't come fix your running toilet?

  23. 4 day work week sounds great. Rent control is just bad. There needs to be more housing, not artificial constraints on housing prices. Rent control only removes the incentive for landlords to maintain their property and build new homes, thus screwing over renters harder in the long term.

  24. I remember BEING the fucking remote to change the TV channel on the rotary dial Zenith 19" TV to one of the 5 channels that we could receive.

  25. I have a very flexible schedule and a mortgage I can afford, and as nice as an 8k TV sounds I’d much rather everyone else also have access to reasonable with with a living wage, affordable housing (Health care, etc.) Than me getting cool new toys.

  26. Suggested to someone that it’d be great to have a 4 day work week. They said we had better be okay working 10 hour days. I reminded them that we currently work 10-12 hour days.

  27. Rent control will not solve the problem. Landlords are simply going to nickel and dime everyone on every other expense for the apartment (e.g. up charging hella for furnishing). The solution is to build more housing. Public, private, luxury, affordable—it doesn’t matter. We need to increase supply to drop these prices.

  28. prepare to be half disappointed. the rent control that does currently exist in some localities is going to be made illegal by this current supreme court

  29. Rent control just means housing shortages, and living in desirable places will simply become a matter of luck (or more likely, connections and corruption). Can’t fuck with supply and demand.

  30. Yes to the 4-day workweek but no on the rent control. It doesn't work and it's bad policy according to most economists. Instead, increase the minimum wage at least to cover inflation and some.

  31. I still don’t understand why people want rent control. So you want huge waitlists for poorly maintained apartments? Landlords that skimp on capital improvements to increase cash flow?

  32. I’m gonna be honest, the main benifit of rent control IMO is when Seattle or remote work happens. When there’s a sudden influx of high paid workers, the avg wage skyrockets and rent comes with it. Driving out all the natives in the area or people who aren’t software devs. Rent control doesn’t STOP rent from increasing, but it helps minimize the short term damages of the software engineer migration season. Locking rent at inflation (or a bit above) also means that the investor isn’t loosing any money by keeping their tenant and should already have maintenance calculated into the cost of rent.

  33. Do we not have poorly maintained apartments with landlords that skimp on everything already? Why not have cheaper rent if it'll be the same?

  34. In Sweden, rent control works in a way so that if you increase the value of the property through repairs, you get to raise rents to the new standards. It keeps rentals affordable and well upkept

  35. If rent control is incompatible with capitalism, that's an argument for nationalization, not against rent control.

  36. Because there should be some protection against wild fluctuations in the price of shelter. What I don't get is this crazy anti-rent control astro turf going on.

  37. We want a place to live that we can afford and that is reasonably close to work and community resources. Also, not all rent-controlled apartments are dumps.

  38. Rent control has always failed and will always fail. What you want is an end to single family zoning and limits on taxes/fees/delays for new construction and no parking requirements.

  39. I saw someone do some math on how the country would be going if everyone was paid fairly. It ended up making capitalists make more money. They just hate us being happy I guess.

  40. Tbh I want every human being to have a decent chance at both, but I know that's absolute la-la land at this point. Especially as a disabled person I've been told I don't deserve anything more than far less than the minimum enough times that when I hear it now I'm like "actually everyone should be able to have a diamond-encrusted diamond" (lab created in labs run on green energy ofc, even in my hyperbole-to-make-a-point).

  41. I do want self driving cars though, cuz they won’t run me over after not bothering to glance in my direction. I don’t want to gamble that my sixth time getting hit by a car will be as minor as the prior five times.

  42. And I want universal healthcare NOT tied to my disability status, and decent public transit so that despite being unable to drive due to my disabilities, I could still have some semblance of a life!!

  43. Comparisons like this always irk me. Why sacrifice to get other stuff? There’s no reason to scrap 8k TVs or self driving cars to get better working conditions.

  44. That's the real irony of the Star Trek universe: Free market Capitalism couldn't exist in a society that is fully automated with a reasonable standard of living for everyone. There would have to be some guaranteed standard of living, otherwise it's high tech Surfdoms.

  45. If you look at the original series and maybe a few series after that, up to Voyager and Enterprise perhaps; you'll find there's no worry about payments or currency or rent outside of dealing with non-Federation groups.

  46. People need to work, very stressful, long hours, in order to build the “8k TV” technology that might one day replace the lazy/uninspired, and MAYBE help build this dream utopia of yours. Emphasis on “dream”, unless more people bust their butts in leu of slacking off 🙄 Get off the screen unless you’ve done something productive, or go “play outside”. Even the children in my family understand that much.

  47. Yeah it is too much to ask for. Rent control is a horrible policy and has never worked anywhere it has ever been implemented. Ask for things that have a chance in hell of actually helping

  48. These are...two sets of different things? Like the first two are products a company produces which is completely different to the other two which are policies? I don't see the correlation here unless you're getting pissed at a specific company, even then wtf does that have to do with rent control?

  49. We know what socialists want. We also knows how much inflation it'll take to give them what they want. Not worth.

  50. Some countries in Europe tested it. Employees got equal or more done in a 32 hour 4-day week than in a 40 hour 5-day week. I assume due to things like less stress, less depression, etc, etc (idk just pulling ideas out of my ass). In the Netherlands they just increased pay so that you get the same wage you got at 40 hours, but you make that much in 32 hours & get equal if not more done.

  51. My family has lived at an apartment in a not so good area for ten years (literally last month I witnessed a shooting under my bedroom window) Our rent when we first rented was $625 and through extreme resistance and complaint we only have had it raise to $725. Our neighbors just moved in to the next door apartment and we asked what they are paying, they are renting for $1200. Thats insane. This is a dying small city, that’s an insane amount to pay to live in a dangerous area wtf

  52. Rent control is how you get California rent prices. A land lord won’t risk buying a property if the state controls the price. Then the old places are grandfathered in.

  53. My boss implemented 4 day alternating work weeks. We did 3 mil last year. This quarter we’ve already done 5 mil.

  54. And 2 weeks paid vacation at a bare minimum after 90 days employment. Fucking worked my ass off for a YEAR and all I get are 40 fucking hours..... SCUMBAG ASS BULLSHIT

  55. The best rent control is to buy a house. But good luck with that right now since the rental companies are buying them all up.

  56. yes, rent controls are to much to ask for, someone/company owns that property and has expenses that are increasing and profits to be made, they didn't buy it to lose money they bought it as an investment to make them money and the market says they can charge more money or they wouldn't have any tenants. ( i know that not what you wanted to hear, but tit the truth)

  57. I've dealt with this for so long in retail, the high paying jobs are tough to get, even if you are qualified and the job goes to someone within the company. If I could get just an affordable one bedroom, one bath without having to pay half of my monthly wage without having to work two full time jobs that would be great. (Its just me one single person) just being able to work one full time job, have enough money to afford groceries for at least two meals a day. (No longer in retail)

  58. Yes. It's too much to ask for unless you willing to take a 20% lesser wage for your 32-hour job than your 40-hour counterparts. I work a 4-day week, but it's 10 hours per day. Rent control is providing your missing 8 hours of pay to be made up (by force) by someone who probably works 60 hours a week. Why do you think other people should be forced to work harder and more hours so that you don't have to?

  59. I do too. Even just some autonomous driving functions in a vehicle make driving so much more enjoyable that having a vehicle that does it all legally would make car time so much better.

  60. They are complaining about working 5 days a week. Almost everybody (that works fulltime) works 5 days a week. If you don't like that go work part time. But they will prob complain about getting paid less.

  61. you're essentially talking to bots or humans that act like bots, you can't reason with this subreddit it's hopeless

  62. Probably because you were working 4 10's. 4 10's or 5 8's it doesn't matter they both suck just in different ways. I agree even 4 days is too much. I'm watching my life pass me by spending everyday making some born-rich dickhead richer and it's depressing as can be

  63. Ugh, I feel like this meme is cringey. I DO want self driving cars. Hell yeah. Wanna know why? Because that's one less thing we humans need to do. Meaning it's another step toward a world where anti work CAN be a reality. Dont #### on technological progress. #### on backwards institutions not updated to the modern age. It's that progress that makes your 4 day work week possible.

  64. Cue the capitalist boomers yelling ‘But if you get a 4 day week and rent control, I make less money from being your manager and/or your landlord! Why do you want to work less anyway? Where’s the money going to come from? You’re so entitled and lazy!’

  65. You sound fairly sensible and I get what you're saying to some extent, but take a flip in direction of perspective. Take away the prejudice of the existing arrangement.

  66. Land lords are the bad guys, if they weren’t buying homes to make a profit the prices wouldn’t inflate as much. Land lords provide no benefit to society and are piece of shit leeches full stop.

  67. a four day work week is entirely up to you. You choose to choose a job that requires 5 days. Instead, choose a part time job that requires 4.

  68. Umm. Was it a choice for the workers who used to work 7 day work weeks before labor reforms? 5 days is also balls. In the USA you need to be full-time to be able to go to the fucking doctor lol. Reducing it down like it's a simple choice is ludicrous.

  69. Great in theory, but the fact that rent control is a net negative for renters is basically the ONE thing economists agree in.

  70. I’m all for better working conditions/pay, but you people sound worthless lol. I work an unimaginable 5 day work week and I own a house. You people act like trades are beneath you, and honestly I’m glad.

  71. So well put! I’d like to add: health care and a guaranteed retirement that doesn’t depend on how well I play the stock market.

  72. The thing is rent control and would just make land Lords increase prices in other ways what we really need is more housing

  73. Yea, rent control will almost immediately give most people a much worse quality of life, but hey, as long as we're all equal. Fuck you.

  74. I work a 4 day wk, but it's 12hr shifts. The extra day is kind of nice, but I spend it sleeping/recovering bc my commute + work leaves me time at home to basically just brush, shower, and maybe eat something from the fridge that I can heat quick in the microwave. But I agree with the sentiment, please I just wanna be able to afford to keep my car running and pay for gas so that I can still go to work 😭

  75. I work a 4 day week and make enough to pay bills and rent and still put some aside. It's all about how you discipline yourself and your needs and wants. I get paid bi-weekly btw.

  76. Germany has a 36 to 38 hour work week. Most tack on 1 to 1 1/2 hrs for for days, and don't work Saturdays. As a schocker to workers / employees in the US, everyone is under the National Health Plan (oldest since 1884, includes dental, vision, hearing), add 24 annual paid vacation days, plus a few paid holidays. Did I mention damn good beer?

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