War veteran Michael Prysner exposing the U.S. government in a powerful speech. He along with 130 other veterans got arrested after.

  1. "The ruling class, the billionaires who profit from human suffering care only about expanding their wealth, controlling the world economy. Understand that their power lies only in their ability to convince us that war, oppression and exploitation is in our interest. They understand that their wealth is dependent on their ability to convince the working class to die to control the market of another country. And convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability to make us think that we are somehow superior.“ — Michael Prysner

  2. Such wars create international immigration crisis which in the end affect us who ran from our countries because of our sex orientation and rotten in camps😭😭 for example its one of the reasons why lgbti asylum seekers in kakuma are not worked on, they always tell us there is an international immigration crisis but in reality those controlling the economy of the world are the one who caused and worse of it all we end up as victims of starvation, poor medical care, transphobia, homophobia and biphobia. It's always the strong and united voices that change things, comrade your lucky that your followers still have the spirit of unity. Here in kakuma we are always silenced by arrests and torture, am sure thats what they are also doing to you but please stay strong and don't leave the front line, together we can stop oppression ✊✊🌈

  3. Sorry in advance to the brown person that will pay the price to distract us from this and get this post off the front page.

  4. Yes he is. The military sounds like a great idea but if we had universal healthcare, free higher education then they couldn’t force 18 year olds to sign away their self esteem;

  5. My brother has a little business that he dabbles in stickers, t-shirts etc. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago that says “We’ve always been at war with Atropia”. As a veteran of both the Army and the wars with Atropia, I had to get one.

  6. "We always hated Russia. We have always supported Russia" That's Republicans now, it's really disturbing how they were brainwashed.

  7. That’s the thing. I respect this guy’s bravery now that he’s noticed he was just a pawn in the game, but who hasn’t noticed American wars are almost always fought for corporate profits over any kind of human rights? The Revolution was all about tax avoidance and it’s been the same theme ever since.

  8. Almost a year ago I quit a good job and took a lower paying one in healthcare. Old job was servicing factory equipment. Every year more and more of my customers were making munitions of some kind or another. I was literally greasing the wheels of the war machine. Thought about that all the time. While me leaving didn't affect a damn thing for them, I sure sleep better at night.

  9. I was trained in intelligence gathering in the military and decided to leave after 4 years. Unfortunately, the old GI bill didn't pay enough for college so I just went, got my paper in the same thing because it was fastest. (Graduated thousands in debt even though I was working and had the GI Bill wtf.)

  10. My son is dead at 31 because he could not live with what he saw and did in Afghanistan, I really cant figure out what was achieved from his sacrifice.

  11. I lost three of my best friends in Afghanistan and one more to suicide two years ago. While we were there we (our unit) killed hundreds of people who had no idea why we were on their land.

  12. When my brother joined the marines (for college education ofc) he signed up for infantry. My mom spend days in a deep depression, eventually telling him "they're going to send you back to me in a fucking box". No mother should have to feel that fear and no parent should have to bury their child. I'm so sorry for your loss

  13. Americans would ironically be better off if they loved their country less. That "love" or the propaganda of it takes advantage of many innocent people. It's the unfortunate mirage of American exceptionalism when the reality is the average American has far more in common with other poor people throughout the world than they do with the most powerful people in their own country.

  14. Yeah fighting for your country’s working class and the actual common good of humanity is not what our military is sent out to do. It’s sent to defend profits and corporate interests and it fills its ranks through a back door poverty draft on the American poor to coerce them to go fight and kill the poor exploited masses of other countries, all in the interests of the American corporate oligarchy

  15. I'm a USMC vet that has worked in county and state government positions. There is no hope for humanity. Somebody's always pulling one over for themselves or their buddies.

  16. I would argue having countries is part of the problem. We make arbitrary lines in the sand to separate "us" from "them" when we're all just humans. Then we use our supposed differences to justify atrocities.

  17. I came home after years stationed overseas to a country I barely recognize and now I’d leave if I could.

  18. This man is fucking electric, I’m ready to rise up after watching this man so succinctly point out how immoral and deadly to humanity our current government and economic system are

  19. Ok, I'm just going to leave this one here, Joe Biden got crucified by the general public for ending the war in Afghanistan. That happened mainly because the rich elite run media wanted it that way. So, until the general populous understands that their sentiment is completely controlled on a daily basis by the rich elite media, nothing is going to change.

  20. Sign me up. I'm itching for a reason to strike. I've been on a picket line 4 times in my 31 years on this planet. Twice as a kid for my dad. Twice as an adult. I am fucking hear for it.

  21. Protestors can be arrested if they are trespassing on private property or causing a disruption that interferes with business. It was likely something like that which was used as the grounds for arrest.

  22. "War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

  23. The fact that war is a racket isn't required reading in school and smedley Butler doesn't get a biopic remade every 20 years is a crime.

  24. This video is really inspiring, and makes me realize how each one of us needs to denounce the clown bourgeois government, and how we need to take the streets, and advocate for the refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the tyrannical government in Washington. It is time for the people to be bold and reestablish the government of the people for the people that the founding father's fought so hard for.

  25. Is this the same man who went into that speech and yelled at Bush about how he lied? He sounds so similar.

  26. That's why on Reddit, everytime an ad pops up for the Army, the Marines, the National Guard, etc... I flag it as SPAM for having misleading information.

  27. That's what a real man looks like. Imagine if someone like that ever got near to power in America. He'd get a fucken bullet in the head lickity split

  28. The fact they have trillions to make war is the exact reason we will never get out from under these warmonger basterds. They will never let us, and have the means to back that up. Fucking sad

  29. Snowden and Assange dennounced this corrupted system and they are pursued till today. Both dems and reps see Snowden and Assange as criminals. Guess why?

  30. Just going to leave this comment here for future generations, don't fight rich men's wars. Fight for you're freedom. Fight for something that makes a difference!

  31. I'm one of the fortunate few who volunteered and never got deployed...I am very grateful for that because I'd feel like this guy does if I had to kill some kid that got rused into running up on my platoon with a rifle.

  32. The fight against terrorists is the easiest one to win. People join those out of desperation, to save their land, their familiies, their way of life. Imagine if we spent just half of the money we spend on war, on building up these places. Its really hard to recruit terrorists if the people are going to their schools, their churches or mosques in a newly built city. You can't find suicide bombers if your "true believers" are hanging out a the new mall or getting medical care at the new hospital. We have an enormous military. Imagine how we would be seen if we used that to build bridges and dams and roads and everything we did in the 30's thru the 50's here at home, but for someone else this time.

  33. I've visited some inner city schools that are hilariously bad. Like no wonder gangs are persistent when u have teachers like that. It wouldn't take much either to provide some good teachers. A decent wage would attract some talent. And people see opportunity for building a life. Takes away the incentive for the gangs.

  34. Great speech. So rare to hear an American make sense these days. All you hear are the maniacs, the religious fanatics, the billionaires pretending to be philanthropists etc. Their madness and greed drown out all the good people, wherever they may be from.

  35. I think the average American does understand that. They just don't have the ability to do anything. The system is so corrupt that we are facing the very real possibility that the only way out is a revolution.

  36. Marine combat vet two tours field artillery like those howitzers in the video there! M777, second tour HET (human exploitation team). This guy is hitting the nail on the head.

  37. Why is it we know the name of Chris Kyle (American Sniper, who was a racist piece of shit), but not this guy? Clint Eastwood, where’s your movie about this dude?

  38. I'd fight to end war, but I'm busy fighting for/against gay rights, abortion, race theory, and whatever else the politicians throw at us to keep the people divided. -The average American

  39. It's a different angle of the same fight, which he even points out. We've got to realize this. Keep pushing your lane, that works, but invite others to recognize the need for solidarity. The wealthy class is the ones that control everything.

  40. I just looked the dude up and it's the guy who yelled at George W last september, saying he needed to apologize for lying about weapons of mass destruction and "my friends are dead because of you."

  41. So true. Even as far back as WW2 the US justification sold to the people was disingenuous. In reality Roosevelt was under pressure from Wall Street to join the fray in Europe because France, UK and Netherlands owed so much to Morgan Stanley - had Europe succumbed to Nazi control it would have been a financial disaster for US banking elites. That would be unacceptable so the proletariat had to be sent in as meat shields to defend Wall Street.

  42. He ain’t lying though. I did 6.5 years and two deployments in the Army. I went to Iraq my first time on 2006. I knew as soon as I left the wire, there was no way they had “WMD’s.” A lot of dudes died for nothing. I got my degree. I still can’t even find a part time job because of the stigma of being a “crazy war vet.” I’ve literally been turned down for federal jobs because I got a ptsd rating and you have to disclose it for certain positions.

  43. Can Confirm Afghanistan vet, war was completed directed by capitalist government contractors, and not our national security. A farmer in Afghanistan poses no threat to us, the threat to us was the companies that ran the war. All of whom were connected to the elites, politicians, and billionaires. War is big business and it has become a way to steal trillions from you the taxpayers all under the notion of “protecting your national security”. We have been sold big lies, and sold our privacy and freedom down the tube for it.

  44. Ending war is the most important thing in the world. Its not so much a goal as an obligation. Its the only thing that should matter

  45. After my dad retired from 21yrs in the army infantry, it seemed like he started to understand my views on being anti-war. It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that he told me “I was never pro-war, I was anti-poverty. I just wanted to provide for y’all, even if it was at the cost of myself.” Or something along those lines. But it really made me understand that he wasn’t disagreeing with what I had to say, he was keeping himself in check so that he would still be around instead of being in prison. He made himself be a slave to the system for as long as he had to, I’m forever grateful for him.

  46. When they can afford to vote send $48 BILLION to aid in wars but veto production of baby formula, something is fucked.

  47. If only the people of the USA would care enough to fight. As long as they can get on their phone and virtue signaling, feel better about themselves while perpetuating the problem.

  48. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The American people need to take their country back from these assholes, America needs another revolution, that's the way it was built and it's one way they can take it back, while they still have the right and ability to do so.

  49. Anyone who really looks around and pays attention can come to the same conclusion this guy did, but they got arrested for wearing their uniform while protesting. Anyone who made it past bootcamp knows you cannot protest in uniform.

  50. The UCMJ has laws that prohibit protesting in uniform, but that doesn't apply to this circumstance. Michael Prysner and probably most the veterans involved weren't in the military at the time and therefore are not subject to the UCMJ. They have the right to protest in uniform. They were arrested for going through capitol police barricades

  51. If you are on your phone. Hit share then copy link. Google dowload reddit videos and paste the link there and hit download. Thats how i do it

  52. I'd vote for him for president. Ateast he's telling the actual truth. Couldn't be worse than Trump or Biden. I'm sure he'd get JFK'd though unfortunately

  53. I laugh when people claim that banning abortion is mostly about religion. A lot of it is making sure that the next generations of undereducated, underprivileged and emotionally fractured desperate people exist so they can become soldiers, convicts and ditch-diggers. Those roles need filling.

  54. Very powerful. And very true. We have to keep disturbing the status quo. We have to be a many headed hydra because they will shut down whatever they can to slow the inevitable revolution that is coming. Fight.

  55. The military needs poor people to exist — that’s why they won’t give us universal healthcare or free college. When propaganda alone doesn’t work, they need reasons to entice poor people to murder and die in wars. I went to a poor high school and the amount of military recruiters present was ridiculous; I briefly went to a rich high school the following year and there were none. They want us to stay dumb, ignorant, and poor so that they can exploit us for profit. Like this guy said, the real enemy is our oligarchical government.

  56. They only got arrested because they were wearing their uniforms, wich is illegal for obvious reasons

  57. That’s not how the military works. you can’t sign up for the perks and then decide I’m not going to war.

  58. All military should exist only for defensive purposes, any government that calls for the attack on other countries should be instantly denounced and throw in jail. There is ZERO reason why anyone should invade.

  59. Navy vet here. This just made me think of my experience and it's nothing compared to what others have gone through but something that's always going to stick with me that became the beginning of the end of me drinking the Kool aid was when on deployment our medical doctor committed suicide in her office in part because of how the CO and XO treated her and she just couldn't take it anymore. And despite having evidence, notes, etc... Nothing happened. And also how deployments to Afghanistan have affected some of my friends, one of them he has almost ten different medications. And when he isn't on his meds he's a completely different person. Another had lost marines, his friends and brothers, and as a corpsmen losing a marine under your care is something indescribable and every time the same time period comes up he's also a completely different person.

  60. One week. That's all it would take. A single week of the majority of Americans not working, and the system topples. So go home and chill. You've earned a week off.

  61. Just goes to show people need to start seriously considering who they vote for. Too many US presidents are on the take or just plain imbeciles.

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