New crypto passive idea

  1. So basically I had an idea where crypto has a passive called "off the grid" basically it makes it so that when crypto gets scanned he doesn't get scanned and it makes it so he isn't seen when he gets scanned. That way when bloodhond and seer scan him he won't get scanned so that they can't see him cause he's "off the grid" it would be balanced cause he normally gets scanned but now he doesn't get scanned cause he's "off the grid" so it would be lore fitting and it would be a good gameplay mechanic and off the grid would be a good idea and they should add it to the game for crypto so that his new passive is called off the grid. I had this idea then everyone started talking about my idea because i came up with off the grid where crypto doesn't get scanned cause in the lore hes off the grid and since hes off the grid he cant be scanned while off the grid

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