Respawn… can you NOT?

  1. lmao I thought the cannon was going to send you straight to the floor and you'd die to storm but this makes sense too.

  2. I hate that cannon, made the mistake of tap strafing a little bit after getting launched from there and I ended up killing the momentum somehow, landing on the little outcrop in front of it and having to run to my teammates

  3. The armory eject works about 50% of the time for me, every other time I hit something invisible and stay inside

  4. They coded the walls to be grossly resistant to hiding on them… had a game where our Horizon survived solo in a ‘C’ between the circle and the massive wall. They’d tried to use their Q in the last minute or so to climb from outcropping to outcropping to get over and they kept getting shoved off obviously flat landing spots… and then circle consumed them.

  5. Their changes to out of bounds logic has completely fucked Valk. I had a game where I used my ult twice and my timer went to 3seconds. I was so scared I was going to accidentally go out of bounds. It shouldn't activate the out of bounds timer while Valk is flying up (before you control direction).

  6. They should just make OOB be ON TOP OF the places they don't want you to go. The fact that OOB reaches 10 feet out really fucks over Valk. Like... "here's an ultimate that can help you reposition, but got forbid you do it next to the mountain you're trying to get over."

  7. They made it so no abilities including passive can be used in out of bounds areas because people where abusing it with valk and horizon

  8. I had something similar happen on Worlds Edge. Got too close to a mountain off a jump tower so it dropped me down the side. Then I landed on a small ledge and legit couldn't get off because it kept pulling me back in.

  9. So I can offer a little explanation. When you’re out of bounds now (timer showing up) you can’t do anything but run, jump, and climb. I guess the devs thought that people were abusing out of bound areas to heal without the risk of getting shot. It really is just brutal because there’s nothing you can do about it. I had the same thing happen to me this season when I got trapped out of bounds and couldn’t use my grav lift to get out.

  10. For your Xbox problems, I recommend you download the Xbox App on your phone. Then you can download your video into your phone and edit them with whatever app you'd like.

  11. It’s so bs and they didn’t even get rid of all of the spots either. I have a bunch marked on my phone for ranked when I have to rat.

  12. Still don't understand why the hell they made it harder to GET OUT OF the aeras you're not supposed to be in instead of making it harder to get to them in the first place. So so stupid.

  13. Just buy some more $20 skins and they will be able to hire some competent programmers. They made a billion dollars last year and it wasn't enough.

  14. Lmao I died in nearly the exact same spot 2 days ago because I got stuck in a sliding animation and couldn't fly either as valk, this cliffside is cursed

  15. That's so unluckly. But also they nerfed OOB, so take that as a heads-up for next time to not trust any of the hitboxes you never know where you'll get stuck

  16. They disabled it cause i was abusing it with my grapple hook to hit trickshots in my titanfall 2 kraber montage

  17. Feel like I've encountered a lot of little invisible obstacles in Storm Point this season, like not even in out of bounds, just like walking around and gotten caught on. But this is painful, oof.

  18. One of the dumbest design choices… you’d think they’d make it push you OFF the OOB not keep sliding you further into it.

  19. This clip needs that sound from those old cartoons where someone is trying to run but they don’t have traction and then eventually falls

  20. welcome to apex... where the devs make quality of life decisions that make no fucking sense whatsoever but refuse to address that, once revealed to, indeed be fucking senseless

  21. Bro it's so stupid that they think this out of bounds nerf is good. Like bro, what if we get stuck after skydiving. Like we weren't even trying to get up there, but I guess that's what we deserve for accidentally getting up there.

  22. They need to throughly go over all the maps and out in invis walls to block ledges like this cause I like the no abilities when OOB but it’s not your fault when the devs get lazy on maps

  23. Remove the ability block from out of bounds. Make it a 5 second timer that resets every 20 seconds. And refine the hitboxes to where they aren't jutting out in random places. This would prevent characters going OOB to heal, as it's not enough time... and it fixes situations like this where they werent trying to get out of bounds.

  24. I had a Valk fly me on a mountain in ranked, they both slid a little further and made it off. Where it landed me kept sliding me back into a crack I couldn’t get off of and i Died. Then the Valk said it wasn’t their fault I couldn’t get off

  25. Honestly I have been playing Fortnite No Build mode, hadn’t played in 2 years. Having more fun with Fortnite now than I ever did with Apex. Battle Pass is actually rewarding and not full of trash skins you will never equip. Devs need to figure this type of shit out to keep people playing.

  26. I KNEW this change to OOB was going to kill movement characters that dared to use their abilities to climb.

  27. He wasnt even trying to land there, oob timer cucked his thrust so he couldnt even redirect away from it. Sit the fuck down, SON

  28. Yeah I think the stupidest thing they ever did was disable abilities in no-go areas. Like, how the fuck do you think I get back into the map??

  29. There's a spot on The Wall POI between the bridge and the northest building in th at area where if you trigger a Horizon tactical and reach the top of it, you trigger an Out of Bounds barrier and you can't shoot at all.

  30. Lol you literally were using an exploit to gain an advantage. You weren't supposed to be able to go into those areas, hence the coding, and then everyone complains cause they are still trying to do it and it doesn't work. Mission success for respawn for once. Bc it's a matter of perspective. The other team doesn't think you should be able to exploit your way to safety or an advantage

  31. You know this is kinda the reason why they got rid of the ability to use any abilities outside of the map, cause you aren’t supposed to be outside of the map

  32. Then let people get away from outside the map without abilities? It's not like he wanted to go there in the first place...

  33. Did you not get the update notes that said they are adding in the nerf that stops players from abusing the out of bond area? You can't use any abilities or heals in our of bounds.

  34. You can't use any abilities anymore while out of bounds. Also no guns, nades, whatever. So that wouldn't have worked, unfortunately.

  35. Well you kinda did that to yourself because you decided to use your thrusters mid air, therefore you unintentionally landed on a rock out of bounds. You could've just... You know... Land normally. Or use your thrusters later

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