Apex Legends "Awakening" Collection Event - Discussion & Support Megathread

  1. Massive input lag/delay or something on Xbox Series X after the update. I'm using an Elite Series 2 controller. Everything just feels really weird and delayed.

  2. i'm on the series s, was 1v1ing my friend and something didn't feel right, i can't superglide properly anymore and the game is suddenly dragging my sticks (i don't have stick drift it's only on apex)

  3. At this point you have to wonder if they hate Xbox players... they still haven't fixed the broken in-game voice chat, it's been fucked since the 'next-gen' update

  4. I feel like the speed of the characters is slower but I’m not sure if it’s me or maybe this problem you’re describing. Such a weird feeling

  5. next-gen xbox console players cant talk in game chat and now cant aim due to input delay. just give us the old gen version back respawn this is getting ridiculous

  6. the next gen xbox game chat has been an issue for a while now and i was hoping they’d fix it with this update but i guess not

  7. I'm having game chat problems for a while now. My playstations buddies are hearing delayed, compressed, jittery and fast versions of my voice. :/

  8. Yes!! I have a Series X and the normal controller. Logged into and I feel like my controller is stuck in mud. Changing the sensitivity only made the problem worse.

  9. I came here specifically to look for this. I've upvoted and not sure how to make this more visible. I have a Series X console with an elite series 2 controller. Was fine before, but I've noticed it seems slow and I stopped playing ranked after 2 games to try to figure it out. Idk what's going on

  10. Me too I thought it was my controller. Edit - I am also noticing that this affects navigation through the actual Xbox when in apex

  11. I have the same Problem on my Series X. I thought my Controller is broken. What weird is I have the feeling that it is not only this game. The entire Xbox Controller Input feels laggy. Can someone confirm this? I hope EA reading this and fix this quickly.

  12. Oh my god thank god, my remote was working this morning and then I did the update and had the same issue as you. Thought my remote had been ruined somehow. Glad I am not the only one.

  13. Feels absolutely horrible, like you’re cloud streaming and it’s missing half the inputs. Slide jumping is 50:50 if you’ll even jump and constantly not picking things up. Series X and elite mk2 controller

  14. YEP I'm having unplayable lag and weird stick drift where the control occasionally keeps moving. I'm using an elite series 2 with alc and never had issues with this controller until this update and still don't on other games so I know it isn't my end.

  15. I thought it was just me. Holy fuck it’s like there’s no aim-assist at all and your battery is about to die, but all the time. Game is unplayable now.

  16. I am too! Playing on a Series X with Elite Series 2 controller. Input very laggy and delayed. Tried the controller that came with the console(never been used) same lag and delay as I’m trying to turn and aim. Very hard to play atm.

  17. Yesss, I Literally can’t pick things up, reload, or swap weapons half the time, and I use the bocek and it won’t even let me fire. If I pull back and let go it just stays pulled back, I can’t even play the game

  18. Yes! I literally rage quit game today due to delay and i thought i am the only one experiencing this. Reload doesnt work, changing weapon doesnt work even aiming is weird.

  19. Next gen game chat still not fixed and inputs are only registering around 75% of the time on console, it's most notable when moving and aiming.

  20. I'm so tired of it bro. Every update something new breaks. Every single time. At this point I doubt they have play testers honestly. I'm honestly losing all excitement for any updates, cause I know something will break again

  21. I got very close to purchasing packs a few seasons back because I was playing A LOT of Apex and wanted to take the extremely unlikely chance of getting heirloom shards. I had been saving up the normal lootboxes you get for free and so I figured I'd open those, and then purchase some.

  22. I'm on console and have insane input delay now after the update but before the update I was fine. I'm on series s btw

  23. The game feels absolutely terrible on Xbox (I'm on a Series X). Half my inputs feel like 500 ping even though I'm on 50, and the other half don't seem to register at all. Gonna put the game down for a few days. Definitely regretting my decision to buy my first collection pack today, would rather not support this until it's fixed.

  24. •Xbox Series X •Just playing the game •Horrible Input lag on everything making the game borderline unplayable. Added to the fact that game chat is still broken and can’t talk to friends on different platforms. A+ for the communication on bugs that ruin the game experience for a chunk of the community with no update on when we can expect a fix. Pretty sad it’s been a whole season for game chat and it’ll probably be a whole season for this input lag. Please for the love of god just remove or fix the next gen update so we can play the game again with no issues.

  25. Pretty much feels like playing Apex but your controller is submerged in a vat of mashed potatoes. Basic inputs take multiple attempts to even register

  26. It's not just the sticks, all of the inputs for me are glitching out on series s. Like 75% of my inputs register, really difficult to play like that.

  27. I thought it was just me. I didn't notice it while playing control, but thought my aim was off. In the firing range it's really noticable, when there isn't a bunch of stuff going on. It's really jumpy, like not smooth at all. It's really noticable if you take a wingman and shoot at the dummy with three targets to the left and right of him. Shoot dummy, target, dummy, target and so on.

  28. yep, it's bugged. luckily there is a special red telephone at respawn HQ for all store issues and it should be resolved right away.

  29. All the Apex Youtube content creators spending $160 for the Heirloom thinking ‘Yeah, the ad revenue from this video will basically pay for this’

  30. Hey! Xbox is having some serious issues with input delay on controller (I'm on elite 2) and also graphics are looking bad quality. Please upvote/ reply if you're having the same issue so we can bring it to Respawns attention

  31. Same here, major input issues after the update. Any way for us to let them know besides the subreddit? I guess Twitter too if they're actively checking

  32. So I play on Xbox series x and ever since I downloaded the update I have been experiencing inconstant look sensitivity and buttons not responding when I press them. Controller is 2-3 months old and I played last night with no issues at all. It feels like my sensitivity is getting stuck at certain times and doesn't feel smooth at all. It is really weird. Anyone else having issues with this?

  33. Okay thank god we’re all experiencing this issue rn. Like what did Respawn do to the game that screwed all series x users up so much 🫠 My controller movement feels off and same with my aiming

  34. Respawn has shown repeatedly that they for some reason can’t figure out how to properly update the game for series x, which is relatively sad

  35. Sad to see that xbox is getting continuously fucked this season . Still no in game chat fix and now the input delay . Be ready folks cause it's already been 3 months with no fix to in game chat , don't expect the input delay to get fixed anytime soon . At this point respawn owes all xbox users a free heirloom or something 🤣🤣 this shits just sad man

  36. Population on Xbox will just start dwindling if they keep messing up. This game is turning into warzone and it’s sad to see

  37. Does this game just genuinely depress anyone else or is just me? I used to really love Apex but I'm realizing that playing the game isnt much different than Chasing the Dragon. My aim is pretty good, i've always had a higher k/d than most people that play the game, I've been diamond in every single season on PS4/PC. I'm just constantly getting put up against 14 year old wall bouncing tap strafers who mainline their ritalin prescription and 2 tap me with a wingman. My positioning is normally pretty good and I always play around cover.

  38. Love how Respawn consistently finds new ways to mess up the game with every update. This is like the one game I never look forward to updates for because I know they are only going to break things instead of fix them. Just truly embarrassing that they made the game literally unplayable on Xbox.

  39. So are the devs aware of the issue with Xbox? I’m also on Xbox, and yes the game is just unplayable right now with the input delay issues. All out of wack

  40. The input lag is terrible and non-stop!! On top of that, the second you open apex on your Xbox it will have input lag throughout the whole console, even when on the dash board or when playing other games. Thankfully the problem seems to reset itself if you restart your Xbox and don’t open apex. -playing on Xbox series X -standard series x controller

  41. "next gen update" disabled my mic so I can't talk to team. Now can't even play period lmao. What the hell is going on

  42. I come back to play the event and I can't aim at anything, my guy doesnt turn to shoot, like I am in molasses what has happened?

  43. Xbox series X: Not only does gamechat still broken after months but now the game is truest unplayable due to the significant lag. It’s not just from time to time, the lag is continuously. I’m afraid I won’t be able to play this game I love again because of the neglecting of fixing Xbox significant issues.

  44. Honestly the saddest part about this is that the entire reason for this update was just to dump a big store event on us….and they broke the game. I have to press X like 7 or 8 times before I can pick something up off the floor. The P2020’s fire rate is absolute choppy garbage because the game can’t even process the fact that you’re pulling the trigger. Core mechanics of this game have been completely broken because of a fucking money milking event lol

  45. Thats what this free-to-play BS brings to the market. Broken game mechanics on massive cosmetic updates that drill the playerbase in half even further until we get a fix 3 weeks after the game is broken during annupdate like this. Its so damn sad that the same group of people at these studios greenlight updates that break these games time and time again.

  46. It’s clear the dev team doesn’t care about Xbox users as they consistently push updates that further break the game on Xbox

  47. Wraith is STILL invincible for 2-3 seconds after her portal is done, Lobas ability STILL doesn't work at all, xbox game chat STILL doesn't work, and NOW there is input lag on xbox controller. Any word on actually fixing major issues that affect the game or are we supposed to just pretend this is fine?

  48. This is the most accurate description I’ve seen of the issues I’m facing as well. Input lag + movement feels terrible + inputs not registering randomly + healing doesn’t work sometimes

  49. Anyone else’s control games completely unbalanced? Most of my games have been a complete stream roll in one direction or the other. Either I’m spawn camping their team or I’m the one being spawn camped

  50. I don't understand how a store update and a new map location leads to severe input lag on next gen consoles. Like even navigating Xbox menus with the Apex app running causes lag. The second you end the application you can navigate menus just fine again.

  51. Xbox series X. Severe Input lag that’s impacting my OTHER GAMES until I close the apex app… are you serious Respawn??

  52. Any update on next gen Xbox input delay issues yet? Or devs just going to ignore it like they are still ignoring the fact that in game, game chat does not work on next gen Xbox since the “next gen” update?

  53. Am I the only one feeling system wide lag after the apex update on series X? Obviously input lag is present on Apex…but I go to Rocket League (playing 120fps) and still feel input lag. This happening to anyone else? This update is a joke.

  54. Xbox chat is still broken. I'm on Xbox series X. I stopped playing shortly after the next Gen update because it completely broke and prevented me from communicating with my team. Came back for the event, not only to find that the Xbox chat was still not working correctly but now there's also input lag. The quality of the game is gradually declining but at least we got another cash cow event. Priorities

  55. I’m playing on Xbox series x, after I updated the game I have input lag stick drift and the game just feels clunky and off in general

  56. Keep coming here to see if there are updates on fixing the Xbox version of the game, and I keep walking away disappointed. This is my favorite multiplayer game, but I’m honestly considering moving on because of this. These Xbox related issues keep coming up.

  57. Apex unplayable on Xbox series X, both elite controller and regular Xbox controller, missed input regs. Started getting motion sickness from playing with Lag, have to stop playing until a solution comes out.

  58. Between the Xbox game chat issue and now the input lag, I can’t even play this game anymore. Worst part might be the lack of acknowledgment on these issues. Like wtf is going on? It’s hard to believe anything other than Respawn does not give a shit.

  59. It's been really interesting watching this sub change over the last couple years. I remember the first collection event and people were about to burn Respawn HQ to the ground for ridiculous prices.

  60. 2 years ago people were willing to burn it to the ground because of the fact that you couldn't buy just a skin you would have to gamble on the packs to get to the skin you wanted

  61. The people throwing $160 at an heirloom are the ones who are so invested they can't stop playing without it feeling wasted, so they're still playing. Unsurprisingly, reddit is full of different people with different opinions. The people with those opinions either don't play anymore or stopped caring because it hasn't changed in the last 2 years.

  62. I came here to vent about Apex being unplayable now entirely on Xbox but it seems the community has already vented it all out lol

  63. I will uninstall this game until this is fixed it is genuinely unplayable. Not only that but the input delay/lag Moves over to any other app/game post running apex. Not only did they fuck the game they fucked up my entire Xbox until I do a hard reset. I knew respawn was pretty lazy and more focused on cash grabs but this is just pitiful.

  64. It’s astounding that the input lag issue isn’t gonna be fixed for awhile. It makes the game borderline unplayable

  65. 100% chance this issue with input lag would be fixed next day if it affected the ability to purchase things from the store. Since it's just a little thing like not being able to fucking control your character, they don't put much effort into fixing it.

  66. I’m convinced Respawn Does Not Care. It has been almost been a full week since the “update” (I use quotes here because old fashioned me once thought “update” consisted of incremental improvement, not exponential moves in reverse) and I still can’t play this game on my series x. This could be overlooked and even forgiven if there was some attempt at communication from devs or whoever is responsible for fixing the atrocious problem of input lag. Tell us you care, tell us you are trying. Something! Anything! Am I missing something? Have they come out and admitted their error and promised to fix asap? Lord I hope so, please someone restore my hope!

  67. So the Event skins are all inspired by Tokusatsu/Kaiju, which I love to see, these skins are all really fucking cool imo. But there's a few skins I can't figure the source material for.

  68. Hey Respawn, XBOX GAME CHAT IS STILL BROKEN and now you've got another problem in your hands with input lag. You've made billions off Apex, go fix your cash cow.

  69. Sure do get a lot of Masters players in Control making matches completely one-sided when I'd hardly ever see any otherwise. Can be especially bad when certain loadouts are available.

  70. So like is there any talk about them fixing the Xbox input delay problems yet? Love you play apex but refuse to when I have to triple press buttons for anything to happen..

  71. Series x here and the input lag on controller is a mess! Looting is a nightmare. Any news on a fix for this as it’s making the game unplayable!! 😒

  72. Guys please. You know that Respawn is just a small Indie Studio with only a few employees. We have to be patient. They will release a patch soon. Like in 3 or 4 weeks. 😉

  73. Xbox, the input delay is still a massive problem, not only does it affect apex it’s affecting my xbox systems and making them slower unless i uninstall it? I can deal with the lag input but i have another problem that I haven’t heard anyone talking about: i suddenly have no aim assist at all, even when i turn advanced settings and everything my camera movement is all weird and i cant hit anyone??

  74. Fix the LTM. If you're gonna give matchmaking bans for people leaving hacked lobbies, but not ban the hackers, you're taking the side of the hackers. Yall are so halfwitted to the state of the game it blows my mind. STOP FOCUSING ON COSMETICS AND START FOCUSING ON MECHANICS. FUCK YOUR BOSSES, DO THE RIGHT THING. THE GAMING COMMUNITY HASNT SEEN SUCH A TOXIC GAME SINCE CALL OF DUTY.

  75. Fuck this game. Went to play for the first time in a few weeks and its broke. How does over a million dollars a day profit result in such a dumpster fire?

  76. Capitalism and greed have killed video games. Used to be an escape from reality. Now they are bringing the downer reality into video games.

  77. only thing i would change for Control is put the beginning point as insta ult. Having people get there before you because they spawned closer than you to the first point is kinda annoying. Just the very first point if you are on the point you can get your ult during the first capture

  78. Like everyone else is saying with XBOX, input is severely messed up to the point it impacts outside of APEX. Everything is moving with a delay. Also, for months, game chat does not work for XBOX players. Cannot communicate with teammates. I will not spend another dollar on this game until these issues are fixed. I’ve been playing since day 1 release. It’s not fair to continue to put out something that’s broken and impacts my entire console. Please fix, thank you.

  79. So Respawn stated that Control games can now fill up missing slots for players who quit or refused to join or whatever, yet in like 4 matches I played yesterday, 2 of them had people missing from our team and no auto fill.

  80. Please fix the game. It's absolutely broken. Starts off a little sluggish, then it gets to where buttons are barely responsive. Even if you close the game completely the Xbox is still laggy until you do a reboot. This is completely unacceptable.

  81. I hope they don't wait until Tuesday to fix the Xbox Series X version of the game, I can barely stand to play like my character has arthritis.

  82. So like is there any way that we can lessen the input lag or are we 100% fucked until respawn decides to actually do something?

  83. Are there any streamers or pros on Xbox that are speaking about all the massive issues currently? I feel like that’s the only way anything is gonna get done

  84. It’s been said a lot but I’ll echo it. Controls are horrible. Virtually unplayable. Button clicks often don’t register, there’s a weird input lag and strange acceleration when turning sometimes. Playing on Xbox Series X.

  85. Its unplayable for me on my series x. The input delay is insane let alone its not registering weapon swap or reloading, needing to press it more than once for it to work.

  86. The matchmaking in control is worse than any other mode in the game. No idea why they don't just implement a mercenary mode like there is in COD that prevents solo queue players from matching against premades. I've been spawn camped three games in a row. Last game the highest kill score on my team was 2 and the other team had 5 players with over 10 kills. Absolutely absurd.

  87. I know nobody from red pawn actually reads these, but PLEASE fix the xbox input lag. reverse the entire update if you have to, nobody wants the rampage on the floor anyways.

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