The new ranked system is so harsh. I was plat last season.

  1. Made it to Diamond last 2 seasons and this season I’m gold , I play casually when I get off work early or when I have a chance this season just makes me feel like if I’m not playing everyday I won’t make it out of gold solo queuing let alone hit Diamond ever again with the mid season restart just around the corner

  2. You've still earned just as much RP as Plat IV would have required last season, despite going through higher entry costs and lower RP payouts on the way this time. Your progress hasn't changed, only the label next to it has.

  3. Pubs is so fucking easy I get kill leader like almost every game within the first few mins. People are so brain dead in that mode. If pubs is giving you problems you just need to up your game.

  4. The new ranked encourages more pre-made party because it's more teamwork-reliant now. It's part of the reason why people are now crying about solo queue in ranked being literal hell. If anything the new ranked is shooing away more solo players than 3 stacks.

  5. with the new changes, you are where you should be. in the previous seasons plat was average, now around low gold and high silver is about average. this season plat is the new diamond and like you said, you were plat last season; so technically, you dont deserve plat this season without improving your overall skill.

  6. They don’t want you to have fun anymore they want you to play longer. Thus making a shitty “ranking” system that has nothing based on actual skill just time played and being sure to have 2 other teammates before you start

  7. "I cheesed my way to a rank I dont belong last season and now I cant handle having to actually be good at the game this season"

  8. To be fair I've got diamond the last two seasons, this season is more of a grind with higher rp requirements and not getting rp for kills till top 10.

  9. Same, used to get into diamond every season as a solo. Now Im hardstuck plat 4 getting gatekeeped by pros and 3 stacks preds. Its has has nothing to do with getting better if its an ultimatum to get people to play with to progress.

  10. If you’re in platinum right now only maybe like 1/15 games should be diamond+ lobbies, but that’s specifically for PC in my experience. But if you aren’t on PC you won’t ever be playing anyone close to a pro.

  11. Eh I was diamond last season solo I've been floating between Plat and gold one. It's been a grind and a half trying to stay in Plat when people motives are unknown just kinda there for the ride lol

  12. I honestly don’t mind the new difficulty of climbing rank. I’ve always made it to plat solo queue but got stuck at gold 3. Might have to finally attempt to find some people to play with

  13. This is what ranked used to be. If you can't hack it to play then practise. Also the last season was the easiest season in all of Apex so whatever rank you got reduce it by a rank and that was your true skill level.

  14. Ok. I’m a casual player with a 0.9 kdr and usually get hard stuck plat 4. This season is NOT that much harder. I’m gold 3 right now and I only play a handful of ranked matches per week. The introduction of rookie is going to bump everyone down a whole rank at least.

  15. Bro y’all need to stfu about the ranking system. Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe not everyone deserves to be in higher ranks?

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