What is wrong with my aim? I keep losing these.

  1. I don’t think it’s your aim. You should look up the 1/3 play style where you keep 1/3 of your screen covered by an object. Also always try to find the high ground and stay out of the open.

  2. As the gentleman above mentioned. It's your positioning. 1/3 cover. Aim could be better, that only comes with practice. Also choose three weapons, make them your fav. One super common, one you'll always find no matter where you drop and your two main. Hit the firing range, grab the common gun and one of your fav. Stay on the metal platforms and shoot at the moving target while strafing back and forth. Don't grab attachments except magazine. Learn the pull/rize of your three favorite guns. Once you can constantly do over 130 damage a mag add strafing and crouch spam.

  3. 100%. Every gunfight it seems you're naturally pushing forward, OP. Don't ego chall, play smart and safe. Reposition when needed.

  4. This. 90% of times I go down, it’s because I got cocky and ran into the open. No matter how good of a player you are, it pays to have some cover.

  5. Aim is decent, could be better but you only losing this because of your positioning. Watch it yourself again, each time u died u went on the open for enemy, hold corner, if you have a spare second, heal and keep covering, then pick and don't tap, try to spray him at once, faster you drain hp of your enemy faster he will panic and you will take advantage

  6. Yeah you aren’t repositioning and seem to be taking on enemies without the back up of your team. In the hemlock clip you shouldn’t have engaged them, run back to your team and heal up. In the clip where you were last alive you seemed intent on killing that Caustic. You should’ve repositioned there coz they had cover and high ground and you had neither. In the last clip you need to go in side by side (not literally) with your teammate to have a better chance. That is one of my frustrations with teammates that go into battle one at a time when the team isn’t ready. It’s so much more effective and easier to body a squad as a 3, as opposed to tickling them individually. You also seem to be running off, or lagging behind and engaging people at ranges without sights. Most iron sights in the game are ass, so if you can find one, put it on your “primary” weapon. If you can’t find one and you’re having doubts about your aim then you need to wait for your team, or just don’t engage at all. Wait for them to pass and perhaps catch them later on.

  7. Thanks. Yeah with the Caustic I knew I was dead already so I didn't bother trying to reposition or anything. Fighting as a team would of course be preferable, but it's practically impossible when no one communicates.

  8. Don’t peak a corner that you know they’re watching. When you peak, you have to line up a shot and shoot. Since they are already looking at where you’re gonna peak, they can put shots in you faster than you can put them on them.

  9. Underrated comment! Yes it's apparent the player didn't effectively use the cover / had bad positioning, but this piece of advice is huge I feel. Switching up where you're going to peek and having a shot lined up before you peek goes such a long way.

  10. Aim seems fine, what I noticed in most of these clips is you’re fighting 1v2 or 1v3. You can’t do that in Apex, always fight at equal (or better) power. Otherwise you will never win fights, regardless of skill and aim.

  11. Work on movement and positioning. You are in bad positions a lot of the time you are firing and you stand still while you fire.

  12. It's a bit obvious for me to point this out, but just purely based on your reaction timing to enemy movement, you are not looking at the enemy, but instead at your crosshair/reticle/sights. You should always be fixated on your enemy, not your reticle. (except for long distance sniping, but that's irrelevant right now). You fail to track enemies and that's because you are delayed in following them which is a direct result of not focusing on the enemy. Think about it like this, if an enemy appears on your screen, anywhere, the center of your screen will always be where your reticle/crosshair is placed. You want to bring the center of your screen towards the enemy while focusing purely on that enemy, which is known as a flick. Nobody is perfectly accurate with flicking to targets, however, the really cool clips are built off experience, muscle memory, and a bit of luck. But, many top tier players still cannot flick 100% of the time to the enemy perfectly, so they have to compensate for aiming past or before the enemy player, and the matter of noticing where your crosshairs (center of your screen) are placed then making that change is the difference between quick efficient fights and elongated fights with third and fourth parties.

  13. Thanks. I don't really care about tunnel visions and other problems, I'm fully aware of those but just want to fix my aim so that I can win fights.

  14. You're dropping into the bot walk. When you're aiming at almost all of these guys, you're standing in one place and hosing them down. You need to fire, move, fire, cover, peak, fire, cover; or fire, move fire, cover, reload, peak, fire. But in all of these you're just an easy target out in the open. As for aim, I think you need to lead shots more especially in situations like the clip of Bonsai on the highway, but also don't fire as much when you don't have a good shot on them. For example the caustic in the Bangalore smoke, you wasted you're whole clip while they both took cover and waited for the moment for you to reload and started firing on you.

  15. I also might add that the first clip in energy depot was great, that's exactly what you should do, you aimed, stayed near cover, and took the cover were you done firing and when they got a lock on you. One more thing I noticed when I watched back through was the first clip. Two things are you using headphones? If it's a pub lobby you should be fine with whatever, sometimes I play with no sound (though I hate it), but if it's ranked or something were you're really trying to pummel some people, sound ques and a small turn while an enemy is running will help you to pinpoint their exact location (this is insanely helpful in smoke and people will literally think you're cheating. You can perfectly pinpoint someone's position with a couple quick turns to orient yourself and where the footsteps are coming from). Also you aimed in thinking he'd still be where he was before you took cover which blocked your view quite a bit since you didn't have a sight on with the spitfire. They increased the spread but I'd still suggest finding your target with on the hip and start laying down some led as you start turning to put them in your sights, a third of a second of fire and you've maybe hit a shot or two and you're already starting to aim in on their exact position.

  16. Your aim isn't great but it also isn't the issue, you're just standing still out in the open... Barring any effort to reposition or use cover, you should at least try to strafe or crouch or do literally anything to make yourself less of an easy target

  17. Your aim is mostly fine besides needing some work on tracking and leading shots, other than that the problem stems from you taking fights without cover way too often, someone mentioned the 1/3rd rule which is exactly what I'm talking about, in the first clip you should've realized you were at an immediate disadvantage because spitfire is bad and the iron sight is even worse, but the problem is that you weren't using your cover correctly, if the enemy can down you or at least deal a lot of damage before you get back to your cover than you're using it wrong, hug the rock and don't stray far from it, then a couple other clips you just took fights with no cover at all, don't do that unless you're the one initiating, even then it's not the best idea

  18. Not your aim, mostly your positioning, and your team isn't taking the agro off you. I'd start practicing a different way to approach fights with whatever legend your running. If you're using Bangalore, and your losing the fight smoke and dip out of there and reposition. Nothing wrong with your aim, no ones perfect; you were just in some terrible situations with limited options.

  19. Aim needs work, download Kovaak's and play through Cata IC Long Strafes for a few days on proper Apex settings.

  20. Not so much your aim as it is your positioning, you need to stay away from open areas and only engage from behind cover or if there’s cover nearby.

  21. I forgot who but I watched a video where a really good player said to concentrate your vision on your target and not your crosshairs. It’s hard to describe but something about that clicked for me. It’s like I was wasting so much focus trying to move my crosshair that I wasn’t keeping track of who I was shooting at. It helped me a lot because I was keeping better track of my enemies movements and my aim sort of followed naturally. I probably did a horrible job of describing but I hope that helps.

  22. Bro it's just your positioning and also you gotta know when to fall back. When you lose shields, back off and reset, even if you're frying. Unless it's the last guy on the squad and you have a 100% chance of winning. You have good aim.

  23. The problem isn't your aim, is your movement... The way you move you make yourself an easy target

  24. You’re using a different weapon in every single clip, try to stick to using the same 2 weapons every game, it’s helped me a shit ton. went from silver last season to diamond this season

  25. Already been said but this doesnt look like an aim problem. Sure, it could improve, but that could easily be said for anyone. The first few clips you're playing way out in the open without cover. Unless you're super confident, not smart. Second, the spitfire (any LMG) reduces your strafe/move speed while shooting. Anyone with an LMG standing in the open is a sitting duck. Slow to fast -- LMG>Sniper>AR>SMG>Pistol/Shotty. Lastly, the only other comment I can think of is your non-ADS tracking is like mine, while hip firing you are over compensating and swaying too far right or left and missing the target. Try reducing your your non-ADS sensitivity OR lowering your overall mouse DPI. Practice with Aim Lab.

  26. Nearly everyone here should be mentioning positioning, so I'll leave that. What you wanted to hear about was your aim. A lot of the time that I see you getting the jump on the enemy, where they don't know you're about to start beaming, you're still strafing. Take some time, stand still, and then start spraying. It's great practice to know how to shoot while moving, but sometimes I see you moving TOO much. Even players like Lyr1c and Aceu will stand still to beam someone at times, and even more so someone like imperialhal. Seeing you mirror their strafe is nice, but I think it would do you much better to sit still, lay down a beam, and if they live, reposition.

  27. Positioning is key as the others have said, but I don’t think the Spitfire is a good weapon choice for this distance. It’s just not accurate enough. An R301 would’ve dusted him for worse here.

  28. My advice is improve your movement while in a gunfight. And also, anticipating where the enemy is going to helps a lot. I mean anticipate where the enemy is moving to or reading their movement. Dont chase them, try waiting them to walk into your aim but not too long.

  29. I get a massive amount of no regs. Thank you, 20hz. Granted, I'm currently playing off my WiFi, when I was on my ethernet it was mostly better, but I'd still get about 5-8% no regs. Apex is really the only game where I have this issue, though.

  30. your sensitivity looks a little low for me. when an enemy is running horizontal to you on a flat surface at medium range you should not miss a single bullet tracking them.

  31. Your aim seems to be pretty good, but there's a few other things you could try doing. I found benefit in them, at least, though I am by no means super good at this game, lol.

  32. In the very first clip, imagine this from the opponent's view. Hes getting shot and clearly doesnt have his sights where you are. It takes time for him to do that. Try to anticipate the return fire and go back into cover much earlier. You shouldn't take so much damage unless its worth the risk (getting a knock). He then pushes the area you're hiding behind because his health hasn't been threatened enough to warrant staying back.

  33. 1.Utilise cover. You aren’t losing because your aim sucks, you’re losing because you’re making yourself a very vulnerable target

  34. I’m sure it’s been said but you’re very stagnant when shooting. You make good use of cover while reloading when you can but you stand almost completely still while shooting. Also the majority of these are 1v2+ so that doesn’t help either lol

  35. While people are right about your positioning, take a look at your movement. From this vid, seems like most of the time ur pretty stationary, which is fine if your next to cover you can duck behind, but since you’re in the open in most of these cases you should try to work on strafing a bit more. Also good to include a few crouch spams, as really the goal is just to make urself as hard to hit as possible. Try working on shooting while strafing/ crouching more and I think you should see some improvement.

  36. Not sure if others mentioned this - you're either out-gunned or out-kitted in most of these fights. Pushing a 2v1 in the open, sniping long range w/out a scope against a scope, and pushing a full squad is iffy decision-making at best.

  37. Lots of work on positioning. Your reaction time looks a little slow and you seem uncomfortable moving while shooting. Go into the range and practice weapon recoils, then grab only a mag attachment and practice strafe shooting the still dummies. Using the head as a point of reference when strafing and crouch spamming you'll feel more comfortable with your mouse and improve your mouse control. Mainly work on positioning, aim, and reaction time.

  38. Also consider which legends your using and how their abilities may benefit you in a gunfight. With the Octane in the first clip, maybe try repositioning while/before/after healing a bit with his stim, or with Bangalore add smoke in their direction to throw off their sight of you so you can readjust and try and get a better/more advantageous position on them.

  39. You aren’t utilizing your cover as much as you can. If you had better positioning you would/could’ve won most of those fights.

  40. Browsed through some of the other posts- I'd also echo lowering your DPI on your mouse. I've eventually gotten very comfortable with 500 DPI and it feels much better ADS. Try that out and see how that works for you.

  41. But with 500 DPI i feel like i have to move my mouse like 30 centimetres to one side just to look behind me.

  42. It's weird, 'cos the irons on the Spitty are basically a holo, but slap an actual holo on it and the ADS becomes so much better.

  43. Aim seems alright, but your positioning can def b improved. You are in an open area where there’s no cover. As well as, try not to fight enemies that are in high ground. Also, don’t blindly push through smoke, that’s a huge no no.

  44. If you're on low health you want to heal instead of repeeking with low health, and stop being out in the open, even take lampposts, guardrails, and benches as cover if you need to. You should also run for cover if you don't have any and take a lot of damage

  45. Positioning, timing, strafe. Shoot when you're in good position to crack shields, not do minimal damage when they have a better angle.

  46. It looks like you’re focusing more on recoil control rather than tracking. Go to the firing range, grab a full auto weapon, and try killing a dummy (by shooting in bursts) without control while strafing.

  47. You should peek the cover at a tighter angle have it so you have your cross air past the rock with most your body behind cover

  48. I think you should try to reposition more. You are getting into a firefight and keeping that 1 line of sight until either one of you dies. If you reposition you could get a good advantage leading to you shredding them

  49. I'm surprised the top comments are not mentioning movement, it's the first thing I noticed. You're not moving enough while shooting to avoid shots and take advantage of the enemy spraying, missing you, and then having to reload. Especially as octane or bangalore who have speed boosts, you need to use those your advantage to sprint, slide, and shoot while sliding or after sliding. You need to move more and utilize cover better. Add varying patterns of crouch --> move --> crouch more often while shooting too. Utilizing cover is an issue that many have stated, but I believe moving more would help in all the situations in this clip, it will also help you when you get caught out in the open.

  50. Knowing when your in a losing fight as well as positioning or having cover can swing a fight. It’s not enough to have decent aim you need to learn how to strafe in gunfights and be able to duck in and out of cover.

  51. You keep re peeking the same angles and fighting in the open. Switch up your angle of attack and don't be worried about disengaging. Slide back from the boxes/rocks and find different cover. Peek the right then pop up top. Your aim is fine, you just keep getting caught in the open or on an angle that your enemy already has locked onto.

  52. I see a lot of people talking about positioning so I’ll leave that out but from what I can tell your aim is decent enough to get by. You can definitely work on that but the main thing I noticed was that you’re standing in the fights for too long. Don’t be afraid to hop back in your cover and get another angle/pop some heals. That’s one of the main things I had to work on to get out of platinum. Good rule of thumb would be to just pop back in cover anytime your shield gets broken or take significant damage unless they are 50 health or below.

  53. You were flesh. Just grab a shield and go off. Go in to every engagement like “ who tf do you think you are?!” then body them

  54. Your aim isn't as much of a problem as the way you use your cover. A good way to use it well is the 1/3 way, but that can be kinda complicated. It is for me, so I just peak as little as possible. Keep your body out of the open. In the first clip, I saw you peak out of cover, that leaves your entire body as a hotbox, compared to your head or torso.

  55. Everyone keeps mentioning your positioning and I agree but I would also like to point out that you're kind of using the wrong scopes or no scopes when you need to. Like you don't need the 2x on volt when you're fighting that close, but you definitely could've used that 2x on hemlock and spitfire. Some of these guns' ironsights are bad and using atleast a 1x scope improves it a lot

  56. The spitfire just sucks... ur aim isn’t even that bad and it doesn’t have to be good either. Focus on positioning yourself better. I try to always keep in mind: Do damage, don’t take damage.

  57. I think you are aiming with your strafe because your sensitivity is too high. Play around on the shooting range with the moving targets. Moving with the target is great for fine long distance aiming but you should be able to comfortably track close to mid range. For example my mouse is set to 400dpi and the ingame multiplier is set to 2.7x. See if that helps any.

  58. probably just don’t use spitfire cause it’s ass and don’t rlly use volt either because it can be really difficult to use effectively

  59. Bad peak for first one, second with volt is a range issue just pulse instead of full auto itll auto correct

  60. It’s not that bad tbh. But you need to position near high ground & cover more instead of standing out in the open. Maybe tweak your sensitivity more, reduce your field of view. and consider a spitfire w/ 2x HCOG so you don’t get caught reloading. That or just get a strike pack lol, jk.

  61. As everyone else is saying - try to cover yourself when you reload or head glitch shoot. Only push if it’s a 1v1 and you know he’s like 1 shot or so (and you have enough hp to take a couple shots). Watching some of these clips though it looks like you have base mag or lvl 1. Play super passive when you don’t have a good mag bc the guys you may be shooting might have a lvl 3 one which puts you at a huge disadvantage. You would have to reload before them and if you’re not crouch spamming you’re a easy target

  62. ur strafing but no movement or repositioning, especially needed for taking on multiple people alone, for ex: first clip u kept re peaking the right side of the rock

  63. It’s your positioning, nothing to do with your aim. You’re putting yourself in unfavorable positions (out in the open, low ground, etc). Also, work on your peeking. You’re doing it, which is great, but you’re peeking before your reloads are finished, or not reloading while in cover. Once you peak, be ready to fire, because you’re at the advantage with cover if your opponent is out in the open.

  64. No, my aim is definitely the issue. Even with good positioning I always lose. I can't track anything, my mouse movement is jerky and I constantly overshoot it.

  65. 1.) You went up against blue armor with no armor and you missed some shots, but it's mostly that you had no armor and lost track of where the guy was at.

  66. Everyone’s advice is good..... but also the devotion just kinda sucks at that range with iron sights, try not end up in that situation :(

  67. Maybe do some tracking training on Aimlabs/Kovaaks. The first clip , you had probably the worse weapon with shitty iron sight, the second and third your tracking wasn't accurate. So, practice a bit. And with the hemlok first aim at the person then shoot, you can't just spam the burst fire.

  68. I've tried aimlabs and kovaaks, they don't work for me since the gun patterns don't translate into Apex.

  69. I see you’re pulling down too hard in some cases like in the Volt clip. And sometimes not pulling Enough. That’s usually I problem I have with bad sensitivity so maybe installing aim lab and finding a good sensitivity for you would go a very long distance.

  70. I've tried aim lab, it doesn't work for me. I constantly go between 0.8-1.2 sensitivity but can't find the right one.

  71. One thing that truly MESSES UP YOUR AIM is the spitfire iron sights. NEVER try to out gun someone midrange because it covers so much of your sight instead of helping you shoot them. You should use a sight with a spitfire, if you can't find one, just drop it

  72. Spitfire has the shittiest iron sight in the game besides the devotion. I rather have a 1 time but a devotion shines with a 2 or 3x

  73. You cover sucks. Right now is the best time winter express is live and will give you lots of practice and yet again another dad chiming in you got this!

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