How to crouch while shooting on controller? (Playstation)

  1. I also wanted to be able to crouch spam (if that's the correct term) and customized the inputs on a regular ps4 controller:

  2. crouch spam and i personally use r3. crouch spam is good in certain situations but it isn’t a must. lots of people do it because it became a habit (including me) but you really don’t need to do it. i find it more effective while you’re 1v1ing, don’t spam crouch, just concentrate on counter strafing their shots

  3. you got claw and everything exactly right, but also with an elite controller i’d still do down on the right stick

  4. Another option is to play "bumper jumper", with jump bound to right bumper. Then you can leave sprint on left stick.

  5. Get a controller with paddles, I use Xbox elite but scuf makes PlayStation ones and put crouch (set to hold) on one of the paddles.

  6. either play claw, use paddles, or really just if you don’t play claw then you should always have crouch to down on the right stick

  7. Honestly it isn’t the most effective thing to learn. But altering your button layout to a setting where you can crouch instantly will help. I play claw and use the right stick to crouch, and I think it’s the best setting to use to crouch quickly. However, I’ve used it for years and have got used to it. Find a setting that works for you and practice with it

  8. Bro try Sony DualShock back paddles(20-30$ at Walmart). I’ve been using them since season 8 and have hit masters with them. They are super easy to set up. Set your R3 to crouch still but bind it to your left back paddle and bind your jump to the right back paddle.

  9. I use left bumper to crouch and move tactical over to B (circle). Can make aiming tact a bit shit for a bit but sorts itself out. I was eventually able to use Path like before.

  10. Ngl I love when people do this to me makes it easier. I use a regular controller and only crouch spam against the players who use it. Most people do suggest using paddles though and it does make it easier or do different binds to crouch spam can help. Switch up the binds practice in range and keep switching til you find something that’s comfortable enough to use and you’re accurate enough to actually use against a real person.

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