Anyone else solo queuing through diamond and can give me some advice on keeping your composure???

  1. I am getting extra tilt this season as well. Mainly bc I’m P2 and keep getting matched with a P4 and their gold buddy EVERY GAME. I’m usually only hard on myself but watching some of their decisions has me speaking my mind.

  2. ive found myself getting more irritated than i usually do at randoms too. What i do is just take a small break or keep playing until i find good randoms to q up with.

  3. Considering that you are almost D2 means that you are climbing and that by itself is something you should be proud of bro. You are climbing despite the tilt, thats really good. Keep at it and you will hit masters, this seasons has its ups and a little more downs than other maps unfortunately.

  4. When you solo q try your best not to blame your teammate but to just try to get over whatever happened. He missed an open net? Oh well I'll just have to make up for it. Gotta put the pressure on yourself, if around the middle of the game your teammate is reliable thrn you're good but if not just play passive aggressive.

  5. As another who mainly solos, taking a break for 5-10 minutes after every game lets you soak in what happened.

  6. what really really helps is: be the one who talks in the voice chat, try to animate your teammates to talk aswell, and when you find a good one, ask them if they wanna add you and play together, i always do that and have found some really good playing homies last split!

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