Hey everyone, was hoping for some tips from anyone that was in a similar situation… I feel like I’ve capped(skill wise) since season 8 and haven’t rlly improved much beyond my regular capabilities. I play mostly solo bc I can never keep up with my master/pred friends who always rank up quickly

  1. Best advice I can give is play with the intent to improve. Sounds dumb but what this actually translates to is really focus on what you’re doing within the game. DO NOT AUTOPILOT. Every action you do must have REASON behind it. If you find yourself not thinking you are playing improperly. With this in mind, try to analyze what went wrong with each and every play. NEVER blame your teammates and continue to target your practice on areas you are weak at.

  2. This is so important, I make sure to take a breath and REALLY focus when I’m aiming, and I hit more and more shots with that intention. Now, due to this, my autopilot aim is much better than it was a while back.

  3. How much do you sleep? Seems like a weird question bus I improved a lot and became a lot more consistent when I started sleeping 7-8 hours a day instead of 5-6. Also staying hidrated is good so your reaction speed stays top noch

  4. There's always little things to improve on or little tricks that you can add to your game. The best thing to do is record yourself as it can be difficult to tell in the moment what needs improving. By looking back at your own gameplay it becomes much clearer what little things you can improve on whether it's aim, movement, positioning, etc.

  5. Could you please expand on how to air strafe? I’ve noticed enemies doing this in fights and it is quite difficult to track. As a 20k wraith I should have this down lol.

  6. Thanks a lot for such an extensive answer. I main horizon for the sole purpose of her movement and obviously ability to get high ground and I feel like she’s the only character on console who can air strafe

  7. Add some consistency to your practice. Consistency is key to good aim. Then I suggest practicing your eye tracking more and warming up for an hour in firing range everyday until your comfortable

  8. Yo! I’m a BR Masters player from last season. I made the push in 220 matches with a 2.0 KDA. Your improvement now should be around finding new optimal ways of play. You have weaknesses. Movement, aim, decision making, finishing down opponents faster, shield swapping while sliding past boxes, Jiggling peeking, preaiming, prefiring angles during peeks, reading zone pulls to position for late game, cover play with a shotgun, etc. There’s always something you can push further. If you play M+K I highly recommend playing Kovaak’s fps Aim Trainer and getting involved with the Voltaic community.

  9. Genuine question… you say you can’t keep up with Master/Pred friends yet you’re rocking a Master badge? From the photo, it looks like it could be an Arena Master badge? Also, you’ve got 10/10/10, so clearly at some point you’ve rolled a lobby for 30+ kills? Seems a bit sus with these two badges, yet saying you’re struggling keeping up with Masters and asking for advice on Reddit? 😬

  10. You're fucking stupid dude, there's masters players who can still improve, your reptile brain might not realize that theres a lot higher ranks then masters 10k stuck. He probably is 10k stuck and needs advice. Also 10 10 10 badge is worthless who cares about ranked badges.

  11. It's so funny how a certain type of player feels the need to convince people that masters rank means NOTHING, or 10/10/10 badge means NOTHING.

  12. The masters badge is from season 8, if you read comments he also said he’s not able to get his 4K badge. Just because you see a masters and a 10/10/10 badge doesn’t mean someone is fishing for compliments. The man literally said he feels like he has reached his skill cap.

  13. I think a lot of these answers are great, but a bit winded. There’s really only 3 things you can do to improve,one of which will always help in any game.

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