They banned me

  1. Very true and they said I was wrong to think that way. That only people who are far right are allowed to have guns. I know some hardcore left leaning people and I go shooting with them all the time. Of course we’re not going to agree on the same things all the time and that’s perfectly fine. But the right to self defense is a god given right that cannot be taken away.

  2. He’s a fascist that doesn’t want the groups he wants to do violence against to have the ability to fight back. That sub is a cesspool

  3. 2a is for everyone. Unfortunately there are a LOT of authoritarian cucks in the 2a world that seem to think that anyone that doesnt agree with their entire worldview or political stance don’t deserve the right to bear arms.

  4. Lmao this dude is literally the meme "guns are only good if people that look like me have them" clown behavior

  5. That sub is incredible unbased. Got banned for saying 3d printed lowers are the best thing that ever happened for the second amendment.

  6. That whole sub is just full of toxic people who have nothing better to do all day than make fun of others and argue online about who has the perfect AR. Like as long as the owner likes it it’s not that serious. I mean I get some of it but like some of it is just too much.

  7. I got banned from a group on Facebook because I had a basic aero build. And they called me Uber poor. While they had to max out credit cards to pay for their builds and I paid for mine with money I earned from holster making

  8. I got banned before just for admitting I got the vaccine cause of the military mandate 😂. Wouldn’t be surprised if that page was ran by some fat incels who don’t even run their gear.

  9. I live in a pretty conservative leaning rural town to say the least. But the navy made me get the vaccine, which ngl I was kinda against in the beginning. But I got it and I basically became a Scarlett letter around town for awhile.

  10. Imagine how incredibly proficient & accurate shooters we’d all be if we spent 100% of the time dedicated to arguing with strangers online to training at the range/shoothouse.

  11. A lot of us got banned from there in the last couple days for not falling in line with their racist rhetoric. These shitheads are the kind of people to give gun owners and right leaning people a bad name. I love laughing at shitty AR builds but I'm not at all upset that these losers are nuking their own sub with their hatred. They're getting downvoted hard. Fuck them.

  12. I had my business account get banned for asking why I got banned lol. And they said I banned myself . Because I told them they don’t get to pick and choose who gets rights and who doesn’t.

  13. You both could use some coaching on how to receive and share information/opinions. But your not alone, everyone could benefit from better communication skills.

  14. Sorry, if you honnestly look at your fellow Americans as enemies of the state that should have their rights taken than you are un-American. Quit listening to people who are paid to divide us.

  15. I’ve heard of that entity but have no clue what it is. But yea that group is full of major haters. And extremely far right loons. I used to be conservative but after seeing them vote for gun control i’m more anti both sides

  16. Maybe he’s a domestic-t? Why else would he be concerned about law abiding citizens having firearms? /s

  17. Not going to lie crying about getting banned from a sub in another sub is peak reddit. This isn't something that should be on this sub.

  18. Lmao that guy has PP inspector under his username so that tells you all you need to know about him. The second amendment doesn’t care if you’re white black brown green yellow or orange everyone has the right to stay strapped and do the clap when someone treads on them

  19. He doesnt seem to understand that the right to bare arms isnt granted by him, the government, or anybody else. It's granted by God. Therefore it's not for him to decide

  20. Makes sense coming from Pleb AR. Only the ugliest of opinions can come from those who own the ugliest AR’s

  21. Yeah nobody is coming to take your guns unless you’re a true danger to society and even then we fail at that.Too many people with too many guns and nobody will go out and actually enforce it. Shit we can’t even get the post office to work properly much less go door to door in the entire US to confront armed people.

  22. Many of the people in this sub want to imagine there’ll ultimately be some major gun grab and that people will literally come for their weapons en masse. Many (not all) are insecure about their real day to day lives and want to imagine that at some future point they’ll be a based modern day minute man fighting against tyranny. This insecurity is what predominantly drives the “civilians need to train too!” movement. Everyone can do their own thing, but the reality behind it is painfully clear.

  23. You said 'Black Criminal' with passion but have you ever spoken to passionately about White Mass Shooters. Word choice was severely poor.

  24. Criminals will always be able to attain firearms or some sort of weapon. The government can’t control people who refuse to follow the law. All they can do is incarcerate them after they break the law. That doesn’t protect the individual(s) the criminal hurt. The only thing that will is an armed citizenry. That would be everyone, just like it was intended. OP is correct

  25. When they temp banned me…I dm’d mods saying “is that the best you got” and the perma banned me. Lol.

  26. Maybe stop caring about what people say on the internet? I’m part of that sub and even have a pleb rifle, but I mean honestly why do you care?

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