[spoilers ep9] Anyone else just sit and think about the what if's of this show? (marked as spoiler for ep 9 so comments cam be free to tall about anything)

  1. Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Arcane episode mentioned in the title, and all that come before it. All discussion of spoilers passed the discussed episode or any lore spoilers will be removed, even if they have been hidden with spoiler syntax.

  2. So many of these deserve exploration. I know Marvel did that sort of spin-off what if show where they explored different plotlines, I almost wished Arcane could do this

  3. I did that a lot after i finished the show, and i still do now but a bit less because I've run out of scenarios lol i still think it's a great mind and imagination exercise

  4. It’s one of the theme in this show I think. That’s why the song finale are literally titled What Could’ve Been

  5. The only thing that kept echoing in my head after the last episode when the credits rolled in was "What a fucking bitch, I want to kill her!" I absolutely hate powder. Fucking psychopath.

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