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  2. Really good show. It leaned a little bit heavy into the anime trope where every character is ridiculously multitalented, powerful and attractive.

  3. That was…an interesting show. Not sure how I feel about it, but I’m glad they tried something different with it.

  4. That’s fair everyone has their opinions. Anything specific or just a general feeling? I thought it was hands down the best show of 2021

  5. The Powder crying scenes just rip me apart. The emotions seem so human and real. Her face when she realizes what her monkey bomb did is just. Too much. The voice acting is crazy good, and the animations match perfectly. Absolutely brilliant.

  6. they do the ugly, uncontrollable sounds of true heartbroken/devastated crying better than almost anything I've ever seen.

  7. I had a lot going on when the Show debuted and and like all shows/games/movies/books that I put off, I kept putting it off (it’s a vicious cycle). But I watched the first episode at around 7 last night and the finale around 1 am and had a 5:30am alarm. But anyways I’m super duper tired and just wanna say that this show was amazing from start to finish, I feel like I’ve found new obsession and I’m pumped about it.

  8. I literally just finished binging it all a few minutes ago. Wow! Great show 9.5/10. Would be a 10/10 if they didn’t have the cheesy alternative rock music lol

  9. haha I kept putting it off cuz SO didnt feel like watching it yet, we finally binged it aaaalllllll and Im just like, I love it so much.. I always loved LoL lore and the world they built. Ekko was best boi

  10. I've seen many people on this subreddit predict that Singed will claim a large spotlight in season two, but I have my doubts here. I suspect he'll continue to influence things from the shadows, perhaps by finding employment under a new chem-baron in order to remain completely focused on his research...without needing to worry about politics and drama that he doesn't care about. I do expect to see some development on the Warwick/Vander front, which we were teased with, but perhaps not.

  11. I was awestruck , dazed and confused , my childish mind thought that it would end in an all out revolution but that episode was just wow , the moment Powder / Jinx sat at the Jinx chair , I had fuckin chills and when the credits rolled I asked myself "Was that all of the episodes ?"

  12. Maybe the most irritating cliffhanger of all time in the best way. When credits rolled I was going "WHAT THE FUCK??? WHAT????" And stupidly waited for an end credits scene

  13. Just binged the show and goddamn it's one of the best things I've ever watched. The unique and phenomenal animation and audio are just- chefs kiss

  14. I think it's because Mel agreed to it, which I guess kinda guided the rest to pitch in, and by the time a couple of them started agreeing I guess the rest kinda felt peer pressured

  15. This show had me laughing, crying and most importantly wondering what will come next. Amazing story and hats off to the creators of this show!!!!

  16. I haven't played league in years and when I did I didn't ever get that interested in Piltover so I just figured the show wasn't for me. Finally gave it a shot over the weekend and boy am I glad I did. Only took me 2 nights and I really don't like binging, will typically only watch 1-2 episodes of anything at once.

  17. I don't have the answers to all your questions, but Jinx didn't just slap it on a random gun, she studied the runes out of Jayce's notebook(stolen on progress day) I you look at the shark gun at the end of the last episode you can see all the runes sketched into it in Jinx's classic scribbly writing. The stone is used to connect to the Arcane(the lands natural magic source) though as we see it is a large amount of power placed in the hands of those who truly do not know how to use it. Jayce can only connect to the arcane using the stones, with runes. Without the runes the magic is merely violent and explosive.

  18. this is a really great comment. as much as I love the show, these issues are pretty unaddressed, and make, for me at least, the social commentary of the series pretty weak. That isn't cop out to disregard its strengths, the depiction of an alternative, dare I say solar punk urbanism as displayed by the Firelights, or the careful teasing apart of sisters' relationship with trauma. The clear explanation by

  19. I don't know the answer to all of your many questions , but I am sure the gun that jinx "slapped on" a hextech gemstone was made by her for that specific purpose of being powered by it, also that's her ultimate in-game.

  20. I'm late to the party here, but my god, what an episode. There were no shortages of beautiful frames before this episode, but this one was truly full of breathtaking visual direction. I don't think I'll lose the image of the blue rocket trail against the blood moon anytime soon.

  21. I’m glad silco died, he was emotionally manipulating and abusive- Jinx and Him had codependency issues, and the manipulation even got so intense that it got to him too.

  22. I think Silco at least was trying to be a good father. It depends how you look at it because he does actually have 2 separate arcs where he could be considered a good father (ish) and a bad father.

  23. I imagine Silco told Marcus to turn in any survivors, then Marcus reported to the Council that Grayson was murdered, but they found the culprit and turned her in.

  24. He was basically the assistant sheriff to Grayson's sheriff... so he could easily slip her in. Left to the imagination really.

  25. It bothers me to no end that Cait trades her weapon for the potion in E6. She has multiple valuables on her person. I get that they had to get rid of the rifle before Silco showed up but find a better way...

  26. She recognized that the gun is more valuable in the undercity...it may have been the only thing the "doctor" would have added the shimmer for.

  27. Everyone is a bad person, and I LOVE IT! So many characters doing imperfect character things and nobody is perfect and that makes this show perfect. (Among other things)

  28. Am I the only one that’s heartbroken over the rift between Vi and Powder/Jinx? I know it’s still early days but I really hope they find their way back to each other as sisters 😢

  29. I have a gut feeling that the end of the show is going to mirror that scene in the first episode where Powder almost falls and Vi catches her. I could see it being framed exactly the same, and I would cry.

  30. I was fine with it. She like to fight the corrupt, and if her and Jayce team up, I assure you there will be way less corruption in piltover. There is no shortage of corruption and evil in zaun, so it's not wrong to think she would join the enforcers. Then that city will respect her, which is what she said she wanted in ep 1 I think

  31. Because Vi lost her parents to enforcers. I think most people would consider it very much out of character for her.

  32. Survivors of what Jinx did are going to want blood that could have been saved had the council finished their peace deal. They said "give us Jinx for peace" and then decided "fuck it, peace anyway".

  33. FUCK YES. On the insane side, I feel like Jinx might keep SIlco's eye in a glass jar and inject it in one of the episodes, just to make us cry.

  34. Yesterday I noticed that during the final "Sevika vs Vi" fight Vi spits out a tooth, but once the battle is over, she screams towards the camera and all her teeth are in place again.

  35. Dose anyone else have the theory that the fish bones missile isn’t going to work and it’s just going to crash through the window and just kinda bounce off a wall

  36. I struggled to make a post and I think there’s a glitch. I read the guide and followed directions and I still couldn’t post. For instance, I used the spoiler tag in the title and added the term Beautiful Place in the title. In the text body, I then asked if this place was based on an actual place in life (without giving away spoilers here). I got a “This post is missing a community requirement” without disclosing specifically what’s missing. And no matter what, I still couldn’t post it. Is this a glitch?

  37. You need to make sure your spoiler tag is at the beginning of the title. Like this post for instance "[Spoilers Ep9] Arcane Discussion Hub"

  38. That's a broad brush to use with comic characters. There have been dozens of takes on Harley and she's a relatively new character. I will say I was so scared that they were going to give her a quirky accent like Harley during the the early episodes. That little change and her not acting clownish really allowed her to be her own character. They did right by it I think.

  39. How big do you think that explosion is going to be from the rocket? Either it will just annihilate the council or it will take out a good chunk of piltover

  40. Some people are absolutely going to die, but I'd be shocked if they killed everyone in the room. Not to say an explosion like that would be mild at all, but I can't see them killing off nearly half of the main cast/ important characters in that one moment.

  41. I'm so glad that Silco died... I've despised him since episode 1, so I'm really happy that he finally got what he deserved. Karma.

  42. Can mods add more variations of the spoilers tags. For example "Season 1 Spoilers" and for theories "Theory Spoilers", where can be discussed the whole season not only one episode.

  43. We've been thinking about changing over to [Act 1 Spoilers], [Act 2 Spoilers], and [Act 3 Spoilers] rather than individual episodes, but we haven't gotten official confirmation that next season will use Acts, and even if Acts will keep going like Act 4, etc... so we're not sure yet.

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