[no spoilers] Just a meme I made

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  2. That's impressive rap, not so much cause of the rhyme or lyrics, but he goes on for a REALLY long time without drawing a breath at the end.

  3. Honestly i think the rap and the rest of the song don't work together well. I like both JID and Imagine Dragons but in this instance the two styles don't synergise. But hats of to you OP for being able to do this part.

  4. YESS!! it felt like an accomplishment the first time i was able to get all the words righttt

  5. WTF are you talking about. How the fuck is JID a mumble rapper? He is one of the most talented lyrical rappers out there right now. Like bitch do you even have ears? Also imagine still using the term mumble rap in 2022 💀

  6. His verse wasn’t mumble rap though, it was just fast rap. But he does have that mumble rap vibe so I get your confusion.

  7. Uh, look Okay, I'm hoping that somebody pray for me I'm praying that somebody hope for me I'm staying where nobody 'posed to be P-P-Posted, being a wreck of emotions Ready to go whenever, just let me know The road is long, so put the pedal into the floor The enemy on my trail, my energy unavailable I'ma tell 'em hasta luego I know they wanna plot on my trot to the top I've been outta shape, thinkin' out the box, I'm an astronaut I blasted off the planet rock to cause catastrophe And it matters more because I had it not Had I thought about wreaking havoc on an opposition Kinda shocking they wanted static with precision,I'm automatic Quarterback, I ain't talkin' sacking Pack it, pack it up, I don't panic Batter, batter up, who the baddest? It don't matter 'cause we at ya throat

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