[spoilers ep3] you either die a villain, or live long enough to become a dad

  1. Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Arcane episode mentioned in the title, and all that come before it. All discussion of spoilers passed the discussed episode or any lore spoilers will be removed, even if they have been hidden with spoiler syntax.

  2. Entirely and not just “unless it happens to me” but also “if its about me”. His “bond” with Powder is entirely dependent on him projecting his own issues on to her, his own issues with abandonment and betrayal that in actuality have nothing do with her situation. His need for her has nothing to do with her well being. His unresolved issues with abandonment just drives his need to possess her. He needs her by his side and he’ll do anything to keep her there regardless of what it costs her because as with everything else the ends justify the means to him. He’ll murder her family just on the off chance that family might come between them, he’ll lie to sway her decision making in his favor, he’ll feed her paranoia and self loathing to shape her into his specific vision of “perfect”, and he’ll pump her full of horrifically destructive, addictive drugs so she stays breathing. Silco is a tragic character but nothing he does was ever really for anyone but himself.

  3. Silco: "I've only had Jinx for a week but if anything happened to her I would burn down Piltover and then myself."

  4. In so many ways too. He finally had an inkling of insight into Vander’s mind. He finally understood the reasons behind Vander’s inaction, which Silco perceived as weakness at the time. Of course, he still holds onto his convictions. He just absolutely wouldn’t have budged on handing Jinx over.

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