[spoilers ep9] Jinx's last look at Vi. she looks very disappointing at her.

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  2. Don't think its disappointment: rather numbness and sorrow. The realization that neither one of them can go back, and that past they had is well and truly gone.

  3. It's funny how Jinx expects Vi to accept the way jinx has changed while not accepting how Vi has changed either. She rejects the idea of her being with caitlyn under any circumstances.

  4. I feel like Jinx takes a tiny beat here to see if Vi is going to say anything. But Vi is out of words. She tried her best, not realizing that every name from their shared past is agony to Jinx. She was calling out names to Powder, but Powder wasn't hearing them; Jinx was.

  5. Disappointed? Huh. I got a "I'm sorry it has to be this way"-vibe from her...sad acceptance, realizing that she and her sister are on opposite sites of the fence now and there's no turning back.

  6. The important thing is for Vi to stop blaming herself. She is not to blame for what happened to her sister. What could a child who went to jail do? She would have stayed there if Caitlyn hadn't come.

  7. She doesn't blame herself for not being there i think, atleast not as much as she blames herself for that one moment of weakness that gave jinx her name and left her vulnerable, even if just for a minute.

  8. Yes and No. She is to blame and she isn’t. The economic situation of zaun and the clinical poverty that effects the undercity are the catalyst for most of the problems in the show. Which made Vi leading the Heist in episode 1 understandable, however bringing along her little sister was dangerous and irresponsible.

  9. That's ofcourse her perception, because Vi has never picked caitlyn over her, she's only saved Caitlyn's life/not killed her while jinx's wasn't in immediate danger.

  10. Vi didn't pick Cait over Jinx. She literally offered Jinx an alternative. She told her that they could runaway together, go to a different place, and forget about everyone and everything here. She was more than willing to drop everything for her sister. I feel like people keep forgetting that part.

  11. The true gut-punch of this scene was that it didn't morph into a "well-I don't love you anymore!!" Both sisters clearly love each other dearly- it's just that their paths have diverged and split far, far apart. Neither one could, or ever would, get that reunion they wanted.

  12. They must reconcile eventually right? I mean I feel like we’re past fixing the problem by talking about it; something needs to take place for them to be on the same team again. It’s the second thing I’m looking most forward to, where they take these two

  13. I'll tell you what's gonna end up bringing them together: the return of Vander as Warwick. Vi will find her and be like... listen, we got a problem.

  14. First they need to fight. Preferably two times and then MAYBE they can reconcile like Naruto and Sasuke.

  15. Based on the S2 teaser, my personal opinion is that Vi has realized she can't save Powder but knows she has to stop Jinx.

  16. I don't think its dissapointment, I think its resignation. I've always praised Jinx for picking up first, as this scene imo proves, the fact that they can never go back to be who they were: a team. Vi wanted to take out Silco in her denial of him being the sole presence that made her sister like that. Jinx, on the other hand, made this whole tea party escenario to give her sister one final chance to actually do what the sister she remembered would do (Cait's presence is similar to Silco here: both sisters have convinced themselves that if the bad influences dissapear, talking of course about Silco and Cait, they can be together again). I think they're both desperate in their own way, but its Jinx the first one to accept the facts, probably because of Silco's death: they can't be the team they once were. Vi is still processing it here. If anything, Jinx blowing the council probably served two purposes: honoring Silco, and helping Vi to come to terms with who her sister is now, that she is someone that will start a war without much hesitation nor regrets, that she is no longer the sister Vi knew. Instead of waking up Powder, Silco's death gave Jinx the final push to accept who she has become, but Vi will not see it yet, so Jinx proceeds to show it to her in the final scenes.

  17. Vi: It's all i see in my dreams. That pure disgust, and "i can't believe you've done this to me" kind of look. I'll be lucky if i even see her eye to eye again...

  18. Vi offered to run away with Jinx and start all over haha. Jinx is just mad because she thought Vi would be murder happy as well and wants her to get rid of her "gf". With everything Vi has gone through, she's essentially a great sister for still trying to save her little sister after being abused in prison lol

  19. especially when perfection means murdering someone you might have feelings for to prove you're a perfect sister.

  20. Jinx is an absurdly selfish person, a result of her mental illness, immaturity, and Silco's 'everyone will betray you except me' upbringing. Anything less than complete devotion and enabling doesn't even register as love to her.

  21. Jinx is pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for her own actions and behavior (which all stems from The Explosion, which is something I don't think anyone could reasonably be expected to deal with, honestly.)

  22. While I wouldn't be surprised if Jinx in season 2, or some point later truly hits the "no care whatsoever for consequences" area of her character in LoL, but I don't think the evidence is there for her being that way in season 1. She takes responsibility for her failure to defend the cargo by accepting that she failed (to Silco, who she trusts, while keeping up a front with Sevika) and stealing the gemstone to make up for it. On the bridge she manages to outsmart Vi/Ekko/Cait and keep the gemstone despite the massive disadvantage of the situation. She gives up on herself and tries to kill herself with the grenade, but even still she managed to keep the gemstone for Silco.

  23. of course things couldn’t be the way they used to, but they could’ve moved forward and found a new life together. in my heart, they’ll always be better together

  24. Lol watched arcane just because I fucking love playing as jinx... Wasn't expecting this. Especially once what could of been starts playing man.

  25. Nobody could ever be "disappointed" in Vi. She's perfect in every way! I think Jinx is just saddened by what she's about to do and how Vi will react.

  26. Too bad the constant lying, manipulation, and gaslighting of Silco has warped her fragile mind to point where she sees her sister wanting to rescue her from making a terrible decision as something to be "disappointed" in. I honestly feel worse for Vi. Thank goodness for Caitlyn. If not for her not only getting Vi out of prison, but also being a person who Vi is able to open up to without judging her, Vi would literally have had nothing good happen to her this season. I don't blame Vi for Jinx's mental break, I blame Powder and Silco for that. Had powder listened to Vi, they'd both still have a family and each other. Had Silco not insisted on turning Powder into a murderer, and pushing all of his insecurities on her, she might have had a chance to get better.

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