[no spoilers] If Jinx had a playlist, what songs would it consist of?

  1. Killer Queen by Queen, Choke by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Darkside by grandson (obviously with she/her pronouns), Monster by Willyecho. That’s what I got rn lol

  2. I think she'd enjoy anything on the louder side, KE$HA, Dresden Dolls, ICP, etc. Probably PENTAKILL as well as K/DA, I'm gonna assume the beat of her music depends on how she's feeling that day, mood wise and whatever happened, good or bad.

  3. I have my own playlist full of songs that I felt like she'd listen to called "Get Jinxed" it has songs like Spitting Glass by You Only Love Her Cuz She's Dead, Kill V. Maim by Grimes, spy? by WHOKILLEDXIX, HAHA by Lil Darkie, Hokus Pokus by ICP, just lots of stuff like that Side note I think she'd be a Grimes fan lol

  4. Halsey - gasoline Muse - madness Shinedawn - sound of madness Akon - lonely Gary allan - best I ever had The cranberries - when you're gone

  5. Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed, Get Jinxed and Get Jinxed

  6. I think she'd enjoy any kind of music that's best enjoyed with the volume cranked to 100... songs that she can get lost in, the type of music that might let her get out of her own head easily. "IM NOT SORRY" by Royal & The Serpent makes me think of Jinx every time it pops up in my spotify.

  7. Rock’n’Roll by Motörhead, I hate myself for loving you and bad reputation by Joan Jett, Get Jinxed obviously, let me live or let me die by Des Rocs

  8. I could see her listening to Bad Guy and Bury a Friend by Billy Eillish, some Halestrom in there, i think Icon for Hire was a good call with songs like Make a Move, Get Well, Think Im Sick, etc. and then some MCR absolutely NaNaNa she would rock out to, Revived by Derivakat maybe, and probably a lot of Corpse just at max volume blowing speakers

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  10. Anything by Neoni, maybe Lithium or Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana? 🖤 Definitely some grunge or punk music along with darker pop.(I might be biased though)

  11. Beast by Nico Vega, Red Flag by Billy Talent, Spit in the Face by Anti-Flag, Funny Little Feeling by Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers, Bundy by Animal Alpha, Boilermaker by Royal Blood

  12. Finally I can show this playlist off! Keep in mind that some songs will play twice because I got a handful of them from the hour long playlist videos. Let me know what you think :)

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