[s1 spoilers] what are your Jinx Headcanons?

  1. Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers from Season 1 of Arcane. All discussion of Lore Spoilers can be removed without warning, even if they have been hidden with spoiler syntax.

  2. I imagine she chose that name to spite Vi, maybe to make her feel guilty if they ever did meet again; or maybe to show her that she wasn’t weak and that she could wear the name that she spat at her and prove her wrong (like when she thought that Silco thought she was weak, and she said “I’m not weak! And I’m gonna show him… You’ll see!).

  3. She and Mylo used to be really close when they were younger. Explains why Jinx adopted some of his mannerisms later on. As they got older and Powder made more mistakes that cost the group, they grew apart. Negativity can stick with someone more than the positive, and Mylo’s words did with her, overwriting the positive. She genuinely cared what he thought of her and that's why his voice is a constant in her head.

  4. I like to think that she managed to actually trust Ekko and keep contact with him at some point when they were first reunited.

  5. Another head canon I have is that Jinx knew where the firelight base was and chose not to tell Silco.

  6. Her only friends in Zaun are Imagine Dragons (ft. JID) and she only refers to them collectively as Imagine Dragons (ft. JID)

  7. Yeah that's a good distinction to make. She likes him because she can own him; if she couldn't, she couldn't relax enough to bother him in that casual way.

  8. i mean, she was a good shot even before silco. with all that hate consuming her, i doubt she couldn't do it on her own in the moment

  9. many in Zaun likely don’t shower, basic bath contraptions that reuse the water like a fountain are more likely

  10. Silco carries Powder/Jinx away from the fire in episode 3 like a direct parallel scene to Vander carrying Vi and Powder off the bridge in episode 1's opening scene, doesn't seem too unrealistic, Silco's carried Jinx before. Even though it's unlikely I'd like to see that in the show hehe.

  11. To everyone in this comment section that is interested in diving deep into Jinx/Powder’s psychology, this video is a brilliant and objective analysis of who she is.

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